Did Apple Really “Steal” Their iPhone Design From Samsung? [Pot, Meet Kettle]


Take a look at this picture. Take a good look at it. On the right? an iPhone. (I’m not sure which revision, really.They all look the same to me.) On the left? Well that’s a little fellow from Samsung known as the Samsung F700. The image alleges that the phone was announced in 2006 and released in February 2007, but only the latter is fact. The iPhone was announced and released in 2007.

So that begs the question: who’s really stealing from who? (If you didn’t know, Samsung is being sued by Apple for the Galaxy S’ resemblance to the iPhone.) Samsung clearly had something going with this design way before they thought up the Samsung Galaxy S and before we even knew of the iPhone’s existence. And the user interface isn’t looking too much different form iOS, either. (If we’re just talking about grid-based layouts.)

The answer: no one is stealing from anyone. Apple didn’t invent icons, nor did they invent the grid in which they sit. They didn’t invent the rectangle. They didn’t invent the touchscreen. They surely didn’t invent the nice looking button sitting at the bottom. And last, but not least, they didn’t invent phones.

And all of the same applies to Samsung and any other OEM. This image should serve as a good reminder that with innovation comes imitation. A standard is always set and manufacturers will always look to meet or surpass that standard. Apple can’t go around suing everybody because their phone was the first one that looks like it to be successful. Fall back, Apple – you really have no case here. [Thanks, Suriv!]

PS: Feel free to use this as ammunition in your court battles, Samsung – we’re on your side.

[Note]: Yes, we’ve seen the debunk article at Apple Insider. Even if Samsung did release the F700 a month after Apple showed the iPhone, it takes months for a design of any product to be finalized. Unless Samsung had some insiders at Apple leaking design information and documents, then it’s not right to say that the F700 copied the iPhone.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Anyone else notice the typo event instead of invent ?

    1. yes. lol. as the saying goes “no idea is original”. everything is an evolution from something.

      1. Well said.

      2. Except Samsung’s designs. They’ve skipped the evolutionary process and proceeded directly to cloning.

        They’re very advanced, you see…

    2. Really? out of that article that’s the only thing you got? you’re a fn idiot to bring that up..

  2. The type of comments that are coming out over this is incredible. Apple insider is going crazy over that image.

    1. I would imagine so…lol

      I know Apple, iPhone fanboys are gonna try to dissect it to death.

      Just like with the Prada, that Samsung phone was released first. Anything else is left to the courts to decide.

      EDIT: well I visted Apple Insider and there are some folks there, long time members who are not automatically taking Apple’s side on this.

      I know all iPhone, Apple users arent fanboys. Its just strange seeing some that arent fanboys on an Apple site.

      1. Generally, it’s the “iPhone only” crowd, who’ve never looked at Apple’s hardware prior to getting suckered in on an iPhone sales pitch.

        1. @Paranormal and @jroc74

          You guys must be sniffing glue! Have either of you even used an iPhone?

          Go to YouTube and check out vids of the LG Prada and the Samsung F700. These phones were a joke!

          The point is not that a particular phone looks like an iPhone. The point is that with the Galaxy line of devices, Samsung is copying Apple in everything: packaging and unboxing, cabling, software icons and home screens, device shape and trim. Individually, these things don’t mean much. But together they constitute a misappropriation of Apples design language, their “trade dress”.

          If Samsung is so wonderful, why can’t they come up with their own design language? You know, their own unique product boxes! Sync cables that don’t look exactly like Apple’s, charging docks that don’t look exactly like Apple’s, software icons with images and colors that are different than Apple’s, home screens that don’t look exactly like Apple’s, a device design that doesn’t look exactly like an iPhone 3GS.

          Samsung is copying Apple because Apple’s designs are proven. People like them. Why take a risk on a unique design when you can copy Apple? It’s what everyone likes, right?

          1. Go back under your bridge…

            The fact that you dismiss the inventor as being innovative says alot about you…

  3. What the hell is wrong with everyone? Who cares about a stupid typo! Are you reading the article or grading english homework? They’re giving us information, we are (hopefully) educated enough to weed out the little typos and move on with our daily lives! Recently, it seems as if the bulk of the comments are about typos and other trivial bits and pieces. These guys are doing just fine in my opinion and I appreciate the information they deliver.

    1. Thank you, this is exactly what i wanted to hear someone say. Everyone makes typos there’s no reason to bitch about it.

      1. “who’s really stealing from who?”

        Should be “who’s really stealing from whom?

        1. You sir are a fucking idiot.

    2. Yaeh i maik typos al the time. lol

      Seriously though people quit whining they are giving info, I’m sure if you wrote so many articles in a day you would have a couple too.

    3. people who point out spelling mistakes are too stupid to form a convincing argument, so they pick on something that anyone with zero imagination and a spelling ability can do, point out the spelling mistakes…

      but this story is pretty cool, and funny, lets see how it develops, I had no idea about this sammy phone.

      my guess is when iOS5 comes out, with widgets, someone will declare that iOS pioneered widgets…

    4. Grammar nazis are WAY more annoying than typos or misspellings. Did I spell that right?

  4. I LOVE this!!!! Reminds me of the “Pirates of Silicon Valley” days. :-) Go Samsung!!!

  5. awesome

  6. Whoever made that image really needs to fix the typo BEING to BEGIN.

  7. And it had video-call => suck it facetime :P

    1. From what I’ve read it wasn’t announced in 2006 at all.

    2. Announced 2007, February. Released 2007, December

    3. Yea…I dont know about the announced in 2006 part either. It still doesnt take away from the fact that it had to be developed before it was announced.

      The only announced in 2006 released in 2007 “iPhone look alike” I know of would be the LG Prada.

      1. It takes away the funny, because obviously these two phones were being developed at a parallel pace. So Apple is full of it for suing Sammy, but they obviously didn’t rip off Sammy for the interface either.

        1. See, I can agree with this 100%. They both had a similar idea and developed phones from those ideas.

          What gets under my skin is the Apple fanboys who think everyone copies from Apple.

          Like other companies cant have similar idea at the same time.

    4. Here’s a phonearena youtube video of a non-working F700 uploaded Feb. 18th 2007

      if you google for it and specify search pre 2007 you can find some pages that post it but can’t really say that is reliable one way or the other.

      This link claims it was first showed Feb 8th 2007. . . and has a “debunk” article about all of it. Nonetheless, between the F700, the Prada and several other phones that came out around the same time as the iPhone or before they show that there was a design style that isn’t unique to the iphone.

      1. Wow..video evidence. Priceless. Its Feb 2007, a month after the iPhone was announced.

        Now….is Samsung that great that it had a totally different design before the iPhone was announced and made…what did someone post in here….a massive redesign overhaul …in a month?

        A slider at that? Me dont think so. Wouldnt that phone be falling apart as the person was demoing it if was massively redesigned in a month?

        Its like you said, several other phones that came out around the same time as the iPhone or before they show that there was a design style that isn’t unique to the iphone.

    5. “The image alleges that the phone was announced in 2006 and released in February 2007, but only the latter is fact.”

      For those of us who don’t understand… this statement is saying that the product was not announced in 2006, it was in fact announced in 2007. The article is stating the facts correctly.

  8. I love this story.

  9. This is somewhat misleading.

    Apple’s claims regarding the design patents it holds over the various icons in dispute is (with the evidence presented so far) legitimate – it’s a visual distinction that Apple has chosen to brand and the USPTO has chosen to grant Apple the exclusive right to use that design as such.

    The major issue will be whether these patents are enforceable – and honestly, on the software side of things, I think Samsung has a tough product to defend.

    As far as the hardware design patents and “trade dress” allegations, I’m not sure, they sound a lot less plausible given the massive number of other phones out there that steal from Apple’s products in this regard.

    But to say Apple has “no case” is irresponsible and just plain false.

    1. For Apple to include the Nexus S, which is stock Android, makes the lawsuit suspect to me.

      The fact that Samsung already had a phone design hardware wise like the iPhone before the iPhone came out….I dont see this looking good for Apple.

      The Meizu case from last year that Apple lost could be a reason for Apple to not win this one too. And the Meizu from last year looked alot more like an iPhone than the Galaxy S.

      Whats I find funny is how some ppl expect other companies to be so amazing they can design a phone…hardware and software wise…. in a matter of weeks, but only Apple takes the time, years, to do development.

      But even if it is about Touchwiz, why mention the Nexus S?

    2. I looked at all of Apple’s claims and it really comes down to the person viewing these things. I personally don’t think the icons are that close especially when viewed close up. Furthermore, all Samsung phones have “Samsung” printed on the front and back which make it obvious to any consumer that it is NOT and Apple product–this goes to Apple’s claim of trade dress infringement which is the majority of the lawsuit.

      The whole thing is, when all these “trade dress” items are added together does Samsung mimic enough of them that a consumer would be confused when buying the product? I don’t know about anyone else but I’m pretty away that the Samsung devices aren’t the iPhone.

      After that there are a few patents but not a whole lot to get worked up over.

      To make a claim that you can’t use green in your icon of the phone icon is absurd and that won’t cut it in court. It’s more a question of, is Samsung trying to “confuse” the consumer into thinking they are getting the iPhone when they buy a Samsung Smartphone. I’m not confused about it, but maybe I’m brighter than the average bear ;)

      1. @Xpple
        Samsung is not trying to convince people that they are buying an Apple device. They are trying to use subtle psychology to convince uneducated consumers that there is no difference between an Apple iDevice and a Samsung device. But, of course there is, otherwise why would Samsung try so hard to make their products seem Apple-like?

        These tactics constitute a violation of trademark, copyright, and trade dress. They are valid issues. Back in the nineties, there was a Korean car maker that made an SUV called the Korando, a total ripoff of the Jeep Cherokee and a blatant violation of Jeep’s trade dress. Jeep could not get the vehicle off the market, but they did get a Korean court force the other guys to get rid of the blatant Jeep design cues, like the Jeep signature front grille. The company complied and changed the styling. Korando sales subsequently went into the crapper. Samsung is guilty of the same kind of sleazy sales tactics and deserves the same fate.

        BTW, Apple is suing HTC based upon Apple/NeXt patented underlying object oriented code architecture, Motorola for theft of Apple patented multi-touch technology, and Samsung for trade dress, product design patent, and copyright theft. It is a coordinated assault on the Android army. Divide and conquer. Soon Goggle will have no minions to do its bidding.

        1. Uhhh, call me when these suits get anywhere. Will not happen. And the courts are not easily bamboozled like you iRobots.

          1. Actually, I don’t care if these suits go anywhere at all. Apple sold 20 million iPhones this quarter, up 115% year-over-year. For you slow fandroids, that means more than twice as many as last year. Plus, Apple made a big fat profit on every one of them. No need for buy one get one free promotions!

            Android cloners can have the scraps at the bottom of the market. At least that saves all you poor 3rd worlders from having to use Symbian phones.

            Apple’s lawsuit has already performed its intended function: to draw media attention to the fact that Samsung mobile is run by a bunch of sleazy rats.

          2. What did apple do to make you such a brand prophet, protecting them to the ends of the universe?

            Patents were originally created to inspire innovation, which is what Samsung have done. If you say at galaxy s looks like an iphone, I would suggest that you see an optometrist.

            As for copying the idea of a candybar phone with a touch screen, HTC had quite a number of devices, although with resistive screens. Now, if the iphone had the usual apple wheel, and Samsung copied that, I would say they have a case.

          3. Actually, I could care less who sells more either.. and I could also care less whether or not I convince someone that Android is better.. and your comment that insinuates Android for poor people is laughable.. I imagine you staring at your phone sipping chardonnay in a turtleneck, thinking how cool you are.. And that’s just how cool you are.

          4. FYI, they activated around 350,000 android handsets per day this last quarter; so that’s over 30mil handsets.

            As for Android cloners, we’ve been laughing at you iSheep for a while now. There are dozens and dozens of different awesome handsets across a variety of carriers. It’s called choice, and it’s wonderful.

            Do you really use a phone as status item? Is $500 really that much money to you that you’d think it would be a good indicator of being rich or poor? You DO realize that generally top-end Android devices cost the same or more right? I hear plenty of you iSheep now saying ‘Apple is a performance bargain’ when comparing more expensive (and superior) items like the Xoom tablet to the iPad 1/2.

          5. @dbcad7, @Brian Durden

            Well, you’re poor aren’t you? I rest my case.

            FYI. I don’t sip chardonnay, I sip Cotes du Rhone.

            My point, dips**ts, is that Android phones are cheap copies of the original, bought by poeple without the means or without the intelligence to get the real thing.

            It’s kind of like the difference between Coca-Cola and Walmart brand cola.

            Same basic product, except one is the real thing and one is a poorly executed copy.

            Lastly, Apple SOLD 30 million iOS devices last quarter. Not activated, sold. If you include all the hand-me-down iPhones and iPads that family members and friends happily activated, the total activations for iOS were over 50 million last quarter.

            Apple 50 million activations, Android (read: the rest of the industry) 30 million. Apple: winning!

            Got it? Good.

        2. And I quote “They are trying to use subtle psychology to convince uneducated consumers that there is no difference between an Apple iDevice and a Samsung device.”

          I find that hilarious as I’ve always considered iSheep users as uneducated. I can name case after case to support my claim as well. Mall girls, my stepmother, etc… the list goes on and on. Uneducated for sure. All you did was simply reinforce my assumption. As for the “subtle psychology” bit, oh yes… you must be very subtle with these uneducated people. They might just have enough intelligence to tell the difference, so you must be very very subtle.

          1. @CactusCat,

            There are a large number of non-tech saavy Windows sufferers out there who don’t really know how to discern which ecosystem is better. They go by what looks good. Samsung’s misappropriation of Apple’s trade dress is intended to lure those who don’t know any better into buying a cheap copy.

            Folks who use Apple products already know the difference. Most of us are Windows refugees, you see. We know the difference because we’ve experienced the difference.

            I’m amazed at how the commenters on the site seem to be able to misconstrue every comment.

            Are you Fandroids really too simple to follow a logical argument through to it’s conclusion?

            More likely, you just pretend to misunderstand clearly written comments that don’t fit into the Android party line.

          2. Speak for yourself. Windows is fine and still owns 90% of the market because people like it. More people have tried and abandoned OSX for Windows 7 than have left Windows for OSX because people figure out that Apple is not all that great at the end of the day. I mean, I guess if you like a simple OS that doesn’t really do much, OSX is fine. But for anything that actually matters, most people prefer to get things done on Windows. And it’s not because they are dumb.

            You seem to enjoy the smell of your own farts, so I’ll leave you with this: Anyone who spends as much time as you do trolling forums not intended for your “opinions” is the best case for avoiding your kind of thinking in the first place. Have a nice day getting nothing worthwhile accomplished.

            Decent article, btw.

        3. Well, that’s what the courts are for ;)

          Personally, I don’t care one way or the other what happens. I’m neither a fan of Android or Apple. . . I just like to see tech pushed forward.

          We all get to watch and see what happens and I’m sure it will be interesting just like these comments. . . however, your fervent attitude about this doesn’t really show you in the best of light. You’re coming off as a pretentious dick, fyi, and it kind of pushed the stereotype of Apple users towards. . . well, the stereotype of Apple users.

          1. @Xpple

            I hate Fandroids. So stupid and smug. Don’t have any clue. So I seem dismissive? It’s true. I admit it. I am dismissive of Fandroids who cannot construct or follow a logical argument. And I truly have fun playing the part of the arrogant Apple guy!

            You see, it is pointless to argue facts with Fandroids. Facts don’t matter. All that matters is that Apple is the enemy.

            My loyalty to Apple comes from my satisfaction with their products and services, plus my gratitude that their excellent management has made me so much money on their stock.

            What’s your reason for loving Google? Android is open? Really, Google recently close sourced Honeycomb. Remember don’t be evil? What about, don’t say one thing and do another? What about, don’t cloak your ad revenue ambitions in a bogus open source flag?

          2. “I admit it. I am dismissive of Fandroids who cannot construct or follow a logical argument. And I truly have fun playing the part of the arrogant Apple guy!

            You see, it is pointless to argue facts with Fandroids. Facts don’t matter. All that matters is that Apple is the enemy.”

            You really must mentally challenged, because as soon as someone throws facts at Apple, iPhone fanboys like you and your girlfriend iKing, you become discombobulated and start talking about sales and how much money Apple makes.

            And you openly admit that you posting here is nothing but trolling.

            Beautiful. Where is the ignore button when need it? Oh wait….fanboys like you are like the plot of a horror movie:

            Ignore them and they will go away. Acknowledging your presence only makes it worse. They wont leave.

            People, sane people:

            Dont Feed The Troll.

          3. @jroc74

            Okay, so stop feeding me!

            Don’t reply to my posts anymore.

            But we both know, you can’t help yourself. You can’t let it go because deep down, you know I’m right ;-)

            Funny how you have stopped replying to the substance of my posts.

            Name calling, the last refuge of the checkmated Fandroid.

          4. did you miss the part where I said, I’m NOT a fan of Apple or Android. . .

            Actually I’m not a fan of any tech company. I think they all suck. Until someone produces a device that can read my mind and do exactly what I want it to do when I want it. . . they all suck!

            Now, which would I buy? That all depends. I’m open to any device manufacturer that offers me the best overall package–price, performance, functionality, etc.

            I’m really don’t care much for Apple devices. I don’t like OS X at all, and iOS is ok but I like a little more flexibility and don’t like being told I can’t side-load apps–now if an iOS device is jailbroken then it’s pretty good.

            Now I do like that Android ties in well with Google apps because I/we use a few of them and it’s just very easy to get going with it, but I don’t like how locked down Android is–that’s due to OEMs and carriers. Honeycomb is an exception and very reasonable. Nonetheless, Android does have a serious support problem and that’s one reason I like WP7 but it has a ways to go.

            Personally I’m OK with Symbian–good hardware and it isn’t all that bad. Same with BB and I’m actually rather impressed with RIM’s new PlayBook OS built ON QNX, and maybe even WebOS will finally get some decent hardware then I might even go with it.

            In other words, I don’t really give a shit about any of these companies and I do find it odd that people want to defend and/or support any of them in any meaningful way–I’ll buy a device if it does what I need, but get butt hurt because of this or that and argue like someone’s trying to kill a loved one? NO!

            Apple does crack me up, though. They really are one of the most hypocritical companies at this point in time. . . but that’s my opinion and I love studying human behavior–yes, that’s saying SJ is a hypocrite.

          5. Oh man, when everyone figures out that ios is going to settle at about 14% market share, I’m going to be laughing at all of you smug asses.

          6. Spot on analysis of this fool..

          7. @jroc74

            You sir, are a fool AND a moron.

            As proof, if offer the convoluted non-logic of your posts.

    3. Great post David! Spot on.

    4. Well said David. You are a voice of reason amongst us Fandroids and Apple shill ‘roid rage baiters.

      Seriously, I agree with you. Apple has no choice but to go after Samsung. If they fail to enforce their brand marks, they will lose them.

      Frankly though, I’m surprized that Apple reserved it’s technical patent fights for Motorola and HTC. I’m not quite sure why they left Samsung out of that.

      It may have something to do with internal Samsung politics. Apple likely wants to maintain its relationship with the divisions within Samsung that supply components for iDevices, even while they go after the mobile products division.

  10. Great article.

  11. hey iKing……where you at ROFLCOPTER

  12. I remember posting comments on Thisismynext about this and I was getting knocked so hard by commentators for supporting Samsung. It’s funny being called a troll for no reason at all. Anyway, I just think it is ridiculous. The copyright system is flawed and should be reconstructed. Apple should be sued for making a mockery of the legal system or at least wasting it’s time. You can’t patent a grid of icons when other OS systems have been doing it prior.

    Things like this want to make me send an angry letter to Steve Jobs.

    1. Thisismynext is going to be a very pro-apple site–the people writing there are very pro-apple and therefore the viewers that followed them there are more than likely very pro-apple. . .

  13. Its looks like Samsung was on to something with the f700 phone but Apple ran with idea and made it popular. Did Samsung copy Apple? I doubt it. If anything Apple copied Samsung. Samsung just capitalized on something they already had after Apple made it popular.

  14. Oh iKing? where are you little iKing? Awww i think he is scared to come out.

  15. What I find amazing is that they even had the same guy hold the phones. Samsung must not have had a non-compete clause in that guy’s contract.

    1. Is this a joke? Whoever made this image obviously Photoshopped the Samsung phone into the guy’s hands.

  16. Wow haha. I never liked samsung gui cause I’ve always thought it looked too much like iphones. But it’s the other way around. I have more respect for samsung now.

    1. Wow, bad taste and gullible! What a combination!

  17. First of all, the original iPhone was so much more advanced than the Samsung F700 that to suggest that Apple somehow copied it is laughable.

    Secondly, development of the iPhone began in 2005 so it was in development for over two years before it was released. I hardly believe that Samsung put that much development time into the F700 or that it was even on Apple’s Radar at the time.

    And finally, check out the bottom four icons on both phones. The F700 has more in common with Android than it does the iPhone. Perhaps Google ripped off the F700. Hmm…

    1. Its easy to make a product advanced after you have copied someone else’s work. You are allowed to spend more time on the bells and whistles while the basics haven been finished by someone else

      1. Perfect description of Android…..

        1. Yeah, that’s the nice thing about the Linux kernel… You can pick it up and use it for your own needs. Just release the source.

          1. Funny thing. Even though Google had the benefit of copying Apple rather than figuring out the hard stuff themselves, Android still looks like ass and is terribly non-fluid in response to UI gestures. I guess it’s true that a copy is never as good as the original.

          2. Google didnt copy Apple. They copied the LG Prada.

            The UI on the Prada is also made by Synaptics..

            That name ring a bell for you?

          3. @jroc74

            Are you developmentally challenged?

            There is far more to an operating system than the screen icons. Google did not copy the LG Prada you buffoon! There is no comparison between OS on the LG Prada and any smartphone operating system except perhaps Symbian.

            The Prada was a very basic feature phone with a crude, non-gestural touchscreen UI. Check out the videos on YouTube. This thing was pretty but the UI was paleolithic.

            The touchscreen on the phone was likely made by Synaptics, but the UI was an in-house LG software development effort.

          4. Yeah those widgets that Android copied look soooo great on IOS.

            hahahahahaha. I said, put down the weed man.

          5. Yea I seen youtube clips of the Prada….and Android looks more like that than iOS…

            From the clock on the Prada to other things.

            Video evidence doesnt lie, you buffoon….

            lol…whats comical….you are fine with Android being called a copy of the iPhone, but not the Prada…

            Too funny.

            Android is terribly non-fluid huh…

            Yea….your true colors are shining bright.

    2. So, only Apple takes the time to do development, and no other company can do that?

      1. Yes, that’s right. That’s why the other guys phones suck and are sold 2 for 1 at mall kiosks.

        1. Troll Alert

          Dont Feed The Troll.

          1. Moron alert!

          2. Yea your true colors are shining bright…

            Dont hit you head going back under the bridge, ok? Better yet, hit it. It may knock some sense into you..

    3. I’m guessing you only looked at the image and commented on that. Go read the article and try again.

    4. Actually, to further your point, it was actually being developed as early as 2002….

      1. Yeah, but according to Steve Jobs they were working on a tablet all that time ;)

        1. Your point??? Maybe your dumb ass can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, but I’m sure Apple can develop two products simultaneously…..

          1. Proof? You can’t provide any. But there is solid evidence the Prada came out months BEFORE the iPhone, nice try though.

          2. No, Apple can’t develop two products simultaneously. . . the iPhone and iPad are clearly examples of that.

            Now, how about you grow the fuck up and stop calling everyone names? If you don’t like the conversation here then piss off to your apple fan sites, there’s lots of them around.

            The only thing you are accomplishing on Android sites is to affirm to all non-apple fans that apple fans are total douche bags.

    5. Most important is that the Samsung phones looked like this since ages. Even before the iPhone was announced => style ain’t copied

      1. Huh? Prior to the iPhone Samsung phones all looked like warmed over Moto RAZR’s and Nokia’s.

        1. Except the F700..

          1. Except the F700 actually came out after the iPhone, you fool!

            It was announced in February 2007, one month after the iPhone announcement. It was released in December of 2007, six months after the iPhone was released.

            BTW, the phone was a dog too. The OS on this device was horrid!

          2. Right, it was announced a month after the iPhone.

            Which means it already had to have a base design even if they changed it.

            Look at the Motorola Bionic. It was announced already months ago, and might not even be coming out with that design. But for it to be announced….it already had to have a base design, even if its changed later.

            You fool!

            Like I mentioned to your partner in crime, you do realize these phones get tested, some may go out to testers who assist in the development before its announced, right?

    6. The point really isn’t who copied who, though fans would like to make it about that. The real issue is, are there devices with these designs prior to the iPhone? Obviously there are lots of examples of rectangular phones with rounded corners, phones with icons, etc. . .

      The second issue is, is Samsung mimicking the iPhone in such a way that a consumer would be confused as to what they are purchasing–a Samsung smartphone or the iPhone. That’s what all the “trade dress” patents are about. They are there so that a company can’t put out a “knockoff” of someone else’s product–we’ve all seen these Chinese products that are blatant knockoffs of other companies’ products. Apple is claiming that Samsung has copied the iPhone so much that a consumer would be confused when buying the Samsung device as to whether or not it is the iPhone–ridiculous to anyone that can read the big bold “Samsung” on the face of all their devices. . . but that’s the crux of Apple’s argument. . . with a couple extra patents thrown in. In other words, are Samsung’s devices “knockoffs” of the iPhone and would you as a consumer be duped by these knockoffs into thinking they are the iPhone and therefore purchase them thinking you are getting the Apple iPhone?

      1. Yeah I always wanted a iPhone, but damn, I was in that store and bought a Galaxy S – I swear it look like an iPhone – and I didn’t noticed it, even that there was no apple on that phone…

        1. And the big “Samsung” in white on black on the front didn’t clue you in either. . .

          1. They aren’t trying to fool customers into thinking it’s an iPhone. They are trying to fool customers into thinking it’s as good as an iPhone, which of course it’s not.

            The thing is, Samsung isn’t just copying the device form factor. They’re copying the unboxing experience, the sync cables, the earbuds, the icons, the home screen appearance. In short, everything.

          2. “as good as” is a subjective thing. That’s no different than Apple trying to say a Mac is “easier to use than a PC.” That’s subjective and I find a PC much easier to use.

            Courts don’t rule on such a subjective thing. They are looking at it as, “is the consumer being intentionally deceived?” Marketing a product to be “as good as or better than another” has been happening forever. . . i.e. “I’m a Mac & I’m a PC.”

            Apple for years as attempted to imply that their products are as good as or better than others. . . no different that any other marketing.

            As far as Samsung blatantly copying the iPhone. IMO there are only so many things you can do with a 3″ to 4″ slab of class using an OS–clearly they are both using the desktop metaphor for the icons, thus the auto-arrangement of icons in a grid. That all came form Xerox.

            As for the hardware–the face of the Samsung devices says “Samsung” and have a square central button with two other buttons while the iPhone has a single rounded button, again very different.

            Samsung devices come in a wide array of screen sizes, the iPhone doesn’t.

            So, finally we end up with the bottom 4 icons that don’t change when you scroll the home and the “look of the icons.” Having looked at the comparison of the icons personally I don’t think they are that similar–sure some of the same color schemes but close up they are very different. So, the 4 icons for the launcher? That may be the one thing, but then again I’m not familiar enough with Symbian & BB to know if they’ve ever had any type of launcher like that. I know the LG Prada had something like that.


            So, yes there are lots of similarities. . . but are those similarities due to copying the iPhone or to natural design of a smartphone that uses and OS thus the desktop metaphor?

            Hell, I don’t know. . . and we will never really know. But we will get a ruling one way or the other. . . so everyone ought to just chill.

  18. screw apple

    1. No thanks. . . not really my type ;)

  19. Umm, that’s NOT what “begs the question” means. I’d expect higher quality from Phandroid editorial staff.


    What next? “alot”? Confusion of “their” vs. “there” vs. “they’re”? Come on, guys. Show some professionalism.

  20. Where is the troll “iKing” in this thread! lol!!

  21. What is more important is to ask: Did Samsung file patents for the form features?

    1. In this day n age of patents, this will probably be something to consider.

      But, with the F700, even if Apple filed a patent for the design of the iPhone, doesnt Samsung having a phone like the F700 already out before the iPhone mean something?

      1. If there was no patent, I don’t think so. Sure, it’s a failure on the part of the patent office, but if Apple has a patent that Samsung can’t match with thier own, it’ll end up with Sammy paying some cash.

        1. The Meizu case that Apple didnt win from last year is interesting. That phone looked alot more like an iPhone than the Galaxy S.

          In that case, Meizu mentioned some HTC and LG devices. Its funny that LG was mentioned, it wasnt the Prada tho. I dont think.

          1. I’ll look into that case and see what I can find. I think that if nothing else, these cases should push the patent office into changing their policies.

          2. “I think that if nothing else, these cases should push the patent office into changing their policies.”

            Quoted for truth.

          3. Apple’s patent case against Meizu was thrown out on a filing technicality. A local Chinese official was most likely bribed by Meizu.

            Meizu phones are iPhone knockoffs, just like Samsung Galaxy phones…

        2. It won’t hold up. How many ways can u dress up a rectangle. Maybe television makers should sue each other because they all look the same. If u have over 50 smartphones out some are bound to resemble each other.

          1. That’s not the point, though. The fact is that Apple DOES have these patents. If they hold up is another thing.

          2. “Having” a patent really doesn’t mean much these days unfortunately. If its likely to get tossed on a challenge, which is the case here, it means basically nothing.

        3. This isn’t true. Even if Apple holds some vague patent (which many of their patents or so ludicrous that I have no idea how Apple managed to get them ratified in the first place), US patent law takes a “First to Invent” approach. This means that if Samsung can prove they were working on the F700 before Apple was working on the design for the iPhone, it wouldn’t matter if Apple had a legitimate patent or not. Samsung would not only win the case, but also be awarded the patent.

        4. Unless, of course Samsung whips out the LG Prada and the F700; and demonstrate “Prior Art”.

          1. Prior art does not apply to design patents, trademarks, or trade dress. All Apple needs to demonstrate is that Samsung intentionally copied Apple’s design language in an attempt to co-opt Apple’s brand identity.

            To be clear, Samsung’s copying is blatant – including: sync cables, ear buds, product packaging and unboxing experience, icon design, UI appearance, device form factor and appearance – in short, everything! Given Samsung’s shameless copycat behavior, Apple will have no trouble screwing them to the wall.

          2. “Given Samsung’s shameless copycat behavior, Apple will have no trouble screwing them to the wall.”

            Like they tried to do with the Meizu phone last year?

            That looked a hell of a lot more like an iPhone than the Galaxy S and guess what? Apple lost that case.

            Guy, give it a rest. Apple has no case. With Samsung having the F700, its a done deal. They might have one with Touchwiz, but thats about it. If Apple does lose, thank the Meizu phone from last year.

          3. Apple’s case against Meizu was thrown out on a filing technicality, not on merits.

            Meizu likely bribed a local official.

            Meizu can sell their knockoff in China for now, but they cannot sell it anywhere in the world where IP rights are upheld.

          4. You are sad.

            And ppl mock Google about do no evil.

            In your eyes Apple cant either huh…

            The more you post about Apple the sloppier they look.

            Now Meizu is so great they can bribe folks to side against Apple.

            And Apple cant outbribe Meizu? With ALL that money Apple makes?


            So according to your posts:

            Apple cant protect their own ideas.

            They are fooled into believing lies and gave away free bumpers.

            NOW Apple cant outbribe another company to win a lawsuit…

            You doing a good job at making Apple like about as sloppy as the bridge you waddled out from under.

          5. @jroc74

            Of course Apple has the means to make bribes, but they don’t make bribes. Apple has integrity and ethics. They don’t steal, they don’t cheat. They just build good stuff.

            It is certain that Apple did not bribe anyone in the Meizu case.

            As proof I submit that Meizu managed to have Apple’s case thrown out on a minor filing error and Apple did not bribe anyone to stop them. Apple’s hands are therefore clean.

            Meizu on the other hand has been rightly accused of stealing Apple’s IP. Their copycat phone is the proof plain to see. They are suspect already. Do I believe they would bribe a Chinese official to have the case thrown out? Absolutely!

            BTW, Apple did not give out bumpers because they believed the iPhone 4 has an antenna problem.

            They gave away bumpers to show good will to their customers and to placate the media.

            Are you really as un-sophisticated in your thinking as you seem?

          6. lol… are are becoming worthless to even reply to.

            So by giving out bumpers, they are not admitting there is a problem by just doing that?

            You must be joking, right? Seriously? No, Seriously?

  22. Hahahahaha I hate apple!

  23. Uh, fandroid doofuses, do you actually think I’m running scared??? NOT! here are the facts:

    The F700 was NOT shown before the iPhone in 2006….it was merely ANNOUNCED. The device was not actually shown until February 2007, one month AFTER the iPhone was shown in January 2007. It did not go on sale until December 2007, 6 months AFTER the iPhone…


    The development of the iPhone began years before it came to market in 2007:


    I understand your hatred for all things Apple, which is why you doofuses jumped all over this bogus photo…..but do a little fact checking so you won’t look so much like the fools you are next time….

    1. Yea…cuz a phone can be designed in a month…

      That article about when the iPhone begin development, means what? Let me ask you, what would hold more weight: an article about when something was supposed to be in development, or a release date for an actual product?

      You do realize phone get sent to testers before they are released or announced right? So Samsung changed the phone design based on the iPhone? With it being a slider, I dont think Samsung is THAT amazing.

      Whats real funny, you going by these release dates, and it isnt holding up, srry dude…..but wont concede the LG Prada coming out first before the iPhone.

      If anything, all this proves is Apple, iPhone fanboys love moving the goalposts. I’m sure other fanboys do it too, but for some reason its more obvious with Apple, iPhone fanboys.

      1. First if all, I’m not suggesting that the F700 copied the iPhone…..but apparently this site is trying to prove with these bogus pictures that the iPhone did just that with F700.

        The point in talking about the history of the development of the iPhone is to show that this product was being put together long before any of these other products were even heard of. You keep babbling on about the Prada on now the F700, but you have yet to produce ANYTHING that refers to the timeline of either of these products. You think the iPhone was designed in a month??? Try 5 years. Unlike me, you can’t even produce a single prototype of the Prada or the F700 as it relates to it’s early development….put up or shut up

        1. And you have proof?

          What prototypes? Those pics? Where did they come from? Source? An article from online? No interview with Jobs?

          Release date buddy….release dates.

          You obviously think the Prada and the F700 was designed in a month.

          Remember…this is how me n you got started…

          1. It’s funny for a guy to require proof (like this photo “proves” anything) when he has produced…….drumroll please……NOTHING!!!! Before u start digging into the validity of my sources, how about producing some of your own????

          2. Your demanding for proof while you have none of your own to validate your argument; anyone can make up arbitrary numbers of how long it took to develop a device. Apple did not invent the touch screen, did not invent the smart phone, did not invent the rectangular touch screen phone as a matter of fact, they did not icons on phones, they did not invent widgets, did not invent cell phone apps, GPS navigation, cell phone internet browser, etc…
            They did design a slick UI for its time, a simple and appealing form factor, and they marketed it to hell and back with great success. This doesn’t give them sole rights to any rectangular touch screen device.
            Apple is like Sony was with the PS3, thinking they would continue to dominate the market because of their success of the PS2, but the PS3 never surpassed the xbox360 in the US and the wii dominated both in sales. Apple is loosing ground quick to android phones around the world, Apples smugness is clearly turning to fear as they are now letting the lawsuits fly…im waiting for them to file a lawsuit against Sony for copying Apple in being able to play games on phones <_<

          3. @iKing

            These are Fandroids!

            You can’t reason with them!

            They have ‘roid rage and a homophobic hatred of anything with an Apple logo on it.

            You see, good design=queer.

            Unless of course that good design is by Samsung and copied from Apple. Then it’s okay!

          4. @abe

            Thank You. Thats my point.

          5. Release dates is all the proof one needs.You dont need the photo on here, release dates are available. Research…

            The lil photos you showed has, guess what? No dates attached to it at all. No source with it, except YOU.

            That article you showed has no source from Apple attached to it. Its just someone writing an article online.

            Whoop Dee Do…

            Show m an interview with someone from Apple talking about developing it way back then, show Jobs stating it was being developed way back then.

            My argument has always had release dates. Always. What does yours have?

          6. A product “release date” has nothing to do with the timeline of it’s development…..it just show when the product was made available for sale. This is what a timeline looks like, complete with corresponding articles during the development process:


          7. Ok a timeline for the iPhone.

            And I didnt even try to look cuz your proof is comical cuz the pics that were supposed to be connected to the timeline…..said not found…lol

            I guess if there is no such timeline for the F700 or the Prada, they must have copied Apple, huh?

            Samsung already has a precedence for the hardware design. The software? I can see here n there why Apple could sue. But, not for Touchwiz overall, just bits n pieces. Even then its questionable to me.

          8. @ pjs_boston:

            Their hatred is more like envy…..u ever notice on this site that anything that has to do with the iPhone attracts the largest number of hits??? They can’t help themselves! So much fun to watch…

        2. So you’re saying Apple was working on the iphone in 2002? Really? So was Apple letting Samsung and LG into their R&D centers for those 5 years and that was where they got the design from? Of course not! Apple kept the iphone a secret from everyone for 30 months not 5 years. Yet this secret was somehow figured out by two different companies? Why did Apple work with Motorola to release the ROKR (first phone to sync with itunes) in 2005 only to end it a year later because Jobs felt Moto was holding them back from the design they wanted? It was not until 2005 that the iphone as we know it today started to become a reality. Apple didn’t invent the black rectangle or bezels, though they would like everyone to believe they did and ifags such as yourself take it a scripture cause Jobs said it and it must be true. He also said no one want a huge phone when the EVO came out and guess what the rumors are for the iphone 5….wait for it…a 4′ screen! How is it that Jobs said no one wants big phones but now Apple will follow HTC and Moto and increase the screen size by at least a half inch? Apple is feeling big time pressure from Android and will do anything it can at this point to slow it down. Maybe if they stopped trying to sue everyone they could actually release a true update to the iphone. The phone 4 was the first time they did and that was when Android was just starting to take off. Now the iphone 5 has been pushed back to September instead of June because they have to pull the would be iphone 6 plans and launch them as the iphone 5 due to competition which is the only positive out of all of this. Apple will actually have to release a real update instead of just adding 3G to a phone that should have had it from the start or more RAM to make it faster and call it a new version of the same phone.


          1. More fandroid buffoonery….

            So if the iPhone, as YOU say, became what we know it to be today, then it’s not possible for Apple to have copied either Samsung or The Prada…..

            The RUMORS of a 4 inch screen iPhone are just that….RUMORS. besides, they can make the screen bigger without increasing the overall size of the phone….

            The release of the iPhone 5 is RUMORED to being delayed because the iPhone 4 is selling so well (nearly 19 million units this past qtr alone as reported by the Apple in their earnings call today) that they don’t have to release it yet….why cut off sales by introducing a new model when present model is showing no signs of slowing down???

            Nice try….

          2. Maybe because it’s getting its clock cleaned by there being more Android devices being activated?

            Apple and Android are both gaining market share. Primarily stealing it from blackberry and symbian along with new users. It’s just that Android is gaining MUCH faster. Apple and Android devices aren’t so much as phones or tablets, but software platforms in which to develop/sell applications. Whomever has the largest marketshare when it comes to software platforms wins. Simple economics (and is why Apple almost went bankrupt in the 90s)

          3. THANK YOU!!

        3. @ iKing,

          There is one little thing. LG and Samsung are component suppliers and probably got wind of the iPhone’s development in mid-2006, if not earlier. Plenty of time to throw together a knock-off prior to the iPhone’s announcement.

      2. A phone can’t be designed in a month, but it could be redesigned in a month. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 (or is it 10.0?) got a massive design overhaul between it’s debut at the end of January and March. It was even operation when it was shown off in January.

        1. Brilliant point….

          1. This shows how blind you are…lol

        2. Now lets take that and apply that to the F700. And the LG Prada.

          For it to be redesigned and be available to be shown a month later….wont it have to have a base design already?

          Or are the folks that work for Samsung that brilliant?

          You really think the Galaxy Tab 10.1 had a …your words…massive redesign overhaul….. and had it ready in a month? It already had to have a base design. For the Galaxy Tab , thats after the iPad, fine. But the F700?

          And the Prada is a whole other topic…lol

  24. The Galaxy S phones look more like the F700 than the iPhones, which means Samsung stole from Samsung!!!1

    1. Pretty much…lol

    2. agree

  25. Samsung is as guilty of coying Apple as Apple is of copying LG. Bullshit

    But Samsung it’s gulty of making Touchwiz so similiar to iPhone GUI for no reason

    1. THIS is the only thing I would probably agree with Apple on in this lawsuit. But whats so funny is that to me an easy for Samsung is to just remove all the backgrounds from the icons.

      If they do that, Touchwiz will look just like stock Android. Which has me wondering whats the real motive for Apple mentioning the Nexus S in the lawsuit too…

  26. Steve Jobs never said they did “invent” the phone.

    He said “Apple is going to REinvent the phone”.

    Get some facts Quentyn.

    1. The sad part is, at times it seems like Apple is trying to reinvent history. Apple and the blind fanboys.

    2. Last gasp from a fading os. Suing Samsung is an act of desperation.

      1. Even though Android is gaining momentum, there still are, in fact, more iOS users than Android. Apple is far from needing any acts of desperation, especially with a firm hold on the tablet market that I don’t see anyone even getting remotely close to in a year. Fading os? No. Aging OS? Definitely. It’s been updated plenty of times with great features, but they’re going to need a big overhaul with iOS 5 if they want to compete with the great features that Android has to offer.

        With that said, is it the future yet? I want my HTC Sensation god dammit.

        1. http://money.cnn.com/2011/03/07/technology/android/index.htm

          see how the blue line (iphone) seems like its not progressing dare I say, slowly going downwards?

          its because most of the ppl who are buying the iphone are previous iphone owners

          its about time that apple releases a real update to their ios

  27. Lotus has had the grid layout with big icons for twenty years now. Apple owes them a lot of money for stealing it.


    1. If you really think this is just about whether or not icons are arranged in a grid, you deserve to own an Android knockoff.

      I’ll say it again slowly so you ‘roid raging Andro-tards can understand.

      This. Is. About. Misappropriation. Of. Trade. Dress.

      It is about the wholesale copying of every aspect of customer facing features from software UI, to industrial design, to packaging, to accessories.

      Got it? You still don’t, I know…

      1. You’re the biggest Apple shill I’ve read in a week (and that’s saying something, Jobs pays a lot of you to go out and post on messageboards.

        1. Jobs doesn’t pay me. My Apple stock does.

          BTW, I’m not a shill, I’m a fanboy. Let’s keep out nomenclature straight, shall we.

          1. You may be shill and isheep fanboi, but most of all you’re a wanker. All your comments are ridiculously emotional — your main emotion, obviously, being fear. Fear of Android diminishing Apple’s market share; which is exa ctly what is happening rigfh now. And oh, you’re precious Apple shres, that mke you, what, rich You’re joking — you said it yourself down somewhere, that’s like $50k. What a simpletion you are — that fifigure isn’t “ricxh”. Jokr

      2. I completely get it. Communist corporations have brainwashed you to believe exactly what they want to. And your to stupid to enough to figure it out.

        I don’t own an Android. Blackberry. iPad. 27″ iMac. Doesn’t mean I worship faceless corporations they are some champions of my best interests.

        That’s stupid. But you still don’t get it. I know.

        1. @oh boy

          Where do I start. First of all, corporations are an outgrowth of market capitalism. Therefore it is an oxymoron to refer to “Communist corporations”. FYI, an oxymoron is like you but with an “oxy” tacked to the front.

          Since you don’t own “an Android. Blackberry. iPad. 27″ iMac” then why are you trolling this site? You read gadget fetish sites and you don’t own any gadgets? That’s like watching porn because you don’t have a girlfriend. Oh right, you don’t have a girlfriend. Ooops, sorry. It didn’t mean to rub it in…

          1. And Nazis were an outgrowth of the most cultured society in Europe. More scientists. More Nobel prizes than all others combined. Arts second to none. THE leading light in “free” thinking. That Oxymoron resulted in the death of tens of millions of people.

            Corporate communism is based on the same propaganda tactics. And your the stooge.

            The oxymoron is your inability to think while thinking your intelligent.

            Your inability to read is another problem. No Android. Everything else. Apple makes nice products doesn’t mean they can abuse a broken system.

            You can be a self-imposed slave if you like. That’s not an oxymoron btw. Just a moron.

          2. He is an obvious troll, look at the name calling. He tries to call other ppl out for namecalling when he always starts with it first.

            Dont Feed The Troll.

  28. This war not only between the samsung and iphone, but this war is really between the android and the IOS. samsung android smartphone galaxy s is number one in his time, and the iphone is a “smartphone?” ios only.

    so the same is an insult to android. samsung resist .. we are behind you and will always support you. make a snap Sammy…

  29. OK people, not sure if I’m the first to realize this, but most smart phones are looking quite similar these days. Seriously??

  30. OK, we’ve learned Apple is evil and Android users don’t have a spell checker.

    Nothing new for this site.

    1. LMAO!

  31. They both look like the qtek 9000 from 2005. http://www.boxwave.com/images_bw/device/qtek_9000.png

  32. go fot it samsung !!! f*** Apple/iPhone/iOS, hope they lose the battle in court

  33. If it wasnt for Apple our phones wouldnt be very good!

    1. Not sure if this is true. The android platform began development in 2003, purchased by google in 2005, and released to the masses in 2008. If your idea that phones today would not be even close to what they are today, I feel as if your statement is too lopsided. iOS was released in 2007 and I would agree that having iOS as a competitor has driven the smartphone to what it is today but to make a bland statement that if it wasn’t for apple, phones would not be very good is just too one-sided.

      1. As of spring 2006, pre-release Android prototypes looked like Blackberries with a Webkit browser bolted on. It wasn’t until fall 2007 that Android sprouted a multi-touch UI – hastily thrown together, of course.

        Let’s look at a little history shall we?

        WebOS: Probably the best iOS competitor. The brainchild of Jon Rubinstein, head of Apple hardware engineering until mid-2006. A member of Steve Jobs’ inner circle since 1990. Did Rubinstein have any inside knowledge about iOS? Ya Think??

        Android: The most popular, if not the best, iOS clone. The brainchild of Andy Rubin, formerly of Danger (AKA Sidekick), now at Google. Google CEO Eric Schmidt was an Apple board member from August 2006 to August 2009. Did Schmidt have any inside knowledge about iOS? Did any of this information make it to the Android team? Ya think??

        Apple collaborated closely with Google on the development of iPhone maps app. Remember? It’s the maps app that started the revolution in nav software? Did Google gain any inside knowledge about iPhone from that collaboration? Ya think??

        Windows Phone 7: As of this spring, WP7 is equivalent to iOS version 1. Does Apple have a five year lead against legitimate competitors as they claimed at the iPhone introduction? Let’s see, spring 2007 to spring 2011. Oops! Only a 4 year lead. Good job Microsoft, you reeled it in a year, but you’re still 4 years behind Apple.

        WebOS and Android are definitely further along than WP7, but then their teams cheated, didn’t they?

        1. None of what you said explains why IOS is still playing catch up to Android in terms of features.

          Also, I owned the first Palm Pre for 7 months and I can tell you that WebOS, while a nice idea, was basically an unfinished POS of an OS. And if you liked it, it explains a lot.

          It’s clear to me you are nothing more than the typical Apple sheep who judges based on the superficial – like look and feel than on actual function. Polish a turd up real nice and you’ll be right there to praise it. No wonder Jobs has you sheep singing his praises – he figured you all out a loooong time ago and it made him rich. Got to give him that.

          1. I agree the WebOS was and probably still is an unfinished POS, just like Gingerbread and Honeycomb are today.

            You clearly value specs and feature lists over actual usability. If that works for you, have fun.

            Your perverse preferences do not change the fact iOS is supremely successful at what it is designed to do: to make mobile and tablet computing accessible to non-geeks.

            In order to make iOS devices simple an approachable by non-techie people, Apple has removed unnecessary customization options. This is not a deficiency. It is a plus for everyone but geeks. Digital trinkets like lock screen widgets and task killing utilities are fun only for nerds. They don’t advance the ecosystem one bit. Apple has achieved amazing success for one reason; everything they do is in service of the ecosystem.

            With this approach, Jobs has brought Apple back from the brink to make it the second most valuable corporation on Earth in just 14 years. Apple is second only to Exxon-Mobil, the chief supplier of energy to the entire f**king world. By the end of this year Apple will be the most valuable company on Earth. Apple with achieve this distinction at a share valuation multiple far lower than Google’s.

            This kind of success is not achieved by polishing up a turd, as you put it. It is only possible by being truly excellent in every area of execution. You are blind and/or delusional if you can’t acknowledge this simple fact.

          2. “they don’t advance the ecosystem one bit”

            Well that’s the dumbest comment I’ve seen from you yet. Maybe that’s why Android came from nothing just a few years ago to being the formidable competitor it is today?

            I work in IT and I can tell you that the average Apple user is as dumb as a rock when it comes to technology. It takes just a little brain power to customize Android to ones liking. It’s certainly not rocket science. Apparently that’s too much for average Apple user according to you.

            I’m going to assume you are just here to yank our chains and aren’t serious. Maybe I should take jrock74’s advice.

    2. Maybe you are thinking of RIM & Nokia. . . since that’s who Apple was mainly copying when they were designing the iPhone ;)

  34. Two different interfaces. Once is ghetto ass, the other beautiful. Only a fool would say samsung hasn’t been trying to mimic the idevices – at the very least they are really inspired by them.

  35. @fredphoesh Android is looked at as the platform for poor people and retards. It does not help the platforms case when the people supporting it write like retarded monkeys.

    1. the iphone is the phone for retards cos “its simple and so easy to use… android is actually only for rocket scientists and the like cos of how “complicated” it is

    2. and here with your handle name I thought I was going to get some truth. . . maybe you missed the recent research that shows iPhone users are more likely to be in the red–that means, have an overdrawn bank account.

  36. I wish Apple would stop being passive aggressive and just go on and sue Google. Get it over with. Please.

    1. Really. Thats what they really wanna do. The Nexus S being named in the lawsuit says alot.

  37. Does anyone remember the LG Prada that the iPhone copied from!?!?!?!?!?

    1. Yes, I remember reading an article yesterday about the LG Prada and this Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit. I think the Prada phone was actually on sale in 2006… Not in front of a computer, otherwise I would try searching and linking.

  38. we have too many lawsuits

  39. “Suing someone you stole the design from to being with”

    I hate Apple as much as the next Fandroid, but let’s try to double check our spelling and grammar when we mock them.

  40. This article is proof that Fandroids are complete idiots. It is not surprising that Fandroids are morons, given that they willingly choose Android over iOS. Fandroids also seems to have selective amnesia about what a paradigm shift the iPhone was for the entire mobile industry.

    Let’s be clear. Apple CREATED the modern smartphone. The multi-touch, gesture based UI did not exist on mobile devices before the iPhone. Useable, desktop class web browsing, e-mail, maps, and apps did not exist on mobile devices before the iPhone. Seamless transitioning between mobile and wifi networks did not exist before the iPhone. Real app markets that actually SELL apps for mobile devices did not exist before the iPhone and the App Store.

    Android, WebOS, and Windows Phone ’07 are shameless clones of the iOS operating system. Likewise, their app markets are shameless rip-offs of the Apple App Store. The phones these OSes run on are shameless clones of the iPhone. Hell, Motorola and Samsung even copying Apple’s box designs and syncing cables!

    On the phone side, Android has replaced Symbian as the lowest common denominator, junk food operating system for low end mobile devices. Mobile carriers offer Android based junk either free or with buy one get one free offers on contract. The sales pitch? It’s the same as an iPhone and it’s free!. Since the out-of-pocket is nothing, the unwashed masses fall for it and wind up locked into 2 years of an inferior customer experience.

    Funny though, the iPad has no competition whatsoever. Why? Because nobody is willing to shell out real cash for Android junk. Likewise, nobody is willing to shell out real cash for Android apps. Face it Fandroids, the iPad has become the new iPod. Apple is crushing and will continue to absolutely crush the so called competition.

    Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and Google are IP thieves. The need to be in order to survive against iOS. Theft is still theft, however. Go get ’em Apple!

    1. I had to stop reading after you stated “Likewise, their app markets are shameless rip-offs of the Apple App Store”

      Um..the first MAJOR app store was on Danger OS, which was the OS installed on Sidekicks/Hiptops.

      Guess who invented that? = Andy Rubin. Do you know who he is?
      You sound so idiotic ranting and raving about Apple doing this and that.
      Yes, Apple made the smartphone a consumer buy. Nobody can deny that…but this isn’t what the lawsuit is about.
      The lawsuit is about a phone design and UI being stolen when CLEARLY other phones had the rectangular shape with home button before iPhone.
      The OS, yes, it’s a blatant copy. That I can concede to. But everything else Apple is stating is pure bull.

      1. @David M.D.

        You indulge in revisionist history, sir.

        Yeah I know who Andy Rubin is. He was the guy who is responsible for creating legions of texting teenage girls.

        But Seriously, the Sidekick was a competent product and a good consumer side equivalent to the Blackberry. With regard to the Sidekick app market though, never heard of it, although I’m sure there was one, just like there were Windows mobile and Blackberry app markets. But these markets were paleolithic compared to what Apple did with the App Store. One click purchase, download, and install with no troubleshooting? Apps that run on every device without crashing or looking like s**t? On device browsing that actually allows you to find what you need? Thousands and thousands of quality apps at reasonable prices? No, no, no, and no again. How quickly people forget when the change comes.

        With regard to industrial design. Remember the Sidekick, Motorola-Q, Samsung Blackjack, Blackberry, etc? All festooned with 30+ buttons and tiny low res screens. Ooooh and a trackball too!

        When the iPhone came out Android was just Sidekick OS version 2. The first Android test phones looked exactly like Blackberries. Then, in late 2007, 6 months after the iPhone goes on sale, the T-Mobile G1 is announced. Where did all the buttons go? Where did the multi-touch gestures come from? Straight from Eric Schmidt’s Apple boardroom notes to Andy Rubin’s desk!

        Give proper credit to he folks who made your Android army possible. – the guys at Apple who paved the way.

        1. You keep going off point though. A product took from a successful product
          and implemented it. Thats business. Get over it. Apple has done it.
          Microsoft. Google. Ford. Every modern business.

          The point of the matter is Samsung vs Apple. Like I said…the OS copy gets
          the points, no problem admitting that. But as far as a design, once
          again…its basic and generic. The tired evidence of the LG Prada is proof
          it existed before iPhone. Get over it. The HTC Touch even so (although
          admittedly not rectangular).

          Now going back to the off topic points. Like you said…you don’t even know
          about the Sidekick app store, so how can you speak on it? Bottom line isn’t
          how successful it is, its the point of the idea not being new. You could
          only get apps from that store (a la App Store on iOS). The apps were one
          click buy. Worked on all Sidekick versions. The man who thought of that is
          the man that invented Android. So as was stated. All features of Apple’s
          invention were not somehow magically introduced with them. They came from
          others and they then improved on them. So quit the silly “Apple is original
          and everyone copies them” bull. Apple is a company that will do whatever is
          necessary to succeed. Just like any other.

          How quickly people forget the company that was about to be demolished had it
          not been for Steve’s business acumen. Smh.

          1. @David M.D.

            The point it this. Samsung’s TouchWiz UI is made to look like an iPhone. Samsung’s Galaxy products are made to look like iDevices. Samsung’s USB cable is made to look like an iPod cable. samsung’s packaging is made to look like that of an iDevice.

            It’s called slavish copying. It violates patents, trademarks, copyrights, and what is known as “trade dress”. Anyone who holds a Galaxy phone or Galaxy Tab for 5 seconds and cannot see the blatant copying deserves to own one.

            Also on on topic, Android, although it may have started out as a robust Linux based successor to the Danger operating system, has been molded by market forces (read Google’s greed and avarice) into a slavish copy of Apple’s iOS, one that violates numerous patents issued to Apple by the USPTO. I have experience in patent law and Apple’s patents are very enforceable. The reason Apple is going after HTC, Motorola, and Samsung, rather than Google, is because Google isn’t selling Android. They are giving it away to desperate hardware makers. Google is a drug dealer preying on weak companies who don’t have a clue what ecosystem means. And Google is doing this to get our personal information and ad dollars. Don’t be evil my ass! Goggle are a bunch of pimps.

            Steve’s business acumen is right. Hire really good people and focus them to build the best stuff the world has ever seen.

          2. Don’t forget to take the tinfoil off as you sleep.

            Like I said, you can continue thinking Apple is this holy grail of
            perfection. But at the end of the day they are the same as every other
            company in this world. So carry on.

            I don’t see how fanboys like you are created. Boldly protecting a company
            that doesn’t give 2 shits about ya. But you’ll scream over them more than
            you would your family. Eh.

            Glad I can use all products without paranoia or having to have a brand

          3. Ok dude first of all look at the picture above they copied their own OS that was designed BEFORE the launch of the iPhone. Yes I can see the similarity between the softwares but that is business/coincidence.

            How can you say that the Galaxy Tab is “blatant copying” the ipad? (yes I know the Gtab isnt that great of a Tablet) but they are not even similar other than the precious grid design that has been used since the stone age. I mean just look at the form factor who would ever think apple when they see the Gtab

            And it is incredibly bold of you to say that android has evolved to act like iOS. Android has just evolved quicker and became a better OS so you are forced to make such claims there are no new features that “blatantly copy” ios.
            Also just because a patent is enforcable doesnt mean it should be enforced. the current patent system is dying for reform as it cripples innovation due to blood sucking murderous companies like Apple!!
            Google is a company that needs to make money that survives if it makes it via adds or via software or hardware WHY DOES IT MATTER. They give companies an awesome alternative to the uncoustomzeable iOS and allow other comanies to add other great features! whats wrong with that and how dare you compare that to a drug dealer!

            I dont hate apple, I just dont agree with their philosophy but I do HATE uninformed apple fanboys like you.

            PS the G1 didn’t launch with you precious multitouch.

          4. @gtborscht

            Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


            Do you actually believe the garbage that you type?
            To suggest that Android is anything other than a blatant copy of iOS is utterly insane. Do you have dementia? Were you not alive to observe as events unfolded?

            BTW, you’re right. The T-Mobile G-1 did not have multi-touch enabled initially. What it did have was a cheap knockoff of the gestural touch input language that Apple developed as part of the multi-touch UI. I can’t remember why the G-1 lacked multi-touch. Was it because it’s sh**ty touchscreen couldn’t handle multiple touches, or was it because Eric Schmidt was crapping his pants in fear of Steve Jobs’ wrath? Please help me to remember…

          5. @ David M.D.

            How do Apple fanboys like me get created?

            Here’s how. I bought 1000 shares of Apple back in 2004 at $40 per share. As of this evening, my $40K investment in Apple is worth $360K. That’s how.

            And you know what? Apple made me a little wealthy the old fashioned way. By inventing cool stuff and executing like there’s no f**king tomorrow.

            Apple doesn’t steal ideas from their partners and they don’t wrap themselves in the flag of open source to obfuscate their real business intentions.

            In short, Apple earns their money the hard way. By courting customers, making them happy, and keeping them that way. Apple users don’t upgrade because they have to, they upgrade because they want to.

            The Googles and the Samsungs of the world are pathetic parasites trying to suck some of what Apple has created. They are destined for the dustbin. If Apple wants to help them get there faster by suing them for being creeps, I’m all for it.

          6. @pjs_boston

            All you Apple fanboys must smoke the same weed. Whatever it is, it is really really good.

            IOS lacked multitasking, a decent notification system, folder support, widgets, the ability to sideload without jailbreaking, gestures, cross application linking, long-press context menus to name a few long before Android.

            And Android is supposed to be a ‘blatant rip off’ according to you?

            hahahahahahahahahaha. Put down that blunt.

            IOS is an immature OS at best compared to Android. Like someone said, IOS is Android’s app tray!

            Also my Galaxy Tab can run circles around any iPad and it fits in my pocket.

        2. A true Apple Fan whole heartedly in the RDF 100% you are.

          1. Thank you for chiming in yoda!

          2. Ok AppleFUD is right you are a 100% apple fan so there is no use arguing but IF you can be CIVIL and you dont mind me asking; what has android done in the recent versions (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and 3.0) to copy apple software wise? You claim android started out almost completely original then evolved to beccome a “blatant copy”. I cant think of a single reason how that is true, so I one person to another am just asking what exactly are you referring to?

          3. Most welcome you are.

          4. @ Gtporschecarrera1

            Let’s not worry about version numbers. Let’s just look at what was copied.

            Scrolling gestures with rubber-banding to show end of list. Dissappearing scrollbars to maximize screen real estate.

            Zoomable web browsing,

            the sliding panel UI metaphor,

            Pinch to zoom,

            Unlock gesture recognition,

            Basic design of touch controls including sliders and switches,

            Heuristic gesture recognition to discern touches from swipes and to lock in scrolling direction,

            Ellipse fitting to touch point to obtain precision touch recognition,

            Smart soft keyboard with adaptive auto-correction.

            There’s a start. Now, shall we talk about the Sun/Oracle Java IP they stole in order to implement the Dalvik apps engine?

    2. Just kill yourself now. Go back to your apple website and go sleep with your ipad you faggoty fag.

      1. @anthonymonreojr

        It was my pleasure to tweak all of you ‘roid raging uber-geeks. Those of us with girlfriends know that you guys hate Apple mostly because they remind you of the guys who stole your dates to the prom while you were home wacking off to German porn.

        My Apple stock is up 15 points today after Apple announced another record quarter and a 95% year-over-year profit increase. So instead of killing myself, I think I’ll cash in a few shares and take my gal out for an expensive dinner. Have fun eating your TV dinner in mom and dad’s basement.

        The reaction to my post was priceless. You Android geeks make Apple fanboys seem sane!

        1. LMAO at the gf bit. . . that’s hilarious because everyone I know that loves Apple is homosexual. Not saying there is anything wrong with that. . . but you are implying that you get more tail than others because you use a fruity device?!?!? Well. . . I was in the triple digits by 23 ;)

          And I didn’t need a fruit logo to get there. . .

          And you don’t have enough money to even purchase a share of apple stock. . . stop lying it’s making you look pathetic.

          1. @FruityLogo

            You know, homophobia is a dead give away for latent homosexuality. That’s another reason you Fandroids hate apple. In addition to getting your ‘roids in a rage, Apple’s stylish design gives you homophobic rage as well.

            And actually, I own about 1,250 shares of Apple. Bought most of it in 2004 when Apple was trading at $40. I’m laughing all the way to the bank, my friend!

          2. Actually most women and gays go for Apple. Sorry that just the way it – nothing wrong with it. It’s ok, you can come out now.

            As for your Apple stock, who cares? At least you’ll have money for a sex change.

          3. @John

            You’re name is funny. In the US it’s a term used to refer to a hooker’s client.

            It’s sad that you can only get laid by paying for it. At least the whores are cheap in the 3rd world country you live in, right?

        2. Chuck Norris was once asked why he doesn’t own an iphone to which he replied “the same reason I don’t use tampons”
          Had to interject some humor sorry ;p

          1. LMAO! That’s f**king funny!

            BTW, I don’t see why Chuck should be incapable of using an iPhone just because he’s post menopausal! ?:^D

        3. “You Android geeks make Apple fanboys seem sane!”

          Trust me, that is highly impossible.

          Cuz Apple fanboys have this holier than tho attitude. Guess what most folks defending Google, Android are doing? Saying wait a minute there sport, the iPhone isnt Gods gift to the world. There is a life outside of Apple and the iPhone.

          And I cant wait to see your response to this…..

    3. ‘Real app markets that actually SELL apps for mobile devices did not exist before the iPhone and the App Store’

      not true, there were mobile app stores on japanese phones for nearly ten years before iphone created theirs.

      1. @al

        Yes there have been places to buy software for years. But there was never a true marketplace with simple, one-click, automatic purchase, download, and install process. It’s not about the mere existence of the marketplace, it’s about ease of use and the confidence that gives customers to actually buy stuff. Before the iPhone there was never a true app store anything near as seamless as Apple’s offering. If you’re honest, you must accept this point. If you can’t accept it, you’re in denial – it’s called ‘roid rage.

        1. blah. . .blah. . .blah. ..

          you do realize that you keep changing the argument every time you are proven wrong, don’t you? Or are you really that delusional?

          I know. . . I know. . . Apple is so perfect, they do everything so much better than everyone else. . . blah, blah, blah. . .

          If that’s so true then you have nothing to worry about and soon everyone will “wake up” and get the clue and drop MS, Nokia, RIM, Samsung, LG, etc. . . and we’ll all be purchasing Apple iDevice. So, go read about your love, Apple, and play with you iDevice, and just sit back and wait for reality to take it’s course. . . I’m sure it will happen soon enough ;)

          1. @AppleFUD

            You really don’t have a clue do you? This past quarter Apple sold 30 million iOS devices. Each one sold to a user who actually buys apps, games, and media. Apple now has an installed base of 200 million iOS users. Apple rakes in half of the profits of entire mobile phone industry. That’s right, not just smartphones, half the profits of the ENTIRE mobile phone industry. Apple’s Mac business has been growing 30% annually for five years straight. Apple rakes in 30% of the profits of the entire PC industry. Apple owns the media player and tablet markets. Actually, let me correct myself, make that the iPod and iPad markets, because there aren;t any other players in these markets.

            How does Apple do this? Slick marketing? Yes. That, plus industry leading hardware design and device integration, best in class software, seamless ecosystem integration, the industry’s best customer service and satisfaction, industry disrupting retail operations, and on and on. In short, they are the best at everything they do. I know it really bugs you that Apple kicks such ass, but well – tough shit.

          2. Industry leading hardware design?? hahahaahahahahah. Tell that to all the dopes with iPhone 4s who can’t hold a call because of the crappy antenna design.

            BTW Samsung and Foxconn make Apple’s products.

          3. @John

            You Fandroids will believe anything! You’re like conspiracy buffs.

            My girlfriend has an iPhone 4. The antenna works great. Data is very fast. It does drop calls, but that’s AT&T in the USA.

            The Verizon iPhone doesn’t drop calls at all. But, alas, their 3G data is slow…

            Don’t get me wrong, Samsung is a great component supplier. That’s what they should do: supply components for iPhones and lay off making cheap iPhone knockoffs.

          4. So let me get this straight. 2 different groups, companies, (Consumer Reports and whatever you wanna call Anandtech) did research on he claim about the antenna on the iPhone 4.

            They both did tests with other phones and They both came to the same conclusion with hard data to back it up…for BOTH the AT&T and Verizon iPhone…

            And because your girlfriend’s phone and I assume one you tried on Verizon doesnt …

            The problem doesnt exist?

            So Anandtech and CR is lying, huh?

            And you have the nerve to try to call out other folks on here…you are truly sad.

          5. @jroc74

            I reiterate. you Fandroids will believe anything if it is negative about Apple.

            Antennagate=non-issue. A tempest in a tea cup. No real world reception issues due to antenna. Only reception issues are due to AT&T voice service. Verizon iPhones do not drop calls. iPhones in Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. do not drop calls.

            Get a new issue to harp on troll!

            I ask you again. Have. You. Ever. Used. An. iPhone?

            Answer. Of course you have not. You don’t know what you’re missing out on and you never will.

            Sad sorry little man…

          6. You do realize that Nokia with Symbian, a burning platform, sold over 111 million smartphones last year. . . oh, that’s more than all iOS devices sold for that year.

            You do realize that Nokia also sold over 400 million other cell phones in 2010. . .

            Yeah, Apple makes a lot of money. Which is funny because zealot fans like yourself will pay any markup they ask–rational people realize that high markup isn’t something to be bragging about.

            so. . . blah, blah, blah. . . Apple sold x, y, z. . .

            Yes, and others sold a lot of shit too. . . your point? A lot of idiots like to be overcharged!?

        2. Actually, there was. Like said, app stores are a decade old concept used in Japan…

        3. Yea…the Antenna issue wasnt real…it was all made up.

          It sure as hell fooled Apple into giving away free bumpers.

          The more you post about Apple, the more you make them seem like a sloppy company.

          One that cant protect their ideas.

          One that gets fooled into believing lies.

          Me thinks Apple doesnt want you representing them anymore.

          1. The antenna issue was real, it just didn’t affect real world performance in any meaningful way. And, as Andandtech showed, it affects all smartphones to some degree.

            What the tests you refer to don’t show is the sensitivity of the phone’s antenna. The ratio between it’s noise floor and signal level. Even attenuated with a death grip, the iPhone’s antenna is more sensitive than most other phones. This high degree if sensitivity helps the phone hold calls in low signal conditions. The iPhone 4 is, in fact, well known for it’s excellent performance in low signal conditions. Good thing, because AT&T is mostly low signal in the USA.

            You would know that the death grip issue is pure bullshit if you had ever actually used an iPhone. I am convinced you have never even laid eyes on an iPhone, let alone used one.

            I’m sorry you can’t afford an iPhone on your low Chinese wages and must therefore convince yourself that it is no good. You are sadly mistaken.

            Let me leave you with this little thought. Sales don’t lie. Apple sold 20 million iPhones this past quarter.

            Are all 20 million of those people idiots who can’t tell if their iPhone has a bum antenna? Of course not.

            The iPhone is the world’s top selling smartphone by a large margin. Apple has sold over 100 million of them. Why is that? Could it possibly be because it is the world’s best smartphone?

            I know this answer is impossible for you to accept. That’s okay, you’re a fandroid, you can’t think straight. I will pray for your future recovery.

          2. Pay attention:

            The Fact That You Could Make The iPhone 4 Lose That Much Signal With An 1/2 An Inch Of Hand….

            Showed It Was A Design Flaw

            Show me another phone in the known universe that you could make it lose that much signal with an 1/2 an inch of hand…

            Not gripping, not cupping, but placing a fraction of your finger on that spot.

            You are TRULY sad..TRULY..

          3. @pjs_boston

            You’ve got your head so far up Job’s butt, the blood supply to your brain is being cut off.

            Fact: The iPhone 4 had a poor antenna design that made it drop calls MORE THAN ANY OTHER PHONE. Everyone that I’ve asked with an iPhone 4 has admitted to dropping a fair amount of calls. Even Apple admitted in their statistical data that the iPhone 4 dropped more calls than usual.

            So admit that at least and quit making yourself look like an even bigger fool.

            Also, blaming AT&T seems to be the common theme amongst you iSheep.
            But while many will admit At&t’s service is generally crappy, none of what we’ve seen with the iPhone in particular explains why OTHER phones on their network don’t drop as much calls by comparison. So again, just admit the iPhone is a mediocre piece of electronics wrapped in an attractive package.

          4. @John you ignorant slut.

            Your words don’t make any sense at all. It’s as if you’ve got Eric Schmidt’s balls in you mouth.

            But I think you mentioned facts. Well here are a few:

            The Verizon iPhone 4 has 1/3 the dropped calls of AT&T iPhone 4. Link: http://www.phonedog.com/2011/04/05/verizon-iphone-4-users-experience-fewer-dropped-calls-than-at-t-iphone-4-users-survey-reports/

            The GSM iPhone 4 had no dropped call problems in Australia. Link: http://www.fastcompany.com/1676836/no-antenna-issues-for-australian-iphone-4-did-us-litigiousness-media-invent-it

            There are plenty of other articles that discuss the head scratching around the world about the so-called antenna problems with the iPhone 4 in the USA. Head scratching because there was no problem. I’ll leave it to you to do the Google search. Since you are butt buddies with Google, you should enjoy that.

            Let’s cut to the chase. The iPhone 4 is a very well designed piece of hardware made from the highest quality materials and components. It has been acclaimed over and over as the gold standard against which all other smartphones are judged.

            iOS the most polished mobile operating system in existence. Sure you can’t re-skin the UI or put blinking widgets on your lock screen. But who cares? Based on what most users do to their Android phones, it seems primary reason users customize their phones is to make them look like an iPhone.

            But these points are incidental to the iPhone’s real power. The iPhone is just the tip of the spear. It is the mobile access point to Apple’s totally integrated ecosystem. In this ecosystem, Macs and iDevices work seamlessly together with content delivery and mobile services to create user experience that is far better for the average consumer than anything Google can cobble together. It is a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

            I know that this is beyond your comprehension. This is self evident. You are a fragmandroid user! You have no concept of what a truly integrated system is.

            You are living in a trailer park and you think it is the Taj Mahal. It is sad and a little funny all at the same time. Poor fellow.

          5. @pjs_boston

            You still haven’t tackled the point I made. Who cares about Australia? Let’s talk about right here in the US. And please answer the question: Why does the iPhone drop more calls than other phones on the VERY same network? Ah see, your iSheep logic falls apart doesn’t it?

            Here we go, the Holy Church of Apple admitted the iPhone DROPS MORE CALLS THAN PREDECESSORS on the very same f&cking carrier!


            Case closed.

            iPhone 4 = Crap.

          6. @John,

            Not only do you have no taste in mobile phones. You cannot read either.

            Antennagate has been totally debunked in the media and in the court of public opinion. It’s desperate FUD from Google acolytes. Get over it and move on.

            With it’s single phone, Apple is the largest selling mobile phone vendor by revenue in the world. Are those 75 million satisfied iPhone owners all idiots John? Or are you mistaken in your religious beliefs?

          7. @pjs_boston

            Maybe it’s YOU who can’t read or maybe you just don’t want to face the fact that he iPhone 4 is a POS.

            The antennagate issue is demonstrable fact:


            What and learn something iSheep.

          8. Get over it John.

            Antennagate FUD didn’t work last year and it won’t work now. Let it go

            As an iPhone owner, I know first hand that it’s total bullshit.

            I read in your other comment that you work in some corporate IT department. Now, everyhting is clear.

            Once Apple takes over, you guys are out of a job. No wonder you’re so testy!

          9. @pjs_boston

            Apple takes over?? LOL, there aren’t enough sheep in the country for that to happen. There are still many people who can walk and chew gum at the same time and who don’ t need to be told by one company what to like and how they should use their technology.

            Watch as Android becomes no 1 IN THE WORLD!

            Oh, don’t fret, Apple will still be around – after all, a sheep is born every second and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. However they are going to slowly shrink to the size they used to be.

    4. The Prada had multitouch a year before the iPhone…

      1. @Paranormal

        The Prada had a touchscreen, that’s not multi-touch. Universally panned for being a horrible one at that. Do you even know the difference? Oh yeah, you don’t. You’re a Fandroid!

        P.S. Having a place to buy apps doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck ass. I was fortunate enough never to have tried the Blackberry apps store, but I’ve heard stories from former Blackberry users.

        Innovation is two things my Android loving simpletons. Good ideas and good execution. Without both you’ve got nothing. Just ask all those former WinMo users out there.

        1. “Innovation is two things my Android loving simpletons. Good ideas and good execution.”

          Really?? So Alexander Graham Bell wasnt innovative huh?
          The person who invented the wheel wasnt innovative, huh?
          The person who made the first plane wasnt innovative, huh?
          The person who made the first TV wasnt innovative, huh?

          One can say that the later versions of the firsts are better, right? That would mean better execution, right? So according to you the inventor isnt considered innovative.

          Just the people who do it better…wow. Take the UI on the LG Prada. It sucked compared to the iPhone’s. But guess what? It was out first. So its not considered innovative to you.

          I suggest you read the definition of innovate.

          Yeah, you are definitely a troll and Apple, iPhone fanboy. To the fullest.

          1. @jroc74

            Dude, I’m convinced you’ve never actually used an iPhone.

            If you had, you would know that Apple’s innovation on the iPhone was very deep, much deeper than the design of the home screen.

            The iPhone is not just a touchscreen phone. It is the anchor of an entire ecosystem. This ecosystem involves advanced software development kits to spur application development, the App Store to help developers monetize their apps, iTunes – which provides a complete media solution, plus features like AirPlay which allow all of the devices and software to work together and make a whole which is greater than the sum of the parts.

            That said, I don’t believe there was much copying between the LG Prada phone and the iPhone, they look different.

            I do believe that Samsung is actively working to make the Galaxy line of phones look as much like an iPhone as possible. Samsung is doing this to fool customers into thinking that Galaxy phones delivery the deep ecosystem that Apple does. Galaxy phones do not offer a deep ecosystem.

            Samsung’s deception is intentional and it’s sleazy. If you don’t have a problem with it, then you have been fooled by it or you are sleazy too.

          2. You think a phone being the anchor of an ecosystem was created by Apple?

            This plus the fact you dismiss inventors as being innovative…..

            I will pray for you.

          3. @jroc74

            Either you don’t speak English well or you’re an idiot. Maybe it’s both.

            It is very clear to me that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

            Go play with you cheap knock-off phone and stop trolling my posts

        2. Um, Apple didn’t have the idea, they burrowed it. The execution was good but iTunes is still the biggest bloated buggy piece of crap in history. But I don’t expect you to think so. After all, Steve Jobs told you otherwise.

          1. iTunes on the Mac is great. I hear that on Windows it’s a bit of a dog.

            But then, please enlighten me. What media software isn’t a dog on Windows?

            Do yourself a favor get a Mac. They really are better.

          2. Trolling your post? Like you’re trolling this site?

            You are a sad, sad example of some of the negative things you can come across on the Internet.

            If anything, you made me go from disliking you to feeling sorry for you.

    5. RIM had an app market for smartphones about 1 1/2 years prior to the iPhone’s release.

  41. Just had a look at the comments on Engadget on this… shudder.

    (I know I shouldn’t, but seeing so many trolls from both sides bashing each other over the head is like a car crash in slow motion. Nasty but you can’t help looking!)

    1. yeah. . . I have to read comments on engadget every so often just to get a good chuckle. It’s hilarious watching human nature through comments especially when it has anything to do with Apple.

    2. No Doubt. Why can’t people just use the device that works best for them and be happy about it without the need tom put others down for their choice.

      1. Because Apple fanboys wouldnt have a reason to post….

        I agree with you 100%. Yea I know its common with fanboys of other devices, OS’s, etc to do the same thing.

        But Apple, iPhone fanboys take fanboyism to a whole other level…

  42. I’m not going to read through all the comment’s, but did anyone notice the F700 has a front facing camera, thats 3 years before Apple did. Counter sue!!

    This is one of the many reasons why in less than 2 weeks my 3GS is being sold and I’m picking up a Samsung Galaxy S2… come on May!!!

    1. front camera? search Samsung i600 business phone. Most Samsung phones have front camera way back before unfortunately many network provider didn’t support the use of it during the early years

  43. Anyone else (still) completely annoyed with Quentyn’s writing? He’s the only writer on Phandroid I can’ stand. That little jab at the iPhone in the beginning was just kind of annoying to read. I get that you were attempting a joke, but it just makes you seem like a petty fanboy.

    Kinda disappointed he didn’t get dropped after that remark he made a few weeks ago about wishing Steve Jobs would just die already that everyone was really up in arms about. The site would be better for it.

    1. I like Quentyn’s articles and video reviews. I think the comment you are referring to was a joke by Kevin Krause. I did not like that at all either.

  44. Honestly who cares about apple or the iphone nothing but useless people purchase iphones. I’m not going to get into it but one thing is for sure if they are not suing HTC then they are going after Samsung, or microsoft. Apple is nothing but a sad organization that can’t deal with competitive circumstances. PISS ON APPLE AND THEIR IPHONE

  45. Samsung is bigger than just a mobile company. Apple needs to know who they’re dealing with. Surely they must have done their homework before trying screw with them.
    THEY KNOW that the Galaxy S II is going to hurt them ALOT this summer with its sales. Two of my friends who own iPhone 3GS have pre-ordered it already.

    They have absolutely no chance winning this lawsuit.

  46. well, i was looking into getting the Tmobile g2x, but i think i will wait to get the samsung galaxy s2. my way of saying f”‘k you apple. i have nothing against their products, they have great products, but the company itself, and especially stephanie jobs can kiss my a–. the galaxy s in my opinion is better than the iphone4. and the galaxy s2 will force apple to really step it up when they release the iphone5.

    1. Yeah right…..Apple has sold more iPhones in 1 quarter than the entire family of galaxy s fake iPhones have sold since they’ve been released…..I’m sure they’re trembling….NOT!

  47. Instead of posting stupid things about apple and waste your time with this junk, go to gsmarena and take a look at the release dates and announce dates, F700 came and announced after iPhone!

  48. Here’s a good chronology of Android–Google purchased it before Schmidt was even on Apple’s board. . . not totally on topic but some might find it interesting.


    1. @LostInTech

      Yes, Google bought Android before Schmidt was on Apple’s board, but Android looked like Blackberry OS with a webkit browser. You see, the browser, and its ability to deliver ads was all Google cared about.

      However, around the time of Apple’s iPhone announcement, and after Schmidt was sitting on Apple’s board, Android suddenly developed a gestural touchscreen UI. Later they added full on multi-touch.

      The Android you guys love and use today borrows heavily from Apple’s IP. Although Apple has not sued Google, their suits against HTC and Motorola are definitely a flanking move to put Google in a box with IP related troubles.

      1. From what I’ve heard the iPhone initially looked a lot like a BlackBerry also. Why would that be? Because back then the BB was kicking butt.

        Nonetheless, like the LG Prada demonstrates, designers were moving to larger screens and soft keyboards.

        It’s called evolution ;)

        1. I will agree that Android evolved to mimic the iPhone. It had to in order to achieve Google’s goal of owning mobile advertising. After the iPhone nobody would buy an Android handset unless it worked like an iPhone. This, however, is a moot point.

          The point is this: Android evolved by copying patented Apple inventions.

          By admitting that Android evolved, you have as much as granted my point.

          Why not have the intellectual honesty to call a spade a spade?

          Google. Stole. Apple. IP.

          1. I would say that they are all evolving to be more PC/desktop like.

            I had a professor in ’97 that was given a prototype HP portable computer. It was pretty ugly but he really loved that thing. Basically it was an ugly ass black box with a small screen. the screen was about 6″X3″ and there was a small keyboard below the screen and the device was about 2″ thick and it ran Win95.

            The thing never went into production but all the ideas that are being argued over now were right there in that thing.. . just shitty resistive touch screen instead of a nice capacitive LCD.

            The fact that you believe that Apple’s patents are truly original. . . well, that says a lot more about you than anything else ;)

            And I’m more than happy to say that Apple & Google blatantly steal IP all the freakin time. . . every major tech company does. It’s just that Apple wants everyone to believe that they don’t and everyone is stealing only their IP. Yeah, right.

            In other words, Apple copied a whole lot of IP for the iPhone and some companies has successfully sued for it, and Google has copied a whole lot of IP for Android, and Samsung has copied a whole lot of IP for their gadgets. . . on and on.

            No one is clean in this fight!

          2. Nice. This is the point that eludes so many Apple, iPhone fanboys. Not just them but most fanboys of any product.

            But a word of advice:

            Dont Feed The Troll. lol

  49. If Samsung had the branding and name recognition and image of Apple, they would no doubt sue Apple for having a similar looking device. But Samsung doesn’t. They don’t bother to sue because their devices are not iconic, their sales wouldn’t really be hurt by copycats, and they have so many similar looking and generic products they don’t have a real standout design philosophy and image to go along with it. And most of all, not one of their phones would be worth suing for, and wasting lots of money and time on, because Samsung dishes dozens of devices out a year, and that one or two devices ain’t worth the trouble.

    You people really think Apple is unique in this respect? Samsung wouldn’t sue if they had Apple’s clout? Google doesn’t do evil? This is the tech world, where everyone is suing everyone else, even if it doesn’t make headlines, and the only reason Apple is making headlines is because it IS Apple, and for no other special reason, least of all the litigation aspect. Don’t tell me this is the worst thing in the world, worst than patent trolls like Rambus who sue every tech company under the sun all at once. Or that intellectual property company run by an ex-member of Microsoft who makes their money suing people and forcing big companies like Samsung to buy into their licensing schemes. This Apple lawsuit is run of the mil, everyday, yawning stuff. The only reason why people are so excited here is because of the more than conspicuous bias, a bias turned into pure prejudice. It’s also kind of sad that Samsung’s image has turned a 180 since a few months back when they were the most evil company in the world, holding back updates and breaking GPS units, laughing all the while. Then the Galaxy S II showed up and Gingerbread updates and somehow they are saints now. Bunch of hypocritical, inconsistent, and irrational fools, probably terrible people in real life too. I don’t kiss anyone’s ass or have some temperamental bipolar and sociopathic brain circuitry. They’re all in it for the money and if they could rob you of your newborn and convert that to $$$, they would. But humans are naturally greedy, so I don’t blame them for it, but they need to restrain themselves and balance it with some real ethics.

  50. The only thing apple is good at is being a patent hog. If they could put a patent on breathing and sell it in there app store they would. Then they could do the number two thing they are good at suing everyone for using there “original ideas”
    I think Microsoft should sue Apple for stealing the greedy corporation title from them.

  51. Samsung and Apple have something in common.
    I’ve never seen a Samsung phone I liked, never seen anything Apple I liked.

  52. Iphone or ipad can’t even run flash lol

    1. Look up Cloud Browse…..you’ll see that any iPhone iPod Touch and iPad owner can view just as much flash as you can….

      1. Wrong again. . . that’s flash video ONLY. The fact that iFans don’t know what all flash does is frightening. Why don’t you jump onto some of those stock sites with your iToy and see how well that “cloud flash” works.

        1. Ask him to visit radiotime.com and see how well cloud browse works…lol

          If anything, the more some of these Apple, iPhone fanboys post the more delusional and sad you see they really are

          1. I can understand some of their mentality. My dad was a Mac user from day one and I left Mac around ’97. He never really used Windows at all, thus he always thought Mac was just easier to use because he never bothered to learn otherwise–he was just conditioned into the belief. Then a couple years ago when I put a usb into his Macbook and just pulled it out he nearly leaped out of the chair.

            Don’t you have to unmount that before you unplug it, he asked.

            No, you shouldn’t, I replied.

            Little did I know that Mac OS X is still 10 years behind. . .

            He died last year and left one mess of a Macbook Pro behind to be cleaned up. I hadn’t used OS X in any significant way prior to this and I was looking forward to seeing how great this OS was. . . since I read so much hype and I really was hoping that it would be better than Windows.

            My mother just thought it was hilarious, within a day I was ready to toss that POS out the window and I’ve never been so thankful for Windows in my life.

            Cut & paste folders and files? Nope! Why would you ever want to do such a thing and what if you forget to paste?!?!? I couldn’t believe how behind it was and when I would read forums to find out how to work around something I just read these ridiculous statements of, why would you want to do that. . . it’s up to the user to use it as intended.

            WTF?!?!?! Well, it took me days to do what I could have done on windows in hours and I see Apple for what they are now. . . all hype.

  53. People spend about the same for tablets in phones and one doesn’t fun flash 10.2 that’s just crazy I want to see 100 percent of the internet all the time

  54. iphone can even run flash that must suck for ipad and iphone 4 or 5

  55. Did you read the Apple allegations? At some point they do a list of the distinctive icons (!) they invented, there’s also a green one with a phone receiver angled at 45!!!! This kind of chromatic/iconic code is way older than the iPhone, even older than cellphones cause it was used on cordless!!! Apple innovates the concept of being a$$holes…

  56. I laugh at the iRetard who thinks Apple is an ethical company. What can they have done to keep Chinese officials from looking deeply at the labor abuses in Foxconn’s plants all these years. Oh right it was Foxconn who did it, not them. But they still profited from the Chinese slave labor.

    It was Jobs that recoined ‘Good artists copy ideas, great artists steal them’.

  57. Heres a gift for all the Apple, iPhone fanboys about copying:


    Like some ppl posted in here and other articles similar to this:

    “Everything today is a copy of something”

    Edit: reading the thread at Apple Insider….was beautiful. Thank you to whoever mentioned it the other day.

    1. yep. . . human nature is to build off of those that came before, thus we evolve. . .

      As for the apple fans on here. . . I think many of these supposed fans are actually apple employees paid to comment on anything related to apple.

  58. For anyone that wants to easily view different phone manufacturers’ phones throughout the years just go to phonearena’s manufacturers page.


    If you bother to go back in time and check things out you will see that a rectangular square with rounded corners with mostly a screen with icons has been done as far back as 2001, and while one can certainly glean where Apple got some of their ideas they did add their own twists. . . nonetheless many designs were done over the years that have all the things apple has. . . maybe just not all together in the exact same way, though the LG Voyager in Sep 2007 does look near identical.

    The point? This shit is evolutionary and everyone has been copying everyone in the phone business forever. Nearly every manufacture at one point or another pre iPhone had a rectangular slab with rounded corners with the face mostly screen and a big ass home button.

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