May 12th, 2011

Jan Uddenfelt, CTO of Sony Ericsson, isn’t being shy about the prospects of Android growth. According to Unddenfelt, Android phone sales will go from 60 million in 2010 to 180 million in 2011 and over 400 million units by 2014. It makes sense that Sony Ericsson would follow the suggestions of their own analysis: in 2011 Sony Ericsson will release 8 Android Phones in contrast to the 4 they released in 2010.

We’re happy to see Sony Ericsson doubling their Android portfolio and perhaps even happier that they’re bringing a new level of innovation to Android with the Xperia Play. Could we see even further innovation through the Android Open Accessory project or is this where Sony draws the line and attempts to monetize Android themselves, outside of the smartphone sector?

[Via Digitimes]

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