Lyric Legend Lets Shower Singers Have Guitar Hero Type Fun [GAME REVIEW]


Take the concept of Guitar Hero where you press notes as they pass your screen in tune with the song. Now instead of musical notes, pretend you’re the singer: you’ve now got to nail the lyrics. Don’t worry… no singing involved!

I really enjoy the concept of this game. It takes a new twist on a familiar concept and, because there is no singing involved, allows anyone to play. Even people like me who sing in the shower, car, and sleep without hitting one note properly. Unless I’m rapping.

The game definitely needs a lot of work.  The UI is jumbled up and has way too many distracting colors and elements, the touch response for menu selections can be slow and laggy (in game is fine), and the library of songs is currently small. That being said, they’ve built in the ability to earn points and unlock songs which provides a bit wider of a variety. You can also buy points or earn them by taking actions on behalf of one of their advertisers. And oh yeah, they clearly list it as a “beta” so you can’t expect the world.

With a bit of polish and extended music library, Lyric Legend could become an incredibly popular game. In fact, I’d be surprised if we didn’t see more similar games geared towards lyrics or even see current favorites introduce the idea in this manner.

Final Verdict: Very fun game but needs a lot of UI work and a bigger library of songs. Great for beta though. Recommended.

Go ahead and download Lyric Legend from Android Market and let us know how you like it!

Rob Jackson
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  1. I don’t like how if you have two of the same word on the screen, you have to hit them in the order the game expects.

  2. Scott, it does not matter which of the words you hit, you will get the same points if you hit the identical word. Also for everyone, you can get all the songs for free, if you use the option that allows you to get points by downloading and playing other games, and redeem then to any package without restriction !!!

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