Kyocera Echo Now Available for $199.99


We imagine this one won’t be met with much fanfare, but here it goes anyway: the Kyocera Echo is now officially available from Sprint. After a brief period of exclusive availability for premier customers, those of you who were looking forward to this dual-screen smartphone/tablet wannabe can go ahead and scoop it up for $199.99 after a two year contract. Go and rush to your local Sprint store or get over to their site to order one. Don’t forget to let everyone know about your brand new toy over at the Kyocera Echo section of AndroidForums.com.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. and Cue the grown men whining and complaining about a phone they will never buy

    1. That’s why they named it Echo.

      1. You sir, have the right state of mind. For something like this to become somewhat regular, someone like HTC would need to make one of these, along with a dual core processor clocked at 1.2+ gigahertz. That would be a nice piece of hardware.

        1. That has a battery life of 1.2 minutes.

    2. Someone seems to lack a life.

      1. lol i have a pretty good life, good try tho :)

  2. Haha. Very true. The problem is that everyone that posts on this forum wants the best phone with the best specs. So naturally everyone is going to complain when phandroid talks about a subpar phone when all they are doing is delivering all android related news.

    With that said, this phone’s not for, but I can see how this would appeal to non phandroid people.

  3. I doubt I’ll buy it, but I’m definitely going to go take a look at it at the nearest sprint store. Anyone that hates on something without first playing with it is an idiot.

  4. I think more people are still mad that sprint held a big event for it, when we were expecting something much better at that particular event. I think announcing this before the EVO3D was a horrible idea on Sprint part because with CES being right before the Sprint, Sprint users were expecting a huge follow up which made this phone DOA. But I’m definitely going to go check it out whenever I get the chance, won’t be my next phone however.

    1. lol very true. I’ll say it again. For the android lovers who claim to love android because it’s so open I never seem to understand why there is so much hate when a non-evo or non-droid device is released i.e the echo or any other mid-range device. LMAO it’s kind of hypocritical but at the same time, I do like to read the whining. It’s amusing ha

      1. I don’t think its not the brand but more of the specs they put in phones many people on sites like these want all the android line to be high end devices

    2. Everyone must realize sprint has a profolio of devices as well as schedules that they go buy as far as when devices will be released. They discuss these circumstances with manufractures who try to meet the carriers demands for each device. Based on these series of circumstances that’s what determines when devices will be released baring any unforseen holdup. Sprint new current customers were looking to the Evo 2/3d and I knew they would’nt disappoint. Customers again will be looking for the quadcore evo next year 2012 and trust me htc/sprint will not disappoint the evo family on sprint. Meanwhile lets appreciate this device because it is different and at least sprint is trying to cater to all users the best way possible which in itself is not easy.

      1. For the second time in less than a few days, I pretty much agree with you. Astounding right? While I’ll give this phone a shot in the Sprint store when it comes out, I don’t think I’ll be getting it. The fact that they’re shipping it with an extra battery gives me somewhat grim hopes, but we’ll see.

  5. maybe now I can get a DS emulator on my phone!

    1. Uber awesome!! But imaging trying to make a ROM for this phone. o.O

    2. no need for dual-screen for that.
      it works fine on a single portrait-orientation screen.
      though you do need a 1ghz+ dual-core to play it anywhere near comfortably.

  6. All the reviews I’ve read and the people that have tested this device have all said its not a bad phone at all. There is definitely a group of people that this will appeal to. Not everyone wants an EVO or Epic. Otherwise Sprint wouldn’t sell any other phones.

  7. My wife picked one up and I have to say it is pretty sweet. We have an evo and an epic in the house. I won’t get rid of my epic cuz of the game gripper, but if it wasn’t for that I would probably get one too. Great for ebooks and movies.

  8. Flop.

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