Best Buy Announces May 22 Launch of the HTC Flyer


Best Buy has finally revealed the date of their exclusive launch of the WiFi-only HTC Flyer. While the retailer has had HTC’s first Android slate on pre-order for a few weeks now, those awaiting the tablet can now look forward to May 22nd as the day they can finally get their hands on it. Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile, and will all host the tablet. Full statement from Best Buy below.

Wi-Fi HTC Flyer Tablet Launches May 22 Exclusively at Best Buy

Best Buy today announced that the Wi-Fi only version of the HTC Flyer™ tablet launches on May 22. All Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile standalone stores, as well as, will have the tablet exclusively at launch. The HTC Flyer is a fast, portable, light-weight tablet that integrates the immersive and highly intuitive HTC Sense™ experience and enables content including videos, music, games and more to be easily accessed and enjoyed. The addition of the HTC Flyer to our tablet lineup gives Best Buy further opportunity to help connect customers with the mobile technology that best meets their needs.

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  1. Word!! lol
    Can’t wait to get one in my hands. Wonder if there will be a ‘display’ pen to test with it. Would blow if they were like, ‘It works really good with this electronic pen, specifically designed for use with the Flyer. You can’t test it out though its 80 bucks extra.’

  2. I’d like to see phandroid develop a tablet database like they have for the phones, shouldn’t be too hard since the basic infrastructure has already been designed/built.

  3. Lame. Except for the pen that’s pretty sweet.

  4.  I preordered that on day one.  They better have one for me come Sunday.

  5. Pass.  Galaxy Tab 10.1 only a couple weeks later!  I was almost sold on this thing with all the initial advertising, but pound for pound I don’t think it’s worth it.  Screen’s too small for me, price way too high (considering it’s 7″ and the pen isn’t even included!), and specs have already been beat by tablets already out there!  Sense/Scribe is nice, but that’s about it.

    1. Don’t want a 10″ tablet.  However, I am rooting very much for the Tab 10.1.  Somebody needs to step up to show that Honeycomb can be adopted by the masses like Android with some solid hardware design and reasonable prices.  Whatever the 7″ Flyer II is called, I will buy that and this is going to my mom.  She won’t care if it’s a single core.  She’ll just be happy she can read the text unlike her Hero and it will still be portable enough to carry around.  I already mentioned getting her a 10″ tablet and she wanted nothing to do with it because she won’t be able to carry it around easily at work.      

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