May 3rd, 2011

We’ve long heard rumors that the BlackBerry Playbook would run Android Applications and Games – smart move for RIM considering relying on their current operating system would be like bringing a knife to a gun fight. They even confirmed the fact in a press release last month. I’m not sure why Blackberry 7 OS would disclude Android support but at BlackBerry World in Orlando the company demonstrated exactly how Android support would be found on the much awaited Playbook.

And so our BlackBerry PlayBook Forum was born.

Above is an image from our friends at MobileBurn showing off an Android music/piano playing app on the Playbook. If you’re wondering exactly how all these apps will be distributed, we’re hearing RIM will be curating their own collection for you to choose from. I’m not sure if sideloading APKs will be possible, but with the bright bunch of bot lovers out there, I’m sure the community will make it happen.

Next up, BlackBerry 8 OS, where your entire operating system is an Android emulator!

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