Apr 14th, 2011

Ever since I’ve watched Android make its evolutionary jump from smartphones onto the tablet scene, I’ve oft wondered where Intel was during this tablet craze. The semiconductor giant had remained strangely quiet on the subject — until now.

Digitimes is reporting that after a year and a half of negotiations with Google, the strategy formally known as PRC Plus will be pushing an Intel/Android 3.0 based tablet sometime during the third quarter of this year. PRC Plus hopes to take advantage of Intel’s stronger performance over ARM-based processors and improve on Honeycomb’s user experience.

Intel is also hoping to entice more manufacturers by offering $10 chip subsidy to “first-tier notebook vendors” if they make a tablet using an their processor. This would discourage manufacturers from using ARM or AMD based chipsets with the hopes of offsetting some of the costs.

I can tell you this, the thought of a Honeycomb based tablet with “Intel inside” definitely has my nerd hormones raging.

[Via Digitimes]

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