Andy Rubin Confirms a New Nexus is Coming


We’re still here at the Android Q&A session at Google I/O and Andy Rubin was just asked a very interesting question – will Ice Cream Sandwich require phones with more processing power now that the complex holographic UI is confirmed to be making its way to phones? The answer – maybe, maybe not. And they want older phones to be able to experience these forthcoming updates.

Nothing can be promised, but Andy Rubin did confirm one thing: Google is definitely looking at introducing another phone that should blow the socks off of everyone and that should be able to handle Ice Cream Sandwich with ease. He noted that they can’t announce anything just yet, but do know that an announcement is headed our way. Dual-core? Yea, I think that’s the biggest thing on everyone’s wish-list. We’ll be digging for more.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. dual core and available on big red

    1. Now your going a little to far. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes to AT&T and Sprint first. Verizon tends to do their own thing with Android. I did see a rumor that the Nexus 3 will have a Tegra 3 and be made by LG and would be out in the winter. I would think that they mean before Thanksgiving, the Nexus S was suppose to be released at that time last year but they had to change the date.

      1. You never know @jdog25:disqus VZ launched the first Moto Droid with a pretty vanilla Android load on it. Plus if Google says they are going to “blow the socks off” everyone VZ has the network speed to do that.

        1. True, but if you think about it VZ has dummend down every phone they get. Thunderbolt/Sensantion,Evo 3d, LG Revolution/LG optimus 2x, Samsung Fascinate/Samsung Galaxy, etc

          1. But remember this is a Nexus we’re talking about.
            Nexus S II
            (galaxy S II spec please!!)

          2. except add a qHD slcd

    2. Hell no.

    3. Quad core is going to make dual core out of date in the not to distant future.

  2. But, but…but The EVO 3-D? Now I’m not up for a upgrade till Dec., but I’m going to have to rethink what I’m saving for! eh, Sprint prolly won’t get it now they are trying to push out the Nexus S. Oh well.

    1. Lol if yarrel sees this he’ll tell you that the Evo 3D is the best ever and you should just get that anyway. But that’s just one mans opinion.

    2. Any carrier that has a Nexus S device now will most likely get the next one as well. The Nexus line is not locked down to one type of network or carrier. Remember Sprint was going to get the Nexus One to, but for whatever reason they didn’t. They have the Nexus S now. A little late but the phone itself is not new since it came out in Dec. They just added 4G. So coming with the Nexus 3 will not be to soon. Who will get it first? Idk. It could launch on Big red first to change things up a bit and in weeks come to every other carrier. I just don’t see Google sticking to GSM this time. It doesn’t matter who get’s it first. It’ll be a CDMA and GSM one. It’ll give people options from pure to skins. Don’t be so doubtful. Use common sense and just wait.

      1. I think Google release a GSM version because it’s not only comaptible with a U.S.A carrier but to majority of the carriers IN THE WORLD.

        1. I don’t know how many other Top Gear-heads we have in here, but I can not read that without Jezza’s voice in my head.

          1. Well, I’m one:) It needs to hurry up and start airing the new season!

            Just to see if I can, I tried reading it about 6 more times normally…it slipped in there somewhere each time:(

          2. Yeah but we’re not in the isle of clarkson atm :)

  3. Woohoooo they just kinda announced my new phone….I was waiting for a new nexus to replace my nexus one. Hope its out within a year, because thats the max I am willing to wait for it..and Seeing as Ice cream sandwich will prolly be released on that device first, and ice cream sandwhich will be released Q42011…so its mine!!!

    1. Yip. I’m in the same boat here. Very close to buying a GS2 but would much prefer a replacement nexus for my N1
      . Just hope its much better than the disappointing nexus S. Give it an SD card slot for God’s sake.

    2. We should know more by November.

    3. same here… my N1 is getting old… and i was ready to get the SGS2 once it’s available here… I guess my N1 will have to wait a little longer…

    4. I also need a new phone, preferably a nexus, but I’ve got a Hero. Yes, a Hero.
      A Nexus one would be an upgrade so I don’t think I need wait too long

      1. A hero? Wow! I ditched my MT3G when the 4G came out. Now I’m eying the Sensation. I just can’t imagine still using one of the old OG Android devices.

        1. I’m still on my G1 dude. CM6 keeps me fresh, even if i can’t run the latest and greatest games. I’m looking at the Sensation, but if HTC makes the same phone with vanilla android, NFC, and calls it the Nexus 3, I’m hooked.

  4. Yes, on Big Red please! It’s our turn!

    1. It was their turn in early 2010 and they canceled after 3 months.

      1. in defense of big red, the nexus one wasnt selling the way everyone hoped and they were actually smart not to adopt it. the customer service from google is now non-existant on it and HTC rape your wallet if anything is wrong with it (ie: 40 usb port, htc charges 200 to fix)

  5. This better have a quad core Tegra 3! It’s time for Nexus to push cutting edge hardware once again. I don’t want another disappointment like the Nexus S where they were using just a 1 Ghz chip just like everyone else did.

    1. I agree, you cant develop high-end programs if you don’t have good test equipment. in addition, please make it coffee-spilling proof. my last one wasnt.

  6. that it. i’m not signing a new contract with verizon now. i’m going to wherever the new nexus is even if it’s at&t (shudders)

  7. because 1 Ghz chip is just so slow? Give me a break. Nobody’s lives are slowing down due to having “just a single 1 ghz cpu”. apps dont yet even harness the horsepower in these chips

    1. Sure gaming will push the cpu, but who really games much on their android? If you want a kick ass graphics experience and good gaming experience you shouldnt be on a 4″ screen with no real controller or a qwerty keyboard. Besides gaming a dual core or quad core isnt close to being needed. Developers need to take advantage of these single core’s still, hardware is far ahead of the sw right now.

    2. Yes actually they are a bit slow, flash games on the 1GHz Humingbird or Snapdragon is painfully slow.

  8. Am I right in thinking that there’s a chance that big red will get this, pleeeeease?

    1. Lets hope.

    2. Sorry but if history is any indication the chances are slim to none.

  9. How about a dual core, 4G nexus device for verizon? About time they got a flagship, and this would definitely qualify.

    Nexus + Verizon = happy big red customers. For once.

    1. And to those who say “What about Droid, thats their thing!” Well their first nexus was the OG Droid. Droid Bionic? Next Droid? There are ways around it.

      1. Nexus Droid

    2. @a93c4cd2d3075bfe8ebca28b110c74d7:disqus Won’t happen for Verizon right away, needs to be on a world band. Most likely as always T-Mobile or if the deal goes through then AT&T. Then, maybe CDMA down the line.

      1. it is estimated that 49.4% of the 2015 worldwide LTE subs will be on single or multiband LTE networks that use the 2.6 GHz band.

        Verizon is LTE, so the CDMA doesnt really matter, plus there are global ready phones with verizon. gsm vs cdma is becoming a moot point as time goes on.

    3. At least a quad core 1.5 Ghz Tegra 3 phone from LG and a dual core 2 Ghz phone from Samsung will be available by winter holidays. Are you sure you’ll still want the Nexus 3 to only have a “regular” 1-1.2 Ghz dual core chip while being launched in the same time as those phones? (I assume that’s what you were thinking)

      The Nexus 3 needs to set the tone for new hardware. Using chips from spring 2011 for winter 2011 won’t exactly qualify as setting the tone.

      1. I have to agree with you, only if battery technology catches up to processors and data speeds. nexus or no, at the current rate we are at with battery life a tegra 3 device wont last until midday

        If they can fix that, then by all means pass dual core by

        1. I don’t think the multi-core processors use much more power than a single core if at all. The way chip makers go about this is say they have the 1Ghz chip with 1W maximum power draw, then they start working on a chip that will be as powerful as possible 12 months from then (usually 100% more powerful or so) but at the same maximum power draw of 1W. I don’t think any of them wants to compromise battery life for performance.

        2. nvdia… kal el tegra 3 processor … more cores don’t equal more power consumption

      2. I hate Apple, but with that said I’d much rather see a battery that beats the snot of the iPhone4 more than a Quad-Core “bragging rights” device. (yes I know the iP4 is an underclocked 800MHz, blah blah blah)

        Sure the OS and actual programming code make one heck of a difference, but I want an Android phone that I don’t need to decide which features that I need to turn on and off to make it through the day. People slam Nokia/Symbian for being older than dinosaurs, but my Nokia E-Series Device can usually make it through 2 days no matter what you throw at it. (Easily 1 day with a BOATLOAD of usage)

        The bottom-line… I LOVE playing games, but I also have a desktop/laptop/360 for that too. Are we judgeing our phones solely upon the games it can play?… (which is still nice, but I want the “complete phone package”)

        1. My mytouch 4g made it 3 days and 6 hours without a charge this weekend. I didn’t toggle anything on/off, and I normally leave wifi on because overall it uses less battery that way. I will concede that I had light-to-moderate use: browsing, texting, calling. nothing heavy like movies or games. But my point is that my battery life on my mytouch 4g is unreal.

          1. nice. I am going with HTC for my next phone now.

          2. Well let’s look at the HTC Sensation. Another “Dual-Core” phone but HTC struggles as it is on single core.

            My original HTC Desire never made it through the day. On a good day I got 12 hours.
            I can only imagine on how rough it’s going to be on the Sensation.

            Don’t get me wrong I’m all for gaming and Quad-Core, but we need to do something about the battery before adding extra cores.

            As it is I’m growing tired of “UNDERCLOCKING” my phones when needed. Seriously, why should I have to do that?

            IMHO We should be worrying about fixing the present before thinking about the future…

          3. IDK people want quad-cores already, but the Galaxy S II (dual-core), is already having issues out of the gate.


            This issue is more than just one or two simple bugs, since others are having different issues.

    4. Now that would be a device worthy of replacing my D1 with

  10. It will most likely be an open device like the nexus one was, just modified to be on each carrier. A nexus phone on Verizon is probably not ideal since Verizon has alot of bloat to go with their phones. Has there been a vanilla android experience on Verizon yet??

    1. umm original droid.

    2. The droid 1 DUH do some research before posting

      1. You do your research, the Droid was no Vanilla, although Blur wasn’t as overtly obvious as it is on most phones, it still was skinned.

        1. I’ve owned the D1 and I’ve compared the stock ROM to BB and other custom ROM’s including vanilla 2.0 2.1 and 2.2 . There was no skin.

          1. I would tell you to look at it again, Motorola has never released an Android phone without Blur or a UI tweak. I know this because I work with OEMs on a daily basis. In fact I had this discussion with a Motorola rep admiring the G2x (because of its stock ROM) about a week ago.

          2. Where exactly is blur on the droid? id love to see a picture of it. the Droid is stock.

          3. I’ve went through a few D1’s, a Droid 2 and I also own a Nexus One, amongst a few others. There is no blur on the D1, if you work with OEMs on a daily basis, you should re-check your information. With the exception of the “Drrrrrooooooiiiiid” sounds and the boot images, it was basically a ridiculously underclocked (I ran mine OCed to 1366MHz all day, every day, using jdlfg’s 1366MHz kernel) Motorola-made Nexus with a physical qwerty and its only real shortcoming was the lack of memory. The D2, on the other hand, was riddled with blur and other miscellaneous crap – and worse – an encrypted bootloader. I think perhaps you have the two confused. I also think this may be why VZW went with the Incredible over the Nexus One – they already had a vanilla phone, and they wanted to get more phones out with their junk integrated (God forbid your phone doesn’t have Blur, VZ Navigator, City ID botherware, and demos of Madden football and NFS:Shift)

  11. Make it htc again.. NOT Samsung.

    1. Going to be LG. They are the only big Android manufacturer that hasn’t made a Nexus device or that hasn’t had a new OS version first like HTC, Samsung, and Motorola.

    2. Why? Samsung make the best hardware out there, just look at the Galaxy S II.

      I suspect it will be Tegra 2 based, made by LG.

      1. ” I suspect it will be Tegra 3 based, made by LG.”

        Corrected that for you ;)

      2. Tegra 2 would be a HUGE let down

  12. Dual core and an sd slot. Still don’t know what they were thinking when they left the sd card slot out of the nexus s. Yes, I know you can do a lot with the cloud, but I still can’t watch recordings from my windows media center from the clould as far as I know. There will always be some need for storage space. Say I want to go on a plane ride.

  13. LG please. They make excellent phone keyboards.

  14. @Quentyn – Here’s what I would like you to do. Put a microSD card in your XOOM. Corner Andy Rubin, take the microSD card out of your XOOM, and shove it in his butt. Then say, “nope, doesn’t work there either”. Maybe then they’ll get the point, since there’s absolutely no excuse for 3.1 not to have that functionality.

  15. fuck, and i was all ready to buy the sensation. guess i’m waiting for the new nexus now. this better be made by htc, or even motorola. if it is by samsung i will be PISSED.

    1. I was ready to get the SGS2 once it gets to Singapore! And now this?!?! Aaaarrrrgggg!!

    2. Samsung make the best mobile hardware, fastest CPU, GPU and best screen technology and you don’t want them to make the phone, that makes sense.

      The Nexus S has some issues but I don’t see how these are Samsungs fault, these design choices would have be cleared by Google, afterall this is a Google phone.

      1. i just don’t want my phones to feel cheap and like crap.

      2. I’m on my 4th Samsung Vibrant, all fail to internal SD. I will never buy another Samsung phone

      3. Martin, were you a little high when you wrote that?

        Samsung screens are nice, in the 4″ AMOLED variety. However, I will never have another Samsung after the Captivate.

        Eff those guys. HTC FTW.

        1. lets not even talk about my foray with the BH2….even the people I gave it to hate it, and they are cavemen compared to the phone geeks here.

          1. what’s the bh2?

          2. Behold 2. It was stillborn

      4. Nexus One had an Amoled screen. Just because HTC may be the OEM doesn’t mean it can’t have some Samsung components. I trust in the new Snapdragon chipsets… unlike Tegra 2

        IMO the Nexus One feels a lot better to hold than the Nexus S.

  16. Honestly this announcement which most of us already knew was going to happen has nothing to do with today. The Htc Evo 3d as well as the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be the best devices of the summer of 2011 case closed. I will be purchasing my Evo3d on day one plus being on sprint any new nexus s device will have to come to us and tmobile before any other carrier. It’s great to be on the best carrier hands down the now network where the best 4g devices live….

    1. Best 4G devices? WiMax sucks and they have one good phone, the EVO. The shift is a crappy bloated version of the G2 and the Epic is not only disgusting to look at it, but feels like a cheap chunk of plastic. T-Mobile has way better phones with more consistent speeds. G2, MT4G, Galaxy S 4G, G2x, Sidekick 4G, with the Sensation 4G around the corner.

      1. Dont forget the best of all, Google Nexus One.

    2. Reality really misses you. Try checking in with it once in awhile. Sprint is 3rd for a reason…

      1. You guys truly kill me with all this DISLIKE FOR SPRINT…Feel anyway you want about sprint bottomline they brought the first 4g devices to android in the Evo 4g, along with the Epic 4g, then the Evo shift 4g not to mention all the other devices and tablets that exist on sprint that are also 4g. Sprint is not verizon buy any means verizon and their boatload of bloatware that they load down their devices with is just too much but to each’s own I suppose. In 2011 nothing will beat the Evo 3d and Galaxy S2 devices they bettter come strong with the Nexus S3 quadcore otherwise they will be BLOWN AWAY by Htc and the quadcore htc device coming June 2012 which will be another Evo product

        1. @yarrellray:disqus It’s not we dislike sprint … we just hate you. Period. The fact that you consistently talk out of your ass not knowing shit is what people hate. Look at what you’re saying .. if Sprint is THE BEST hands down .. why isn’t the #1 carrier? yet to be profitable. Yet to actually have 4G speed with .. guess .. really 4G speed ( <2mbs down isn't 4G ). About to ditch their current 4G service to LTE .. LTE which you swear is not as good as Sprint's Wimax. The LTE that verizon is using, the LTE that AT&T is going to switch over ..

          And your constant post of irrelvant opinion on subject that isnt even remotely related to the OP or the article. So again .. come back to reality .. otherwise .. shut the fuck up already ..

          1. lol I think this guys just does it to get attention. If he really is a fanboy then he is giving a very VERY BAD reputation of both Evo 3d and sprint.


          2. I know this article is about Nexus and all but the way VZW loads their devices with bloatware just turns me off. I looked at my parents Droid 2 and X last time I visited them and omg BLOATWARE!!
            I just don’t see a Nexus device being released on the carrier that wants Bing as the default search engine on a Google device. I suspect that T-Mo will see it first and it seems that people keep forgetting that T-Mo is not gone for at least a year so they might as well keep on truckin while they can. I’m feeling the Sensation 4G as my next phone and then maybe upgrade to Nexus status once that comes around.

          3. @gohaus:disqus I hope vzw gets it. I understand that it might not be ideal since vzw is CDMA and not GSM like most of the world.

            But shoot .. HTC + dual/quad core + 4-4.3″ nova/amoled display = win

        2. I don’t dislike or hate Sprint. I’m a happy customer of theirs and have been for about 8 or 9 years. What I hate is idiots (such as yourself) who have no clue what they’re talking about. You yourself once said Sprint had simultaneous voice and data on the same network. Ummmm, really? When?
          I hate people (such as yourself) who think Sprint (or any other company/person) is GOD and that they can do no wrong. Everyone has faults, you, me, Sprint, Dan Hesse, even Obama. “Boatload of bloatware”? Oh, you mean all of the crap that comes stock on the Shift, Intercept, and virtually every other phone the Sprint (and any other carrier for that matter) sells? Even your precious Evo comes preloaded with bloatware. I don’t mind that have strong opinions, really I don’t. What I do mind is the fact that you are posting them here when no one really cares. You want to put your own opinions out there? Fine, create your own blog and post them there. We can then focus on the material that the article is really about (instead of your “Sprint is amazing” crap) and you can tell your opinions to the world. Win-win.

    3. WAIT! No Sprint name drop?!

    4. Once again, shut up Richard.

    5. “The Htc Evo 3d as well as the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be the best devices of the summer of 2011 case closed.”

      No you MORON

      “The Samsung Galaxy S2 IS the best device of the summer of 2011” CASE CLOSED

      1. oh please the SGS2 being the best phone of the summer..come on..no phone is the BEST out of the others..each have thier own merits..galaxy and tegra based phones being optimized for gaming…htcs being optimized more for the workplace and battery power (asynch)..although i want to see how that new adreno holds up…lgs phones so far are looking very well built so a solid device overall..sonys look pretty unique and represent their new dedication to their devices as well as having amazing cameras..see? each brand makes their phones for the way they belive that people want..and excuse me I’d rather have choices than being locked down into thinking i have to buy this phone because of hype or closed minded peoples reactions…/end rant

        1. lol I was going to agree with you until you said this “h
          tcs being optimized more for the workplace and battery power” lool battery power. Comments get out of hand when people don’t know F’kall comes out guns blazing. Like the clown above you.

      2. You sound like a TOTAL CLOWN..Samsung will always be secondary period

        1. Why? If you’re going to post your opinion, have the balls to at least give reasons why you think so. Otherwise, you just sound like a highly opinionated idiot.

    6. Either you’re bipolar, or you have no idea how hypocritical you are. Here you are saying the Galaxy S2 “will be the best device of the summer of 2011…” and yet in the article about the source code release for this same device, you are making it out to be the worst device in the world. Please, get your own story straight before you tell others to shut up. Moron.
      Oh, and it is just “Nexus”. The Nexus S is an actual device. Get it right.

  17. How about a Nexus Motorola phone with webtop and ice cream with a touchscreen monitor. I called it.

    1. Motorola is trash…

      1. Care to explain, because they make some damn good hardware. I have to imagine you’re referring to locked bootloaders and inconsistent update time frames, but obviously those issues wouldn’t exist on a nexus device, just as they don’t for the XOOM I’m typing on.

        1. Their hardware is meh… Samsung makes the best hardware of any OEM, with HTC a close second. Motorola wins by default here. The Xoom is nice but not $800 nice, I prefer the G-Slate but I’ll be waiting on the Galaxy Tab 10.1…

  18. There’s a reason T-Mobile has historically gotten to be Google’s Android hardware launch carrier. It’s a GSM carrier- which means it can use the same basic design as the phones they release everywhere else on the planet- and unlike AT&T (America’s other nationwide GSM carrier) it isn’t overtly hostile to the open platform.

    1. Expect that your statement will need to be changed to the past tense, if AT&T get their way. The old (good) “open) T-Mobile will be a thing of the past. Nort America will be dropped into another Dark Ages of telephony. HAND.

  19. Hi Google lets try and avoid a couple pitfalls from the Nexus S. For example NO 4G during release!!!!!!!

    I am still using my Nexus One because in my opinion going to anything else is really not worth it. Here is my wishlist.

    1. HSPA+ 4G on Tmobile (Best network ever – Screw AT&T)
    2. 4+ inch screen
    3. 8MP rear
    4. A phone texture that allows for grip, these phones are getting so thin its easy to drop
    5. Dual Core
    6. TETHER TETHER TETHER!!!!! Otherwise its a deal breaker, I’ll be buried with my N1
    7. 1GB of RAM + (edited from 1MB)

    1. 1MB or RAM? Whoa, big spender, the Mac Plus has that in 1986.

      I’ll take 512MB or more, thanks.

      1. Slip of the mind. I meant GB rather than MB

        So unforgiving

    2. lol one megabyte of ram. you nuts?

    3. You want 1Mb of RAM?

    4. 1MB of RAM? You’d be pretty hard pressed to run anything with 1MB of RAM…

      1. just shut up Wenjaman stinker

        1. Why should he shut up? What reason do you have for telling him that? He was pointing out an obvious (yet understandable) mistake made by SSA. Why don’t you shut for posting useless crap that has nothing to do with you (ie anything having to do with Verizon, Samsung, AT&T, etc)?

  20. Dual core is so yesterday, it best be Quad Core

  21. I’m calling it… Quad core Nexus by Xmas.

  22. Eff a dual-core. It is almost old now…

    ICS is to be released Q4 2011, you know what else should be in the market by Q4 2011? Quad Core Tegra and Qualcomm processors.
    Apple will release a dual core iPhone 5 in Q3 2011 and then Google will own them with a Quad core. I cannot wait!!!!!

  23. It better be able to make cookies for me :)

    1. I lol’d, almost aevery other comment was serious, attacking, or defending SOMETHING, then i see this. :)

  24. If it’s not gonna be Tegra 3 or some other uber A15 ARM core I’m gonna be very angry :D The only bad thing will be the NOVA screen if LG makes it. I’d prefer some new AMOLED from Samsung on the phone. Maybe that new laser cut AMOLEDs they are preparing.

  25. All we know what to expect is terrible battery life, at the expense of phandroids claiming their “real” multitask is better than Apples.

    1. you must have a HTC phone :D the new Galaxy S2 can go 2 days easy. The real multitasking will only get better and better, as developers code their apps right.

  26. I have tried every new phone that has come down the pipeline, none has impressed me enough to give up my Nexus One. Honestly, getting sick speeds from where I live from T-Mobile and all the extra speeds don’t help web pages download after a certain speed. Getting aroound 6.5 mb DL and find anything after that just doesn’t improve the user experience. New Nexus would be just fantastic. Only question is who makes it, HTC + GOOGLE = WINNER

    1. Don’t you just love getting faster speeds on 3G than Sprint’s “4G” network. Gotta love T-Mo :)

  27. The Original Droid is vanilla, there is absolutely no skinning on it. The Droid 2 isnt, but the original definitely is.

  28. Decisions decisons……If the next Nexus has a Micro SD im all in. I wouldnt mind owning a LG product again either. They had roadmapped quad core device for Q4 this years.

    Maybe If Verizon would pull their head out their asses…they would have Nexus Products for their customers also. In the meantime…..Glad Sprint will have priority…What a Xmas present.

  29. I’m going nexus when my contract is up I think.

  30. No, it will be a quad-core nexus 3 made by lg.

  31. not sure how it will blow the socks off of anything out now unless Samsung lets them use their display tech or they finally get a S-LCD qHD without the pentile matrix crap… if that’s the case, sign me up!

  32. Hopefully no 3d because I’m 3d blind. Also a better screen than super amole plus and thinnest. Finally bigger battery than atrix. 4.3 should be the sweet spot.

    1. kinda hard to find a better display than SAMOLED+ at the moment. Maybe samsung will get their new AMOLED production up and running with 300+ ppi AMOLEDs.

  33. It will be NEXUS M, A Quad Core LTE pure android goodness for Verizon. We here at Verizon are starving for a pure google experience. T-Mo, Sprint, even AT&T (Nexus One) got pure Google, so I think it’s our turn.

    1. Nexus M means Motorola people. No was they are gonna let LG make a Nexus before Motorola, because Moto played a big part in Android becoming this big.

      1. I don’t see Verizon getting a Nexus device first but thats just me.

  34. I will probably buy it. As long as I can get in somewhere in Europe…

  35. I hope it has qHD resolution plus OLED…

    1. It’s going to be the next generation NOVA display from lg. It will be better than qHD and super AMOLED +

  36. I think I just found the replacement for my N1

  37. Droid Nexus… Make it happen verizon!

  38. Why everyone wishing this comes to certain carriers? I hope the next Nexus is carrier agnostic. Either with loads of bands supported, or multiple SKU’s

    1. I totally agree with you. Although if its good enough ill switch from Verizon to ATT if i have to.

  39. Yeah,so when is Ice-cream Sandwich coming then? If it is a really long time and that is when the source code is finally released, smaller manufacturers will really be screwed.

    1. That seems like the right time for ICS since thats what he said in the keynote (Q4 2011). I’m excited for when it comes around though.

  40. Quad Core Tegra 3, 4.3″ qHD or better, 1GB of Ram, 8 GB Internal, 16 GB Micro SD, Vanilla Android 2.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, 8 MP Camera, 2 MP Front Facing Camera, NFC, High Capacity Battery, and yes, Verizon. Next phone, Nexus 3.

    1. Doubt itll be 4.3″ Google really likes 4″ for some reason.

  41. What a joke. I swear. Will it update or not? Take the risk, buy X phone now and then buy another new phone a few months later. See? I saved ton of dough doing that! Which number do you want me to call you on? I got 14 phones!

    1. How did you save money buying a crap ton of phones? …

  42. i think google is going to release it on verizon as the 1st nexus LTE device…At&t won’t have there’s up yet, t-mo is fast but it’s not LTE and it may be at&t by then, sprint just got the nexus s, Verizon is due.

    At&t said they are going to remove the sideloading blocking on their android phones so they will start getting better, I think that and getting t-mo’s numbers will pressure verizon to drop a game changer and a Nexus Droid M would do just that.

    hopefully we get more details soon, I want this. i’d like to stay on Verizon but if i have too, I’ll go to another carrier.

    1. T-Mo still has another year before any decisions are made. Let them live people! They’re doing really great things right now and I will be very pissed if the FCC lets this go through. The LAST thing I want is to be with ATT.

  43. Rayyarrell, I’ve said it ao many times and u are lucky they delete my comments. You are idiot. Sprint isn’t close to the beat network and never will be. Verizon could buy them and still make a profit in the same quarter. You are a waste of space. I’m curious If younremember the phandroid article about the horrible benchmarks of the processors in the EVO 3d and sensation? The galaxy s 1 is as good and the GS2 is TWICE THE PHONE. get off your EVO high horse. My wifes iPhone 4 is better. If u don’t believe me read the reviews. And I hate apple. If I were u I would want a battery life of more than 4 hours with REAL 4g

  44. I was going to sell my Fascinate and upgrade to something else, but I think I may just wait for Ice Cream Sandwich and this new Google phone! :D

  45. A while back The Panda hinted at a stock Android device coming to Verizon. I hope it is this device.

  46. I think it has to go to Verizon, and be total badaSS Google nexus yo trump i5. Some of the specs ppl are saying sound par for the course. Tegra 3 4.3in screen, but if they’re really going for just plain awesomeness it should have 2g ddr3 ram and call it a day ;-)

  47. Whatever they do, can we PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE get a Nexus on Verizon finally? Dunno why they keep catering to the underdog carriers. Make the dev phones available to all please!

  48. Here is what the Nexus 3 should be:
    GENERAL2G NetworkGSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 19003G NetworkHSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100Announced2011 (as soon as possible)StatusTo be coming soonSIZEDimensionsidk but it should be thin and have a nice grip to itWeightDepends on hardware and phone design and material used e.g plastic or aluminiumDISPLAYTypeSuper AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen, 16M colorsSize960 x 540 pixels, 4.0 inches – Gorilla Glass display- Multi-touch input method- Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate- Touch-sensitive controls- Proximity sensor for auto turn-off- Gyroscope sensorSOUNDAlert typesVibration; MP3, WAV ringtonesLoudspeakerYes3.5mm jackYesMEMORYPhonebookPractically unlimited entries and fields, PhotocallCall recordsPractically unlimitedInternal16GB/32GB storage, 1 GB RAM (or more)Card slotmicroSD, up to 32GB, 8 GB includedDATAGPRSClass 12 (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots), 32 – 48 kbpsEDGEClass 123GHSDPA, 21 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps (or higher)WLANWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspotBluetoothYes, v3.0+HSInfrared portNoUSBYes, v3.0 microUSB (MHL), USB On-the-goCAMERAPrimary8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash (Lens should be excellent, MP not everything)FeaturesGeo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, image stabilizationVideoYes, 1080p@30fps,SecondaryYes, 2 MPFEATURESOSAndroid OS, vX.X (Ice Cream Sanwich)CPUQual-core 1.5GHz Kal – EL chipset (or other chipsets by other manufacturers)MessagingSMS(threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Mail, IM, RSSBrowserHTML (and higher e,g HTML 5)RadioStereo FM radio with RDSGamesYesColorsBlack/ White / Grey silver ( or any other coool colors)GPSYes, with A-GPS supportJavaYes – Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic- NFC support – TV-out (via MHL A/V link)- SNS integration- Digital compass- MP4/DivX/XviD/WMV/H.264/H.263 player- MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player- Organizer- Image/video editor- Document editor (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)- Google Search, Maps, Gmail,YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Picasa integration- Adobe Flash 10.1 support (or higher)- Voice memo/dial/commands- Predictive text input (Swype)BATTERY Standard battery, Li-Ion 1930 mAh (or higher and should last very long,,,, Newest Battery Technology checked if there is anything better than Li-ion as of yey)

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