Apr 18th, 2011

When we last heard from Texas Instruments they had been hard at work absorbing business rivals, but today they showed off what they do best. Technology.

The most recent fruits of their labor is a little something called the bq51013. Its a wireless induction charging chip that’s close to 80% smaller than technology we’re using now. If you’re unfamiliar with wireless charging its the same tech found inside your Sonicare toothbrush or the Palm Pre’s Touch Stone.

I’ve never been a fan of wireless charging. With my busy lifestyle I, at most, have only have a few precious moments to find wall socket to plug in. I quickly realized wireless charging was much too slow at powering up my energy thirsty Evo. Thankfully, TI is promising a 93% efficieny rate when compared to AC charging.

It may come in handy if we start seeing this technology become heavily adopted by cell phone manufacturers. Who knows, in the future we may only have to lay our phone down at a restaurant table to find it fully charged by the time we received the check.

[Via Electronista]