DROID X Gingerbread Update Rumored to Land May 13th


There have been tons of Gingerbread leaks for the DROID X lately. Motorola and Verizon are no doubt working to ensure the upgrade is as smooth as smooth can be and new rumors say they may finally be satisfied. Motorola’s reportedly waiting on Verizon to sign off on the build and once that happens you can expect an OTA upgrade to make its way to your phone before too long. We even have a specific date to ponder on – May 13th. Things could always change, though, so don’t get antsy if that day comes and goes with nary a scent of ginger in the air. [Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Still have the first root leak and I don’t need anything else. Have not had one reboot or force close of the operating system. Very Stable. I have been running since it was first released by TBH. Thanks TBH.

    1. What about the notification LED? Is yours working? I have run every leak and it won’t work for some apps like Handcent, Kik, etc..

    2. I have the 4.5.588 version and I still can’t get my Sync icon to go away even though i’ve tried a bunch of online recommendations. On the other hand, as you said, I haven’t had any spontaneous, unwanted reboots since I took that leak, nor have I had any boot loop issues, which I used to have pretty much every time i shut down and restarted (voluntarily or not) the phone. All in all, 4.5.588 is a positive in my book. I will take the official version when it comes out, though, in hopes that it’ll fix the Sync icon issue and a few other small things I’ve noticed.

      1. I had that issue and fixed it easily. When you restore, make sure you don’t restore and Froyo Sync/Account settings. Just start clean in that aspect in Gingerbread.

      2. I had to do a data wipe to get the sync icon to go away. The only issue I have with the first leak is that my timer icon stays up after the alarm is turned off and I have to start a new timer and turn it off to make it go away.

      3. the only way i could get it to go away was to data wipe back to factory.

  2. i’ll believe it when it comes out…

  3. I’m also on the first root leak, and I probably won’t take the OTA until we get root., and maybe a ROM or two

  4. i will wait till the official one is rooted .

  5. 4.5.588 has worked well for me, but reboots every time I plug it in to charge and occasionally will not flash the LED on an incoming SMS. Other than that, it has been much better than the FroYo build.

    1. The reboot is caused by the app called bump.

    2. I had the same problem, it went away as soon as i did a factory reset and wiped the data. I believe there is a setting that should not be set. But that fixed mine I did not have Bump installed at the time.

  6. I’m on .591 and imo it’s good to go.

  7. Lol im still on .573 after seeing the last two I got annoyed so the day this drops gonna SBF then take it hope gingernreak works if not then TBH will save the day!

  8. What about the Original Droid!!

  9. The leaked GB is awesome and once rooted there is no reason to need whatever is next. My rooted GB is so good that I no longer miss my old AT&T iPhone.

  10. would like to try the Wetworx rom lol

  11.  nope another dumb ass rumor blog

  12. Today is the 14th

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