Amazon working up two Android tablets under “Coyote” and “Hollywood” code names


A new report is again confirming that Amazon is developing multiple Android tablets for release this year, and they don’t look to be low-powered e-readers, either. The two known devices are currently going under code names, with the “Coyote” aiming at a lower price point and hosting NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 dual-core CPU. The one that should get you really excited, however, is the “Hollywood,” which is rumored to be getting NVIDIA’s next generation Tegra 3 quad-core processor known by its own code name Kal-El.

Given that NVIDIA is aiming for Tegra 3 devices by late summer/early fall, that should give us a fairly good idea of when we will be seeing at least one of Amazon’s tablets. There is also still a chance we might see an Android smartphone by Amazon, but take all of this information as rumor for now.

[via BGR]

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  1. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. 

    1.  You said it!

    2. hot. 

  2.  Tegra is the way to go imo. It uses DXT texture compression that is standard in PC and Consoles. nVidia is bringing the standard to smartphones. PC/Console games can now port to smartphones easier.

  3.  I am ready for your tab Amazon. Give the tabs all the functionality of my 13″HP portable laptop: ability to h/up keyboard, separate screen, cd/dvd/blueray drive, extra storage, and make it as good looking as the original 10″ galaxy tab (10.1v). Do this and I will gladly buy your tablet.

    1. Keep dreaming…. or buy a laptop.

  4.  I’m happy with my galaxy tab 10.1 thanks.  I like having access to the android market.

  5.  That’s smart of Amazon. A $250 Tegra 2 entry level tablet, and a $400 one with Tegra 3. That would be the sweet spot for both. Plus, there’s nothing that will compete with Tegra 3 at least until end of the year or early next year.

  6.  ahem ahem … err … I’m saying this as both a developer and the tablet owner: it’s a made-up market and will probably fizz. It has no spot or is of need to anyone with a computer and a smart phone. Its uses overlap entirely too much with other common devices. It can’t substitute a phone due to size and it can’t substitute a laptop/PC due to limitations. Use case scenario: I want to check my e-mail and I’m in bed. Reach my droid on my nightstand and bang, I’m done. Use case: I’m at work and I want to check my e-mail. Assuming you don’t work in front of a computer all day. Reach for your pocket. bang. done. Any use case I’ve come up with can be easily accomplished with at least two devices that most people already own.

    1. I’m saying this as a cheap tablet owner, I love my nook color with its terribly inaccurate screen. I use it over 5 hours a day, which is way more than any smartphone I’ve ever owned. Why? Because I don’t have to worry about the battery, 7″ is perfect for both reading and portability. I will never want to go a day without my nook color where I read between 50 and 300 RSS feeds in a day. I

    2. I agree and disagree.

      I know that for me that about sums up how I felt but the more I look at it the more I’m starting to change.

      For one I think there is a market for it and the iPad really proved it.  I think that for too long we all looked at computers as to what they could do and not what people were actually doing.

      If your friends and family are anything like my friends and family the majority of at home computer time is spent browsing the net during commercial time. 

    3.  I always felt the same way before I got my Xoom.  I bought an Alienware M11x laptop/netbook last year and found that I almost never used it.  I found it just as easy to jump on my desktop and surf the net or play games.  Now after having had the Xoom for about a month I’ve found myself using it every day at home and away from home.  The convienence factor of a tablet cannot be overlooked.  It is so quick and easy to pick up and just start using without having to wait for a boot up and without having to worry about battery life.  It is much easier to use for quick periods of time.  Browsing on a smart phone is quick and easy too but no where near as funcitional as a tablet.  So for me the value is in the convenience even though I already have other devices that can do the same things.

    4.  WallofIdoicy, tell that to the millions of people enjoying their ipads.  Obviously there is a market.  maybe your fart app wasn’t the best idea developed for a cowin tablet?

  7. this is good i guess.  I am no where near a iOS fanboy, im android through and through, to the bone, ive owned a android since november of about 2 years ago when the og Droid came out.  But honeycomb needs to have its issues worked out before it can go mainstream.   I hate apple for everything that it is, and everything that it isnt(android), but the iPad 2 is a great tablet with insane processing power, and a stable/simple OS all the way around it.  Til android can do that on a tablet, with tablet specific apps, i hate to say it but im out.

  8.  The success of the tablet will be in the software designed specifically for that space. If you use a tablet like a smartphone, or like a laptop, then the overlap will be there. However, folks that use a tablet….like a tablet, with tablet-ish software really benefit from the tablet. 

    Ipad is so successful, and the folks at Motorola and Android may be missing the obvious, is so successful because of the user experience. It is not due to the power of the pad. Get over the specs, and get us some fucking decent software, and I’ll buy tomorrow. 

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