Rumor: Samsung to Release 2GHz Dual-Core Phone As Powerful As a PC


This is the type of rumor I like to see on a crisp Monday morning. According to a supposed high-ranking executive at Samsung, the company will look to release the world’s most powerful smartphone sometime in 2012. What exactly will make it the most powerful, you ask? How about a dual-core 2GHz processor – one that is said to be able to deliver processing power comparable to a PC – for starters? Yea, my mouth is watering too. But 2012 is such a long way off from now so we won’t get our hopes up on this rumor just yet. What do you folks think? [via Samsung Hub]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hmm, seems vague. In what sense is it as powerful as a PC. I know smaller processors can be more efficient, but typically that’s in regards to their energy and heat usage. I doubt a dual core 2.ghz CPU in a year will be as fast as your average desktop PC in a year, or even now.

    1. The point is they are as fast as a PC or notebook from a few years ago, and the difference for “normal” computing is closing fast. After all most people probably need only 25-50% of what an Intel Core i3 can do.

      1. “The point is they are as fast as a PC or notebook from a few years ago”. Way to go Captain Obvious, ALL smartphones are “as fast as PCs or notebooks from a few years ago”. It’s what we who don’t copy-paste bits of articles to make a “comment” that understand this already. Shouldn’t you be off slipping under doors in the form of mist or biting necks? Your head looks like its going 300mph standing still, its very aerodynamic looking. You should race it with the other Eddie Munsters.

  2. By then we would have other phones just as powerful..

  3. Yea yea. Let’s not forget Intel is gonna start playing nice with Android soon too.

    1. Intel is already behind, in both power consumption and performance for mobile devices.

  4. Or as fast as when 1ghz quad cores come out.

  5. As powerful as a PC maybe… but is it as powerful as a MAC?

    1. Obvious troll is obvious

    2. like they are any different spec wise. smh…

    3. if it is as powerful as a pc, then it as powerful as a mac, since a mac is a pc.

      Besides, macs are usually behind the curve when it comes to specs.

      So the answer is yes.

      1. ah…but Macs are ‘magical’

        1. ooh the kind of magic that makes my money disappear?

    4. Powerful as a mac? An old nokia bar phone is more powerful then a mac

  6. That processor probably won’t even win over the dualcore Itel Atom processors at 1 Ghz.
    The architecture has more to say than clock speed and cores

    1. I think Tegra 3 will beat a dual core Atom. But that doesn’t even matter. Intel can’t even make a *single* core Atom as efficient as a dual core ARM chip, so the dual core Atom can’t even enter the debate for mobile devices.

      1. “I think Tegra 3 will beat a dual core Atom.”

        Rigged benchmarks don’t count.

  7. The main question here is: How long will the Battery last? *rollseyes*

  8. Meh, TI OMAP 5 is a quad core, 2ghz chip currently in production, if that’s the best Samsung can do for 2012 I’m not impressed – it sounds like a 2012 Q1 phone aimed to launch with Ice Cream that’ll quickly fall behind Tegra 3 or better.

    1. TI OMAP 5 is a dual core Cortex A15. The other 2 cores are specialized cores and are not Cortex A15. But yes, it looks like this one will already be behind Tegra 3 and I think Qualcomm will be in the same situation.

      Also if Tegra 3 is a quad core Cortex A9 this year, then Tegra 4 will most likely be a quad core 2-2.5 Ghz Cortex A15 chip, so TI OMAP 5 will be behind that too.

      1. CPU is not everything, GPU is important too. And since Tegra 2 sucks, i’m afraid of what Nvidia will bring with Kael.

        1. Tegra 2 GPU may be slightly weaker than GPU’s that are just coming out now because Tegra 2 was shipping since August last year. The fact that it’s just now showing up in Xoom and Atrix is irrelevant. It’s still an old chip. Kal-El will have 3x the FPS of Tegra 2 and will be on time on known tablets. I don’t think any GPU will be able to match that until half a year later.

          As for the CPU, I’m certain neither TI, Samsung, Qualcomm or Apple will have something to match a quad core 1.5 Ghz Cortex A9 chip this year. Even the NGP’s quad core chip (from Freescale I believe) will only have 1 Ghz per core.

        2. I am pretty sure that the GeForce ULV in the Tegra 2 is at least as fast as the Mali400 in the Exynos.

          1. First benchmark of the Galaxy SII say it’s not.

            2011/4/18 Disqus

          2. Actually the first benchmarks were from Anandtech a couple of weeks ago and the exynos (at 1GHz back then) was not up to par with Tegra2. But all benchmarks available at the moment are flawed, because they are not able to address the newer GPUs correctly. Quadrant is a bad joke as it was written to benchmark the G1.

          3. Yep, Anandtech said that their benchmarks were worthless because of lack of
            driver optimisation. But smartbench put it way ahead of HTC Sensation.

            2011/4/18 Disqus

          4. Anandtech also said that the GeForce ULP would render graphics in a different way than the old mobile GPUs and much more like a desktop GPU. With programs (benchmarks and todays moblie games) addressing only that basic GPU abilities you wont find out how it compares when it is addressed properly by a modern mobile program. When the first native Tegra Zone games emerge, we will see more. Also I am curious if someone is going to optimize software for exynos.

  9. They obviously mean cortex-A15 manufactured at 28 nm. It will be faster than all current atoms (maybe a lot faster, but nowhere near core 2 duo levels (minimal cpu for comfort desktop life).

  10. Sometime in 2012??? As fast as technology evolves, especially with electronic devices, I highly doubt it will be the most powerful when it finally arrives. Perhaps, if it was released later THIS year (Q3 or Q4), it may have a chance. I think another OEM will beat Samsung to the punch.

    1. yeah but will it have a s-amoled+ screen? Some people want it all.

  11. And battery life will be 90 minutes.

    1. not really. Compare new phones with when the G1 first came out, and you have somewhat similar battery life with substantially faster processors/capability on the same battery. We’ve come a long way.

  12. I’d rather have a quad core processor.

    1. You must do a lot of multitasking on your phone.

  13. Still on dual core in 2012?! Tegra 3 (quad core) will be out possibly by the end of this year…

    1. Any cortex-A15 with 2 cores will trash tegra with 4 cortex-A9 cores.

      1. Perhaps, but OMAP 5 will not ship until late 2012, and Tegra 4 with a true quad core Cortex A15 will be out by then.

        Also, this chip will not be Cortex A15. It’s still Cortex A9. It’s too early for Cortex A15.

  14. Even if it is the most powerful smartphone when released, it will hold that title for a few months until something else comes out. I think they should start going for the most innovative and enjoyable user experience.

    1. Not really. These chips double in power every 12 months. If you’re going to get say a dual core phone late summer this year, then obviously you will feel cheated just a few months from then when a phone twice as fast is available. If you want a dual core phone get it now. If you want one in summer, you might as well wait for the next generation and get it early. That’s how it works.

      Now if one of the chip makers has a chip that is 10-20% faster 3 months later, that’s irrelevant and the gain is insignificant. What you want to wait for is the time when they actually double in performance. Like when phones jumped from from an ARM11 600 Mhz CPU to a Cortex A8 1 Ghz CPU, or when it’s jumping from that to a dual core Cortex A9, or when it’s jumping to a quad core Cortex A9 or a dual core 2 Ghz one, and so on. Ignore the fact that TI’s GPU is 10% faster, or Qualcomm has a 1.2 Ghz chip.

  15. It’s a shame people don’t remember this simple lesson of capitalism in other areas of life. Competition drives prices down, innovation, speed, and quality up. It works so well in this area of smartphones. We don’t need the government setting limits and standards because the free market demands it.

    If only we saw it in all areas where our government invades our rights and freedoms.

    Sorry….I couldn’t contain my libertarianism this morning. :)

    1. yeah, world is actually fine with your liberalism. All is good. And America is even better because of liberalism.

      1. He said he was libertarian, not liberal.

      2. Libertarian is more conservative than liberal…

        1. not really, liberal actually means free

          1. But in the USA Liberalism means hardcore socialism to full blown communism. Libertarianism is for freedoms..

      3. Aside from the fact it was ‘libertarian’, the *type* of ideology that people are saying is ‘liberalism’ is not true liberalism, but they’re too stupid to relize it.

        1. CONCUR!!!

    2. So does this make you for or against the AT&T and T-Mobile merger?

      1. Great comment. I wish we could’ve gotten a response. In a free market it isn’t just the most innovative or efficient. Often times it’s just the one with the biggest wallet pushing everyone else out.

        On a related note, did anyone else read the article about how Google could/should just buy up “the music industry” so as to cut through red tape and provide customers with the music services they want?

  16. “This is the type of rumor I like to see on a crisp Monday morning.”

    You like to see any type of Samsung rumor on any morning. Let’s be serious here.

    1. So do I, Samsung makes a fine product. It’s not their fault the carriers have to load their phones with bloat and hold back releasing OS updates. Samsung rules!

  17. WWhy do we need quad core phones this is crazy I can see dual core but what in the world are you doing with your phone for need of a quad core phone

    1. use Flash of course!

      1. Flash plays well on my thunderbolt

        1. it would play better on a Quad core! duh lol kidding.
          i want a phone with 2 800mhz processors. nothing more. will they make that anytime soon… probably not. but i look forward to the next couple of years “low-end” phones

          1. Buy a Tegra2 phone (LG2x), use SetCPU to adjust the clock to 800MHz, put the voltage down. And you’re done. There are a couple of developers making uc/oc kernels at XDA.

          2. Thanks and that is very true i mean i have no problem running that on my g2

  18. Samsung could release a phone that cures cancer and I wouldn’t buy it

  19. Actually NVIDIA says their new Quad Core processor that will debut in tablets THIS August will be faster than a core 2 duo at 2.0ghz. 2ghz Core 2 duo is sufficient for majority of the people.

  20. Now its just developers bottle necking our video games.

  21. Yet another stupid article. Nothing concrete, zero information.
    Why is it only Samsung..every chip maker and every mobile phone company will be aiming to do this.HTC,LG,NVidia,Snapdragon…you bet your ass.

  22. Performance isn’t everything, you know. The OS it will run probably ruin the whole device. It’s like having good harware with junk software. iOS is a very good example of an user friendly and easy-to-use mobile OS using the system very efficiently

    1. shut up

      1. That doesn’t prove or defense a thing except your nescience and ignorance.

        1. mmmm… i wonder why people jailbreak their iphones and put android on them? makes me wonder why someone would pass up such an efficient mobile OS thats so user friendly and switch to an OS that “will probably ruin the whole device”… your retarded

          1. As always, android fanboys are also full of anger. Eventhough iOS doesn’t have the customization options Android has, Android still have many bugs along with a malware-full Marketplace, and its apps’ quality doesn’t even come near iOS’ App Store’s apps’ quality, iOS apps are just a bunch better, and they are moderated. Most developers don’t even consider releasing apps for the Marketplace. Also iOS has a book store, iTunes and are better integrated with web and apps. It has flaws, but Android needs to fix those issues first.

          2. If you’re so happy with iOS, why do you bother to surf over here and troll around?
            Go back to your troll cave Turtleneck-troll.

    2. Easy to use =/= good

    3. What you were using before will determine if iOS is user friendly or easy to use.

      I came from a Win Mo phone. I’m using Android now. I tried an iPhone, WP7 and the Captivate at AT&T a few moths ago.

      I was lost on the iPhone, i kept looking for the app drawer. lol I wanted to see what apps it had installed.

      When I went from Win Mo to Android, the learning curve was vary small. Just check out macrumors iPhone troubleshooting section. One thread was a person that didnt know something about the music player I think. Turns out what they were looking for was some hidden menu or feature.

      So much for easy to use or user friendly. To me, the iPhone is like any smartphone. It might do some things better than other phones, but its like any smartphone.

      1. Elvis the Queen, I came across this page via one of my RSS feeds I’m subscribed to but that’s not the point. I probably won’t visit this website again anyway. Also jroc74, thanks for responding like an actual person.

        I think your point is more of a subjective point. If you’ve used an OS that is not like iOS for a long time and is like Win Mo, /of course/ it would be easier for you to get used to Win Mo.
        Though I never saw someone that had trouble understanding how iOS works. It’s really simple.

  23. I could definitely get one of these. However, it’d need to be bacl to scale back enough to not compromise battery life. Also, I’d hope for a keyboard, (similar to the Epic). Finally, this is the big one, it needs to act as a USB Hub. I need to be able to plug it in to a USB docking station when I want to do real work on it.

    Also, I must admit, the one thing that would get me to move from android to windows mobile would be convergence of Windows 8 and Windows phone 8. If it worked like a phone when I was using it only on the phone hardware, but opened up into a full windows install when I plugged it in to power and a docking station, I’d be happy to use windows! I can’t think of anything better than always having my computer with me.

    (And that brings me to an interesting thought… Didn’t the latest leaked build of windows 8 have an option to install on a USB device? What if that was your phone? You basically would have your computer with you everywhere and would just need some local hardware to make use of it. I could dig that!)

  24. Somehow I don’t see a dual core 2ghz phone keeping up with my 4ghz i7 octa-core. Maybe that’s just me.

    1. You must be running Vista, or…planning a space mission soon?

  25. A lot of phones will have 2 gig duel core in 2012

  26. Wow… I look forward to hearing more.

  27. Samsung lost me with the fascinate. I don’t care if their phones give me blowjobs I’m done with them

    1. I am in the same boat as you I’m just hoping That I as well as other fascinate owners will jump straight from 2.1 to 2.3 when they roll it out in America if not looks like HTC or LG has a new customer

    2. Wait. What kind of blowjobs are we talking about here? The kind that you get from a chick who REALLY knows what she’s doing? Or the horrible teethy blowjobs you get from chicks who should just…nm, ill keep it R rated it. Wait…were talking about phones! I get your point about sammy USA though.

  28. TBD, your longer post concerning iOS is full of misinformation. Almost every malware to touch Android has come from dubious third-party sources and not the Market. Also, most of iOS’s best apps are also on Android. Developers are flocking to Android and will continue to do so as the raw numbers for users continue to increase.

  29. I’d rather have a 1.5GHz quad-core than a 2GHz dual-core. On the same architecture and manufacturing process, the quad-core would be both more powerful and more power-efficient. The current needed to run at the full 2GHz would easily be more than twice that of the 1.5GHz across all 4 cores.

    I really don’t see the appeal in pushing gigahertz. I want architecture improvements. Just look how well Intel did when they stepped down from the 4.8GHz P4 to a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo. Went from a 130W TDP to 65W AND quadrupled performance. Even the top-end Core i7 runs under 3GHz, granted it “turbos” up passed that on brief occasions.

  30. And this will all be happening right around my upgrade timeline! Oh yeah baby, that’s right!! Uh huh!! Take that!

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