Apr 20th, 2011

HTC and others might want to increase that 32GB storage limit if Toshiba’s new flash memory gets released this year. Looks as if Toshiba has been hard at work cramming as much memory into the smallest area possible and what they’ve come up with is a tiny 19 nanometer, 128GB NAND flash memory. Toshiba has been busy sending out test samples of their new higher capacity memory to companies and is expected to be in large-scale production as early as this summer.

As smartphones continue to evolve into the realm of full HD video, there is a definite need for more advanced, higher capacity memory. While I don’t think we will see 128GB anytime soon (you would have to sell off all of your organs to afford it), I do think somewhere around the area of 64GB would be a little more practical.

Keep in mind one of Toshiba’s many clients include arch nemesis Apple, who is already using Toshiba as a supplier for some of their flash memory and word on the street is the iPhone 5 is said to go into production some time this summer.

But forget about all this smartphone and tablet talk. I wouldn’t mind injecting this into my wrist and using my finger as a usb drive…. then I would skate off on my hover board with my robot dog, Skip.

[Via Electronista]