Honeycomb Tablets Reportedly Delayed Due to Hesitance By OEMs


Uh-oh. If this report from DigiTimes is accurate then it would appear that manufacturers are acting hesitant in putting their Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets on the market. They cite the Motorola XOOM’s expected poor sales and a lack of a compelling software ecosystem. (Honeycomb launched with under 20 tablet-specific apps.)

Even ASUS – who was getting on a role with their Transformer marketing campaign – has reportedly delayed it in several regions. If true, I’m neither the least bit surprised nor mad at any of the OEMs. While I believe the Motorola XOOM is a fantastic device, I can’t say I’m confident it has done as well as – say – the iPad and iPad 2. In fact,

I can’t confidently say it’s done “good” or “decent”, in fact. But just as we saw with the phone market, Honeycomb may just need a bit more time before OEMs catch on and before the market – both apps and hardware-wise – really explode.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Samsung DROID Charge Source Code Uploaded by Samsung

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  1. They have to do better on price. Your average consumer looking at a xoom and ipad next to each other is never going to pick the xoom at the same price. They need to get below Apple.

    1. I agree. Sell high-end tablets with comparable specs and quality with iPad 2 and sell it for $400, and they’ll have winners. They should also make some tablets for the $250 market. There’s a huge opportunity there, too.

      But of course, Google needs to convince developers to make apps for Honeycomb. It’s what made iPad successful from day 1, when people saw the potential with all those apps, otherwise it would’ve remained a “bigger ipod touch”. I still can’t believe Google didn’t realize how important this was.

    2. Agree with you. Americunt companies rely on stupid buyers to pay overprices for junk. The Xoom and iPad both junk and copying Asia manufactureres. America only should focus on songs and movies. Leave the hardware and now the OS (Andoird + Meego) to where competitive advantage is – in Asia. This why oto and Apple will fail and HTC, Samsung and LG will dominate. They do it better, and do it cheaper. Go Andorid!

      1. Better not, cheaper yes

        1. they could do it better but they fking don’t care.

  2. Sounds like the OEMs can’t match Apples price. Can’t blame that on google.

    1. I can. OEM’s are not going to be compensated by app, music, movie, book, or other purchases. Apple can lower their price because they own an ecosystem. Asus, motorola, htc, and a few others are only selling a daed end product (w/ regard to revenue). Samsung has taken a step towards apple with creating a samsung hub where tab owners can spend money and allow sammy to continue to pull revenue. Open is a great idea, but it does not give OEM’s as much room for profit.

      1. Apple makes 95 percent of their profits on hardware sales, Itunes makes next to nothing for Apple bottom line or top line.

        1. I agree. Apple uses the App Store, iOS, and iTunes as a means of selling hardware….they can also keep the price of an iPad relatively low because they get the components to build it cheaper because they can buy so much in volume

          1. And where do you suppose Apple get the components from? Exclusive Apple suppliers? Not! Apple gets the components from the very same companies (Samsung, ASUS, Acer, LG, Toshiba …) who are pushing Android tablets on their own. i.e., Samsung do not have to negotiate for cheaper components in high volumn because they manufacture their own screens, CPU, memory chips, in Korea.

          2. No, but Samsung still has to pay for it.

            Just because you can manufacture your own components doesn’t mean you can get them for free.

      2. I think you’re overlooking the significant cost savings manufacturers achieve by using free software to power their phones.

  3. You numbskulls. The Transformer is expected to sell for $400; priced below any Apple tablet.

    1. Not to mention the Iconia at $450, coming on the 25th.

    2. And Intel just announced designing an entire chipset + GUI for Android tablets. If that wasn’t enough, they are also planning to offer a $10 rebate to 1st tier OEM’s. That probably translates into a $20-$50 savings by the time it gets to consumers.

      If I was Apple I would be sheiting my pants at this news!

  4. What does poor Xoom sales have to do with the Samsung Galaxy tab’s 10.1 and 8.9 both of which beat or match the ipad 2.

    Motorola messed up with the price of their device., they scared many buyers away with their $800 price tag BEFORE the device even launched so what did they expect.

    Somebody at Motorola needs to be fired.

    1. Maybe it’s the same person at Motorola who decided to thumb their noses at consumers and lock the bootloader on their phones. Would be nice to fire whomever is responsible for both decisions.

      I agree, Motorola was stupid about pricing themselves out of the possibility of competing against Apple.

    2. both of which beat or match the ipad 2.

      No. They don’t beat or match the iPad 2. They’re not out yet, and we haven’t even seen production hardware of the 10.1 (the one they showed off was slightly thicker than the iPad 2).

      So basically you’re comparing specs of a highly successful product to specs that may or may not be reached for an untested product (HC and Galaxy Tabs).

      1. If you think Samsung is going to allow Apple to beat their prices you must be living under a rock.

        You did see how Samsung redid the case for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 when the iPad 2 came out to assure it would be the thinner device right?

        Samsung knows what they are doing in the tablet market. They already have been it it for a bit with what is probably the second most popular line of tablets out right now.

    asus already stated that the transformer is coming end of month. shit its already out!
    im patient and i am not feeding into this.

    1. I hope so. Asus seems to be a bit up in the air about when their tablets will start filling stores, instead of a few shipped here, a few there.

  6. As others have said, you have to at least match Apple on the price of their cheapest iPad. That’s all there is to it.

    1. So why’d you say it again?
      Everyone should just call up Motorola and tell them how it’s done. Obviously you guys have done your research, and Motorola will be in your debt forever.

      1. Obviously Motorola didnt do there research and are failing miserably(by nearly every account) in comparison with Apple. Your sarcasm failed.

        1. *their
          Obviously you didn’t do your research, and your comment failed.

        2. On a more serious note, I’m reacting adversely to everyone thinking that they’ve managed to boil it down to this one fact, and had the Xoom launched for $500 (or $400 or even $200, according to some comments), it would be a huge success now. (Note the ‘That’s all there is to it’ comment above)

      2. The whole ‘the company knows what best argument’ doesn’t really work when they obviously don’t know what’s best.

        1. That wasn’t the argument. The argument is that everyone who believes that they know exactly what went wrong, or what needs to be done to create a successful product, needs to chill out and realize that if it were that simple, everyone would be doing it.

          1. But, um, Samsung, Asus, HP, RIM, and Acer are doing it.

          2. So you’re thinking that each of their tablets will be a huge success? Because they aren’t yet… :)
            People are so happy to jump on bandwagons (and why not, most of the time it’s a lot of fun), but as soon as things don’t go their way, they start throwing blame around.
            Tegra 2 is the greatest thing ever, until somehow the A5 beats it in a benchmark, at which point it was always obvious that the old Tegra 2 just never had a chance, and was a terrible choice to begin with.

          3. No. I think their tablets have a better chance of success than an untested, unknown tablet costing $300 more than the entry iPad (as the Xoom once did).

  7. Ill me picking up the Asus as soon as I can. Cant wait to see some hands-on reviews ad customer experiences first

  8. And why are OEM’s still launching Froyo phones and not Gingerbread? Same reason?

    1. Because they know that you are a lot less likely to upgrade to a newer phone if your older phone is running the latest software….they want you to buy new phones….it’s that simple. OEM’s are in the hardware business….they just use the software as a tool to sell their hardware

  9. Im sure one of the issues is quality control both with android versions and their execution by manufacturers and ending with support.

    Xoom is a prime example for the tablets – too soon to market, and fairly or not, the impression of being half baked.

    The galaxy s fiasaco from samsung is another for handhelds. Sold well, but launched with 2.1 and still is just 2.1 in the u.s.. And even where it was upgraded to 2.2 there are still significant bugs and performance issues and samsung appears to no longer care about official support.

    And the fact the mod community has to step up to the plate to release superior mods to what the oems are is laudable on one hand but very disturbing on the other because that shouldnt be necessary.

    1. Man people need to shut up about the Xoom being half-baked…do you own one? I do and I freakin love it.

      I read the people bashing it online and must admit it brought my spirits down…until I actually TRIED IT…

      1. It is the archetype definition of half-baked.

        No flash from launch day
        No SD card from launch day
        LTE upgrade requires product to by shipped for a week.
        Those are the very prime example of “half-baked” a product that isn’t quite ready for prime time.

        Beta-testing for an incomplete product == half baked.
        It is like buying a brand new car and waiting 6 months for the air-conditioner to work. Half baked.

        1. actually, i think the xoom can be upgraded by an in stare technician…

        2. Well…….if you wanted a 3g tablet then that part would not in fact be half baked? If you wanted a funtional tablet that was 4g on Verizon’s network, and did not want to wait for an upgrade to actually use the product, not half baked. I have downloaded 120 apps and stll no where near filling the 32 gigs of onboard memory, so SD card complaint really not a big deal yet……..I agree to a certain aspect that some of these features should have been ready at launch, but its not really a big deal. As far as flash on launch day………who cares I did not miss it the couple of days and it was only a few that it was not available. To beat I pad to launch, and potentially gain a few folks that use android but they were considering ipad 2 was not a bad strategy.

        3. weird…. Mine came with flash…

  10. I can’t say I’m confident it has done as well as – say – the iPad and iPad 2.

    1. I’m sure it has done as well as comparable iPad and iPad 2 models: The 64GB versions.

      1. But the XOOM is only 32GB.

        1. yea exactly, yet its constantly being compared to 16 gb ipads, i.e. price

          Sent from my XOOM.

        2. Apologies… the 32GB 3G iPad 2. It’s priced comparably, when you consider it can be easily, and cheaply, exapnded to 64GB with a simple micro-SD card.

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the reluctance from potential buyers was the lack of compelling apps built strictly for tablet. I mean a lot of apps will work on Honeycomb but how many of them really make use of the real estate the way some iPad apps do?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an iPad fan, more like the opposite but I can see it’s the apps that draws buyers. If you rely on “the shiny” you won’t get very far…

    1. The apps that come with honeycomb alone are VERY nice. even if you never added an app ever again, you could be satisfied if you are the “normal” consumer.

      1. And you can say the same for the iPad 2. Sorry, but hiding the fact that they’re aren’t that many tablet optimized apps for HC doesn’t get rid of the need. It doesn’t matter if Android phone apps scale up. They still don’t look as good as they can (Google Reader for instance).

        Not to mention that if ‘scaling up’ was such a good thing, why even get an HC tablet when you can stick with the gingerbread tablets? Right, one has a tablet UI and the other one doesn’t.

  12. Give me a break. Honeycomb has been out for what, like 6 or 7 weeks? Of course the apps were limited at launch, but the number is certainly growing by the day, and will continue to do so.

    I still love my XOOM, and I know it’s just going to continue to get better as apps and OS updates come down the pipe.

    I seem to remember similar reports (likely from the worthless reporters at Digitimes) when Android first luanched, and look where it is now. #1.

    1. The iPad has over 1000 apps when it launched…..there is simply no excuse for so few apps almost 2 months in….

      1. Yeah, and it ran the same app launcher OS as the iPhone.

        1. And it couldn’t even scale iPhone apps properly–you get a 3.5″ inch app or double the size for a pixelated POS and then you get the iPhone keyboard. . . what a joke! At least Honeycomb scales apps pretty well and you get a decent menu for those that aren’t optimized and a normal keyboard.

          Most Android phone apps work fine and are very usable on Honeycomb. . . it’s just the opposite for the iPad.

          1. I’m sorry, but they don’t scale pretty well. They scale. That’s it. They still look like blown up froyo apps.

            Stop trying to make the iPad having, what is it now, 40k tablet apps, into a bad thing. it certainly isn’t.

            I want nothing more than for HC to get thousands of good looking and functional tablet apps. It will certainly need them if it’s going to succeed at all. I just hope that’s the case.

            And if you think Android phone apps are just great, then why not just stick with Samsung’s original galaxy tab? Or hope for a good gingerbread tablet to come out?

        2. Thats the final statement. It used the same launcher as the phone.

      2. Most of froyo apps work on the xoom. I also notice on the market that they show featured apps yesterday was at 62. This does not mean the xoom only has 62 apps. You would not really know that unless you actually had the product. I occasionally see people complain about xoom releasing a bit preemptively. I would disagree as the best way to get devs working on software is to get the product out. The next year is going to be huge for honeycomb!

        Wriiten on the xoom.

  13. thats because nobody like motorola

  14. Being a xoom user, there is a little frustration from not having tab specific apps. I also accepted that owning the first android tablet. What the oems obviously don’t get is the more tabs, the more apps, the more apps, the more sales revenue. The ecosystem will grow as more options become available!

    1. It seems that motorola still has a long way to whwn it comes to tablets!!..

  15. Asus’s Transformee is positioned to accomplish what the Xoom couldn’t.

  16. Asus’s Transformee is positioned to accomplish what the Xoom couldn’t.

  17. I have not purchased the Motorola XOOM for the following two reasons.
    1. It is over priced
    2. Motorola’s continued support of Israel whom uses there products to continue its illegal occupation of Palestine

    As soon as an equivalent rival product appears on the market I will purchase it. That means Acer, LG, Toshiba, or Samsung. So lets go, I’m sick of my Apple friends bragging about their overpriced iPads.

    1. Ehem…ASUS!

    2. Good reason to not buy a product. I’m sure if Motorola produced turbans, Quarans, and suicide bomb suits you would have no complaints.

      1. On the other hand, there’s no call for this kind of bigotry. The only firebombs anyone here throws are the rhetorical kind, and they’re usually aimed squarely at Cupertino.

    3. Guess what? Google supports Israel too. Now go away.

      1. I’m Palestinian so I’m NEVER going away! Morals, ethics, and the law will prevail and I well get my homeland back! Till then ALL nonviolent measures will be taken towards that direction!

        1. Voting with dollars is the best way to express your point in a world driven by greed. I applaud your efforts even if I don’t support your specific cause.

        2. SsA though i understand your frustration, both Israelis and Palestinians feel that they have claim to theand. For thousands of years blood has been shed for a piece of land due to the Importance to both religions/groups. Though I absolutely disagree with israels handling of things both sides are really at fault and both suck at communication. Unfotunately, they both use violence as the means to their goal. What has it proved? Innocent blood of families, children, its stupid. If boycotting helps you feel better about it…….

        3. But, don’t the Israeli’s have a claim there as well? We have documented evidence of them living in that region at about 6500 years ago.

    4. If you refused to patronize any company that participates in the many, many turrible things in the world, you could never leave your house.

    5. I own a xoom , I might not have purchased it had , i know that Motorola had a close working releationship with Israel.

    6. I guess you’ll never fly on a plane then, because Boeing sells Israel weapon systems. And, you’ll stop banking because Wall St. has some Israeli firms listed…

      This is the dumbest statement I’ve ever read on Phandroid.

      1. If thats the case lets kick America out and give it back to the Native Americans.

        I’m very shocked at everyone responses. No matter what an Arab does to try and get the world to treat him equally it is met by comments as seen in this thread. Everyone who responded with name calling should be ashamed of themselves and respect what America is all about and includes democracy and boycotts are one of the most expressive forms of democracy.

        I’ve been offered numerous jobs to work for US Military contractors and I’ve turned them ALL down. All my construction sites do not allow CAT equipment on them as well because in the past decade they were used to demolish Palestinian homes in OCCUPIED land. They were also used to kill US Citizen Rachel Corrie whom nobody cared about and Israel never answered for. There are countless cases where Israel killed US citizens and they never answered for it.

        Everyone who is bashing my boycott should really take a look at what is right and wrong in the world. If in your eyes I’m wrong for making a peaceful gesture of boycotting companies that support and illegal occupation which the US, UN, EU, and the rest of world consider illegal then it is nothing more than a racist viewpoint on your behalf. It also holds true that the propaganda machine makes it that no matter what Arabs do to gain anything is met with racism.

        Shame on you for being racist in a country that was built on equality! You are NOT American!

  18. It.all comes prices. And right now and.i.hate to say this apple has android tabs in a stranglehold grrrr

  19. I’m in no rush to have a tablet. It’s not mindblowing tech to me where I have to break my neck or bank to get one. Once there are enough apps available that I can let my laptop collect dust, then I’ll consider buying one of these things. If a few have to fail for us to get prices that are not double/triple what it cost to build one then so be it!

    1. And trust me your laptop will collect dust when you do finally get one! I never thou I would say that.

  20. I got my Xoom yesterday and think it’s a fantastic device but Google needs to do something gto encourage developers to update their apps to take advantage of the tablet specific API’s or to encourage exclusive app development.

    A tablet specific developer challenge might spur things on.

    1. Hey now, I like that idea a lot!

    2. google summer of code is coming soon… obviously.

  21. Hmmmm strange Motorola expected higher sales but didn’t price competitively.

  22. “In fact, I can’t confidently say it’s done “good” or “decent”, in fact.”

    I’m sorry but really??

  23. this is why i dont buy from these other OEM. if they dont have the balls to do something innovating, then why waste my time with them. get real

  24. Every other day digitimes has some negative Android article and some pro-apple article. . . it’s rather clear what they are trying to push.

    Asus has already stated that the Transformer is selling better than expected and they’ve already ordered more from suppliers.

    1. I’ve noticed it, too.

  25. This entire editorial (this isn’t an article, just a grouping of opinions) is garbage. Waxing poetic about the failings of the Xoom while not mentioning price as the main issue is dishonest at best.

  26. How many more crap articles does Digitimes have to produce before people start ignoring them?

    1. Good question…..I wonder if this was what impacted Google’s 48 point stock price drop.

  27. Xoom too expensive. Not many folks will develop apps if they don’t have hardware to work on or market to sell to. Chicken-> Egg?

    I’m anxious for the ASUS Transformer (even though the company has a poor reputation for support…hopefully won’t need any).

    1. Really? I use Asus mobo, monitors, gpus in all my builds, and have even sold a few eeepcs to customers that wanted such things. Customer support has been excellent on the two issues that I have had out of over 100 rigs.

      That said I am anxious for the transformer as well.

  28. I have the Xoom and the iPad. Xoom beats it out of the water without even trying… All this talk about it being an inferior product, or having pricing that is extra high is a load of crap… The iPad cost the same as the Xoom…

    Now a less expensive Xoom with half the storage might be a door opener for some. But to have the stock honeycomb tablet is a winning proposition, no questions asked…

  29. Ignoring the multiple copy errors in this article, I’ll echo everyone else and say that Moto scared buyers with price.
    For other manufacturers to claim FUD based on Xoom’s performance in the market is crap.
    In fact I’m not even sure I believe that’s what’s going on here.

  30. I feel like Samsung has the best shot to break through in a big way commercially, IF they can deliver the 8.9″ Tab with the specs and price they’ve promised (they’ve made it clear that their software overlay will be optional, so don’t wory about that). The iPad 2 weighs 33% more, which is enough that everyone who holds both products in-store will notice. And don’t think that a lot of people won’t make a decision based on that; many car-buying decisions are made on the basis of the number of cupholders (really). The general public’s priorities are substantially different than Phandroid readers’.

  31. I have a Xoom. It’s an excellent device. I have not had any problems with it. The current set of available tablet apps within the Android Market are sufficient for my needs and they happen to be some of the best out there. I’m sure more will be available soon. Yes the price of the Xoom is higher than the iPad, but your not comparing apples to apples (excuse the pun). I think if you took a close look at the specs and features of both devices the higher price of the Xoom may be warranted. Bottom line Steve Jobs is a much better salesman than Sanjay Jha and if you’re already locked and invested int to Apple Products / Itunes it is real difficult to get out.

  32. I agree with james…I don’t think its significantly cheaper to build say an ipad vs xoom. The display alone is costing apple a pretty penny, because thats the one thing they have on other tablets/phones.

    I personally did not want to get a tablet yet, mainly because they are still very new and haven’t been built to truly replace anything. That being said I have a laptop, droidx, and in a few days my xoom should be waiting at my doorstep. I spent around $1200 for all of those things, and to be honest I am VERY happy. Try buying an iphone4, ipad2, and macbook for anywhere near that, I would bet on the laptop alone breaking your bank.

    I played with the ipad for awhile and went to a staples to see if a xoom would do it for me. It honestly took me less then 5 minutes and I realized I wanted it. I certainly don’t need it, but the UI looks very nice considering how early we are in honeycomb. I feel like I’m getting my g1 all over again, and if anyone disagrees you won’t by years end. I guarantee the android tablet market will explode at christmas just like the phone market did this year.

    1. Forgive me for not having a link to the article, but I saw many articles about the price of components for the Xoom vs the iPad 2, and they were only different by about $20. Saying that, I still think the Xoom is a better device, or at least it will be. I just do think that Motorola priced it too high but they will lower it eventually. They will have to with the cheaper options coming out from Asus and Acer now.

    2. Compare selling your laptop, droidx, and xoom after two years with selling the iphone, macbook, and ipad. All your current devices will be nowhere near the resell value of the apple products.

      Also, compare the customer service you get.

      That’s the difference. Some people can afford pricier things which brings them benefits in areas they care about.

    3. I pads screen is not better its not a retina display

  33. Umm Whats going on today with reporting these false rumors Quentyn and Phandroid!?!

    Asus already Apologized for delays stating that demand was higher than expected and the first batch of Transformers were sold out already. Not to mention you didnt even bother to mention that all these companies are having component shortage due to all the problems in Japan. Stop telling half truths just to get comments and readers…everything about this is BS!

  34. Obviously it has not done as well as the iPad or Ipad 2…Who is this Guy! No Single Android Device will do better than an iOS device in sales…Android isn’t set up that way…

    1. Yup, its hard to make people understand that, sigh.

  35. @njbuzz 2 no, they need to build a BETTER device. Android is looked at as a me too clone of the original. They need to innovate.

  36. This Asus Transformer is going to be awesome. Pretty much same specs as the iPad 2, but with much better cameras. Also the keyboard dock for it is going to be awesome. Most people I know that are buying tablets end up getting a bluetooth keyboard to use with them, but then you also have to buy a separate dock for the tablet itself. This combines the two, gives you some much needed ports (2 USB 2.0 ports, full size SD card port), and even an extra battery! It will be well worth the money. Even if you don’t like Asus, look at the Acer Iconia Tab A500. Same specs as the Transformer except for a slightly better front camera, and its selling for $450.

    Oh and yeah this whole article is a joke. Please try and do some better research so people like myself don’t have to continuously come behind you and point out how incorrect you are.

    1. Your the joke Asus yeah they have awesome products

  37. What kind of morons are making the decisions at these companies? It’s really not that complicated. Release a well spec’d, well built device at a reasonable price point ($400 or less) and it will sell. No one has done that yet and that is why Apple is dominating.

    The Xoom launched for $800 with a microSD slot that doesn’t work and you have to send it in to Motorola just to get 4G. Who in their right mind would buy that in this economy?

    What I wouldn’t give to be able to punch an exec in the face just once.

    1. No one will release a well spec tablet for under 400 your delusional

      1. The Transformer has basically the same specs as the Xoom and it’s supposed to launch at $399.

  38. I think that judging on when to release a device based on the XOOM sales is a mistake. I think the only reason it didn’t sell as well as it could have is because of marketing. Think about how the iPad has been marketed as compared to the XOOM. If ASUS and other companies can develop a solid marketing strategy, they should have nothing to worry about with selling decent amounts of their tablets. ASUS seems to have taken the right approach for marketing so I don’t see why they are worried about whether or not the Transformer and their other tablets will sell well.

  39. Silly sd card issue aside, the main killer for the Xoom is price. It might have looked real good as a business case, but expecting to sell many at the high price was (as proven with only about 100k sold) delusional.

    Fix the sd and drop the price, or sit on components and inventory.

  40. Bought my Mom a Wi-Fi Xoom. She loves it for games, email, browsing and Skype. No Skype video yet and the Youtube icon curiously doesn’t launch. More tablet specific apps will help. It multitasks and customizes well. I’ll be getting one too.
    Plus as a Motorola stockholder, I don’t mind a little more exclusivity.

  41. I’m sticking to my Viewsonic G Tab. The little tablet that could. It’s got great support from Cyanogen, TnT & Vegan. At a great price, with relevant hardwear. I will wait until Honeycomb takes off.

  42. This is pure FUD.

    I also would like to point out that Google made a pretty bad PR mistake with the market for Honeycomb. Most people just count the number of apps in the featured tablet apps category and assume that is all the honeycomb friendly apps that exist. There are many more! They continue to failed to provide an easy way to find Honeycomb apps.

    Rant over, point is Honeycomb launched with more than 17 apps, justno one could find them, sigh.

  43. Boy is this an annoying argument. The Xoom went on sale today in Ireland. Pcworld had 10 units for the whole country. My Amazon order for the eee pad transformer promised for April 18th now says June 1st. Maybe the key to fixing disappointing sales would be to sell it to people who want to buy it.

  44. As far as OEMs staying away, it is a little late for that, they have already expended the funds and made the devices, so now they need to make the best of it and give us a reason to purchase and get excited about the Android Tablets and making it priced higher then we are willing to pay is not the way!

  45. This is nonsense, people can’t wait for the Asus tablets and Acer’s especially, because they are being priced much more reasonably that the Motorola Xoom, which was not even a finished product when it first went on sale. Samsung and LG are also very keen to get their tablets out soon too.

  46. Not a difficult problem to solve, it’s called PRICE. Motorola and other Android device manufacturers look at Apple’s devices and price accordingly, with a little windage and a whole lot of self confidence thrown in for good measure. What they fail to realize is that Apple has the First Mover position. Apple took the risk and developed the tablet from scratch and created a whole new market in the process. It isn’t sufficient for “follow me” companies to price their products competitively, they have to be priced lower that the First Mover’s products to succeed, otherwise customers have little incentive to do anything other than follow the leader. Which is, of course, exactly what is happening with the XOOM.

  47. Man, Android fanboys sure can’t handle criticism. It can be 2012 with no change and they’d still be making ridiculous excuses and calling the iPad a POS even while Steve Jobs puts some Honeycomb in his morning cereal while using his iPad 3 with the rest of the world, not worrying about what could have been and instead focusing on real success and advancement of the tablet market.

    1. WTFE! People that use Android criticize Google and Android often and can accept VALID criticism, unlike iSheep like yourself who just accept whatever POS Apple tells them to buy and praise it like it’s the best thing ever.

      Yeah, the iPad 2 is a major upgrade–POS cameras, still low ram–how did you like watching all those web pages refresh all the time on the iPad because of the 256MB RAM?–still proprietary ports, still no SD, and no path to 4G except to pay another $800 .. . f’ off!

  48. Its just ridiculous how people still want to sell there iphone 3g or later for 200 plus bux. But I must say that what keeps apple products running are “updates”. Something that android manufacturers cant really keep up with. U cant compare any one single android phone on sales with the iphone, the iphone is only one product and android devices are many. So android does not omly compete against apple product but against android itself. Thats the beauty of android, u get much more where to choose from, something iOS doesn’t know about.

  49. Again Phandroid its up to you guys to go out and question why devs aren’t using Fragments yet. And if they are its up to you to point out the negative FUD by reminding everyone that on Android there’s no need for tablet specific apps. And from the sounds OS it many people may be happy with the way the phone apps resize themselves anyway eliminating the need to tabet apps. Don’t let Apple pass off their shortcomings as fraturs again like they did push notification.

  50. Frankly, is that Google support for Android has not been able to keep up with the innovation cycle. There are many people waiting for update I am afraid that when it come out it will not work as good as people accept

  51. Ssa, you are am a**hole.

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