Toshiba Taking Storage Higher And Smaller With 128GB NAND Flash Memory


HTC and others might want to increase that 32GB storage limit if Toshiba’s new flash memory gets released this year. Looks as if Toshiba has been hard at work cramming as much memory into the smallest area possible and what they’ve come up with is a tiny 19 nanometer, 128GB NAND flash memory. Toshiba has been busy sending out test samples of their new higher capacity memory to companies and is expected to be in large-scale production as early as this summer.

As smartphones continue to evolve into the realm of full HD video, there is a definite need for more advanced, higher capacity memory. While I don’t think we will see 128GB anytime soon (you would have to sell off all of your organs to afford it), I do think somewhere around the area of 64GB would be a little more practical.

Keep in mind one of Toshiba’s many clients include arch nemesis Apple, who is already using Toshiba as a supplier for some of their flash memory and word on the street is the iPhone 5 is said to go into production some time this summer.

But forget about all this smartphone and tablet talk. I wouldn’t mind injecting this into my wrist and using my finger as a usb drive…. then I would skate off on my hover board with my robot dog, Skip.

[Via Electronista]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. that is awesome!

  2. Kind of disappointing. The coolest bit of tech info in weeks gets little to no attention.

    1. I agree. Alas, it received so little attention due to the fact that it didn’t involve some inane Apple “news” – for frothing, sexless fanboys to rant about. Dual-core phones – for the uneducated or outright stupid to make ridiculous comments about “outdated” single-core phones. Single-core phones – so the same people can’t rant about it being “outdated” and “last year’s tech” regardless of architecture. Something involving a carrier – so the even less educated and vastly less intelligent can fill the threads with links to irrelevant videos and absurd “carrier fanboyisms” (which, to this day, I completely fail to understand). An almost utter lack of typos or grammar mistakes – which people who REALLY have too much time on their hands will, after seeing some of these blogs, actually spend most of their day making comments back and forth, insulting one another, refreshing the page every five minutes to see if someone responded to their last bit of drivel and generally feeling as if they were designated Phandroid grammar consultants. Or simply just a new Android phone announcement – so people who have mastered time travel can comment that it is the best thing since the invention of the wheel or it is the harbinger of the apocalypse – or worse – say something utterly and completely mindless like “this phone will get slapped around by…” or “this phone will beat the crap out of this other phone..”. I was completely unaware that phones beat each other up, and honestly; if you touch a button and get an instant response, and you can stream high quality video with no lag or buffering, and you can play games without them slowing down, what more are you REALLY going to do with an Android at this point in time? It’s a smartphone. Yes, they have come a LONG way, but they have a LONG way to go before they are as “powerful as a home computer”. So the whole “my phone benchmarked 400 points higher” , “I have dual core you only have single core” , “My phone has LTE and you only have WiMax” is completely mindless. In real world situations, chances are, it won’t do anything that the other phone won’t. If Android A has LTE, and Android B has WiMax; chances are, they’re both going to stream video with no lagging and you sure as hell aren’t downloading a 200GB file to your phone, so in the end, does it REALLY matter? If you have a high-end Android, they both ultimately did the same thing at the same time (this goes back to that mindless carrier fanboyism). In short, this was a good story (loved the ending with the hoverboard) but there was little food in it for the trolls. It was probably read quite a bit, just not commented on. I’m surprised no one came in and posted links to irrelevant videos. Such is the blessing and curse of the internet – even the incredibly stupid can use it and voice their opinions on it. 10 will get you 1000 that if any negative comments follow this, it hit a little too close to home, and the “shoe fit”.

      1. Lol….your rant was longer than the article……but some good points. :-)

      2. I think I love you? <3

  3. Good ol’ carbon nanotubes.

    1. C-60 and nanotubes and graphine…oh my!

  4. “But forget about all this smartphone and tablet talk. I wouldn’t mind injecting this into my wrist and using my finger as a usb drive…. then I would skate off on my hover board with my robot dog, Skip.”

    I think I love you, Chris. lol

  5. I only use 8gbs on my phone.

  6. I would love to have this much storage on my phone. It would be awesome.

  7. But will it allow the wifi’s? I love the phones with the bigger gb’s :)

    Dang. Goodbye portable hard drive manufacturers

  8. Umm… About injecting this into your finger… You do realize that it’s an inch across, right? You’re gonna have to have some fat fingers, that’s for sure.

    1. Sometimes you just need fat fingers!

  9. @sevenstars I think you should have applied for the new blogger position.

  10. But this will bust the whole SSD hard drives and their pricing.

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