Best Buy’s ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Stock Now Depleted


You had to guess that it wouldn’t last long, folks – Best Buy is now sold out of the Eee Pad Transformer. It definitely was the longest running source as other retailers couldn’t put it up for a minute without being bum rushed for their stock. ASUS says they’ll be ramping up production in June and should be able to fully meet demand by July. Just stay on the lookout for more opportunities to buy this thing and be sure to let us know if you find any. [Thanks Mike!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Well, 48 hours was a pretty good window.

    1. Agreed! I’m psyched! Mine is on the way now, should be here tomorrow :)

  2. Even if BB was the last place in town with one I would have to pass. The customer service at BB in Dothan is horrible!

  3. I bought one from them … right after i send an email to Target’s CEO telling him how terrible Target is  … because supposedly my order was never cancelled … then it turned out it was …. and i had been waiting a month (and attached all documentation to show him how there is no communication whatsoever at his company) … so screw Target.

  4. I ordered mine on Saturday and order was in process until Monday around 430 PM only to find out I was back ordered.  Called in the morning on Monday and customer service told me I was fine and to expect my tablet to be shipped out Monday.  That never happened =(

  5. Last month I cared. This month I’m thinking Samsung 10.1

    1. It’s more expensive, but you won’t be disappointed with Samsung.  I really liked mine, only reason I sold it was because people were paying so much on ebay that I could afford to get a Transformer and an iPad to develop with.

  6. i cant imagine the business motorola xoom would be doing if they priced their tablets this low…

  7. The only thing that’s holding me back from going Asus is the lack of USB if you don’t get the keyboard.

    Come to think of it, how many of you who are getting one plan on getting the keyboard?

    1. i’ll get the keyboard once they fix the supposed battery life / supply issues but i’m sure i’ll wait a an extra month even after just to make sure they don’t have additional issues

    2. lack of usb, but how many other tablets offer usb support at this time?

      1. I thought all the honeycomb tablets except the transformer and the galaxy tabs.

        1. I thought the only one was Acer

          1. I thought Xoom did too, but it looks like it’s just a mini-USB? I know the Thrive will have full USB too though.

    3. The only reason I bought the TF was because of the KB dock. Otherwise, wouldn’t have been interested in any tablet.  ASUS will also be releasing a USB adapter that plugs into the tablet for those that don’t want to buy the KB dock.

  8. Ordered mine on Saturday. Just checked UPS tracking and it’s out for delivery today.

  9. Since the latest firmware update, the KB dock is working great.

    1. The added benefit being you don’t have to wait for a carrier to get around to updating the ROM and releasing it via crappy software that rarely works (I’m looking at you, Samsung / T-Mobile UK). Not even half an hour after firing up my just bought Transformer there was an update for both tablet and dock waiting for me from Asus; tablet needed restart, dock was a hotfix.

  10. I ordered mine from BB on Sunday, it shipped out from Fresno Monday evening and it’s currently out for delivery to me in Redwood Valley (10 miles north of Ukiah, where the UPS place is for this area).  I’m 350 miles northwest of Fresno, so it didn’t have far to go.

  11. I just got mine off of my UPS driver in a shop parking lot. Saw him. Asked if he had anything for me. (He knows me and my car on sight.) And said yes and handed it to me on the spot. My UPS guy is better than Santa Claus any day of the week!

    1. You must place a ton of online orders.

      1. Maybe he lives in a rural area like I do :)

      2. Heh! Between myself and my roommates, he is here about once a week. That said, I am very easily recognized as is my car.

  12. I squeaked in; Ordered yesterday and just got notified it’s on its way.

  13. I’m still waiting for mine which I preordered on release day. I’m actually a little frustrated that they are getting stock at places but mine is yet to ship and has been pushed back once already and will most likely be pushed back again in the next day or so.

  14. Ordered mine saturday at 6am….. Due tomorrow. Unfortantly I rourke from 10 till 10 tomorrow. I wish I could just drive to the ups store!

  15. Supply and demand, folks. 

  16. what a load of crap!!! The 2 stores near my house have lots in stock?? Create the illusion and they will come lol, sad plug for a good tablet

  17. Curious, what updates did the Transformer get within an hour of firing it up? 3.1 or just a maintenance update?

    How is the software for the Honeycomb? Are the apps as quality as ipad? Seriously, I don’t care about fanboy responses as opposed to an objective response.

    1. Maintenance update. 3.1 is on the horizon…

      There are some very nice tablet apps (Google for “best honeycomb apps”) which run smooth as butter. They are slightly few and far between – lots are mainly apps for 4″ screens and it shows – but this can only improve.

  18. Ordered mine in store yesterday will arrive on the 31st.

  19.  Well, here I got one pretty quickly… though it’s for my gf not for me ;)
    But well, this is Singapore – there are only a few units available but demand seems to be outstripping supply as well. No good online shops though.

  20. BB still has the 16 gb in stock. Just click on the link and you can still order it! I just ordered mines.

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