Toshiba Tablets Priced at Three Levels


Looks like Toshiba’s gearing up to launch their Android tablet as Newegg has outed prices for three different configurations – 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB offerings. Those come out to be $450, $500 and $580, respectively. And the model numbers of these devices suggest Toshiba could have settled on a name – ANT – but we can’t say for sure. (In fact, it wouldn’t be implausible for Toshiba to just go without conventional naming practices and stick with using a model number to identify it.) These things aren’t shipping yet but we hope that’ll change sooner rather than later. [via Laptoping]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I can swing $580. This is where Xoom should have been.

    1. I was willing to spend 20 more bucks for a pure Google Experience. I do envy the Toshiba Tablet’s design though.

    2. …you serious?…the Xoom is 599$ whats 20$ in a 600$ budget?

      1. Xoom Wifi, which was late to market is, yes. But for on month that wasn’t available.

        I prefer all the ports Toshiba has over Xoom

        1. Are you knocking moto for releasing the wifi version late when this is not even available yet??

          1. No. Why would you even go there? All the comments were how this tablet is the same price as Xoom and I called foul. the Xoom was $800 for one month. Thats long enough to discourage buyers and have them walk away.

            Now that the Wifi is out and the same price, you have to decide which is more important. I like how Toshiba is designing this tablet to be used a media center etc.

          2. My bad, must have mis-read ur post. I was really considering this a a good alternative to the xoom.I was just hoping it would come in cheaper

  2. @Treefq

    That is where the xoom is now. 589 for the wifi only. I actually think this is bad pricing for Toshiba because they are trying to be priced like the “big boys” and they haven’t earned that yet

    1. Eh, you’re acting like Toshiba just started making electronics yesterday. Sure, they’re new to Android but I doubt Toshiba will have much issue with this at all. Walk into any Best Buy here in the US and look at how many of the laptops sold there are from Toshiba. If enough people who have bought Toshiba laptops like them and are in the market for a tablet, they might just stay brand loyal and go for it. It’s not like they’re Notion Ink or anything.

      1. Do you remember the Toshiba Folio 100 and how shitty it was that PC World had to stop selling it?

        1. Nope, as I doubt most people do. Then again, just about every company has a total bomb of a product they’d like to forget, even Apple. So not really seeing your point at all here.

        2. Folio was a third party device, like the gTablet was to Viewsonic. The only reason the gTablet survived was the community at XDA, but now Viewsonic is peeing on XDA with a locked bootloader.

    2. That’s simply the stupidest comment I’ve read this morning. Since when does a company have to “earn” the right to price their products at a certain range? I’ve had several Toshiba products over my lifetime and would take them over any other manufacturer. I can get an 8 gig for 450 add an SD card, and have the same amount of storage space as the more expensive models.

      Not to mention it supports Flash out of the box, unlike the Xoom.

      1. You must be the one that is smoking something if you think they will succeed by being priced the same as moto, samsung or apple with their FIRST tablet. Even asus has similar specs at 100 cheaper. It may be good for you but I bet they will be a flop if they stay at 499/$16gb. You must be one of those people that also thought mp3 players could be priced like ipods and succeed

        1. The Xoom is a failure, just in case you didn’t know.

  3. Yeah Xoom seems like the better option here. Still waiting for the Transformer. If it isn’t out soon they are going to hurt sales big time b/c everyone will wait a little longer to see the new Tab.

    1. How is it better? Its all the same hardware except Xoom doesn’t have full sized USB ports and SD card slot. And you have to root xoom to even use the micro port.

  4. I’m not a big fan of this tablet however Toshiba did a few things right.

    1. Full size USB with host control
    2. User replaceable battery.
    3. Full size SD => 100+ GB

    I really don’t get why OEMs are not putting USB ports with host control on these things.

    1. They are ALL trying to act like Apple and minimize ports. They must have data that suggests they look more puurtee without more function.

  5. Can someone inform me as to what the advantages of the full size usb with host control are? Can I plug a USB mouse/keyboard in and use them?

    1. Yes and you can add a USB hub because they can be daisy chained.

    2. And thumb and hard drives. I use a 64gb thumbdrive and 500gb hard drive with my gTablet. Need to be formatted FAT32. Not sure if same restriction with Toshiba.

  6. I wonder if this will end up at Costco?
    I think that the USB port and higher expandable memory put this well above the XOOM. Gives it alot more flexibility and ways to use it.

  7. Um…id wager “ANT” probably stands for ANdroid Tablet.

    1. It’s more likely short for Antares, a previous code/model name for one of their tablets. It certainly wouldn’t be the first space-themed name from Toshiba.

      Relevant link:

      Sure, they denied the name, but it’s a little too coincidental

      EDIT: Picture from CES:

  8. This is a good strategy on toshiba’s part. The xoom would have had a more successful start with a similar approach. Their high end being just under motorolas is good too. People will think this is much cheaper due to the sticker shock moto put on people.

  9. Ditch the ugly silver part on top and I’m in!

  10. Quentyn, if memory serves, Toshiba had named the tablet Antares at one of the trade shows (I forget which). This is more likely the name, rather than ANT. ANT is probably just the chopped down version for the model numbers.

    Edit for relevant link:

    Double edit: picture from CES:

  11. I think this is a pure Google experience. Interface is the same, just has a couple of differences in hardware. Good ones at that.

  12. Sure looks coolish…may have to snatch me one up.

  13. Still think the pricepoint is too high. They should have gone w/ $350, 400, and 500. Maybe $50 higher for each, but still too high for me. I will wait for a better price and a better device; no rush.

    1. Prizes will drop, though, pretty soon.

  14. I think this ia a good strategy by toshiba!!..

  15. That silver thing is ugly! And just because of that, Toshiba lost a customer (me).

  16. yup expensive, overpriced and ripp off would be teh 3 price points ? don’t they get that they need to heavily undercut ipad2 ?

  17. I am curious. Is there a bigger benefit to getting one with more ram as opposed to the 8GB with an SD card?

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