May 16th, 2011

Gameloft is one of the biggest names in mobile gaming. I’m sure you’ve heard and played, some of their widely successful games like Asphalt HD, Nova and Dungeon Hunter. No matter which device you have, they pretty much have a game for you. Even though some of their games shamelessly rip off triple-A console titles, they still manage to translate that console experience faithfully onto the small-screen.

One of the HUGE drawbacks with Gameloft was the complete absence of some of their biggest games from the Android Market. This meant you could only buy their games from their site and this is what lead to even bigger problems. Because of Gameloft’s DRM policies, once you changed devices, it was then a huge a hassle to get those games onto your new handset. It was this reason alone that many people in the Android community and various blog sites sort of boycotted Gameloft games altogether. People begged and pleaded with them to not only change their DRM policy, but also release their games into the Android Market.

Looks like Gameloft has finally wised up and listened to Android users eagerly waiting to fork over their hard earned money. Now, whenever you download a game from Gameloft’s website, that game can also be re-downloaded at a later time if you ever upgrade (or downgrade) your handset. Also, Gameloft is releasing many of their hottest games onto the Android Market which is nice for people that are already comfortable with using that system for buying apps (buying games for my phone off the internet still feels a little weird to me).

But what do you guys think? Has this changed your opinion of Gameloft? Will you actually buy games from their website or wait til they’re released onto the Android Market? I can tell you I’ve had my eye on BackStab for awhile now and I think I may feel comfortable enough to finally make a purchase.

[Via DroidGamers]

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