Intel Based Honeycomb Tablets Are On The Way


Ever since I’ve watched Android make its evolutionary jump from smartphones onto the tablet scene, I’ve oft wondered where Intel was during this tablet craze. The semiconductor giant had remained strangely quiet on the subject — until now.

Digitimes is reporting that after a year and a half of negotiations with Google, the strategy formally known as PRC Plus will be pushing an Intel/Android 3.0 based tablet sometime during the third quarter of this year. PRC Plus hopes to take advantage of Intel’s stronger performance over ARM-based processors and improve on Honeycomb’s user experience.

Intel is also hoping to entice more manufacturers by offering $10 chip subsidy to “first-tier notebook vendors” if they make a tablet using an their processor. This would discourage manufacturers from using ARM or AMD based chipsets with the hopes of offsetting some of the costs.

I can tell you this, the thought of a Honeycomb based tablet with “Intel inside” definitely has my nerd hormones raging.

[Via Digitimes]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Think only not the power of the CPU but also the power consumption.. They didn’t seem to mention anything about power consumption which is the number one to consider when buying tablets and smartphones.

  2. Oh look….. Intel isn’t getting market share cause they can’t do low power, so what do they do? after a year and a half of negotiations with Google they cut a deal and throw lots of cash around and google takes it. BAD GOOGLE!!! They then throw this bone of offering $10 chip subsidy to make there overpriced, power sucking chips cheaper than the ARM ones so we as the end user get screwed over.

    Google has sold out, they are doing this on the chromeos as well, the reference hardware is intel powered. google has sold out to the back handed deal by intel!

    1. relax dude, there are tons of ARM based tablets out there

      1. Will there be in 6-12 months time after these back handed deals by intel???

        1. Yes but they will be cheaper.
          It is true, however, that Apple said all kinds of nasty stuff about intel for years and in the end switched to intel for the mac.

    2. READ.. “Intel is also hoping to entice more manufacturers by offering $10 chip subsidy to “first-tier notebook vendors””.. Google is not a vendor.. and you only get screwed over if you buy something you don’t want.. if their chips are overpriced and power sucking, why would you buy it over something that wasn’t ?… but relax, at least you have 2012 to look forward to.

    3. Honestly, one of the reasons I wish Google didn’t use a virtual machine for Android, is so it would only on ARM chips only, so Intel can’t enter this market. Intel chips are good for notebooks (for now) but I wouldn’t want them to get yet another monopoly in the mobile market, too – not that I think they’ll ever manage that. They’re way too late to the market and the competition is very strong and experienced in *this* market.

    4. Obviously you are totally clueless

      1. What are you basing that on? Oh thats right, based on your expert comment then I guess I must be!

        Intel has a track record of not being able to do low power drain and low heat chips. These are the two KEY things you want in a mobile cpu, this i why every smart phone is using ARM cpus. Even the god phone and god pad are using ARM.

        The joy of moving to intel for tablets would mean bigger battery and a FAN to remove the extra heat, so you get less battery life, bigger unit and a lovely fan heater to keep you.

        You sir are totally clueless!

  3. meh sold out i think not. two giants coming together to make a product. whether or not it sucks down power is anybodys guess. ill let them get released and see a final product before i chime in on whether there good or bad.

  4. Intel inside..with a 5 hour battery life outside :)

  5. With great power, comes great responsibility. Like battery life =p

  6. My concern is not only power consumption, but also graphics power. Intel is not well known for its stellar graphics performance (ahem, ahem) and I see very little changing with this news, but who knows. I thought Nvidia would make awesome tablets and look where that has gotten us to. A very mediocre over priced chip for honeycomb which sucks monkey balls compare with an iMaxiPad2. Don’t say this chip was to compete with the original iMaxiPad. Sorry that is 8 months too late.

    1. Tegra 2 should’ve been in “popular” tablets long ago,but it was mostly Google’s fault for not finishing the software in time. So it looks like the chip in iPad 2 is much better, but that’s only because it’s a very old chip that is almost at the end of its life cycle. Just a few months from now, Tegra 3 tablets will be out, and they’ll be much more powerful than iPad 2.

      Also the chip itself wasn’t overpriced, it was the tablets themselves that were overpriced. Big difference.

  7. I’d rather have a tablet capable of doing some real world tasks than 15hour battery life. My opinion is simply based off of the fact I am usually never more than a few hours away from a power source. Also having a device capable of dual booting a desktop OS and Android for when you are on the go would be fantastic

    1. Windows 7 UI and the apps UI are not optimized for tablets so what’s the point?

  8. I dont want intel, thier giant 95nm die size or thier 2.05 voltage. These batteries are not going to last this chip sucks the only chip i really like right now is that new snapdragon that is a decent chip.

  9. The Intel tablets are great for winter to keep you warm. They could actually market this as a big differentiator to people who live in Siberia.

  10. I’d rather have AMD’s APU

  11. Why would we take power hogging single core Atom chips with Intel integrated graphics over low power dual (or potentially quad) core ARM-based chips with GPUs similar to video game consoles?

  12. Tablet + Fan = FAIL

  13. My Dad actually works at the main Intel plant in Oregon. He is not involved with the making of the chips themselves, but is pretty high up on the construction end of things. They are building a new complex called D1X that is set to be the largest building of all the other ones there by a huge margin. I wouldn’t be surprised if this has to do with their new chips for mobile devices.

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