HTC Posts System Image for GRI40 Nexus One Gingerbread Update


Been chomping at the bit for a backup file of the latest Gingerbread for the Nexus One? HTC has you covered. Their developer center and code base now hosts the system image for the most recent update to the original Sexy Nexy. The GRI40 build of Gingerbread is nothing new; if you have a Nexus One and it has been updated in the past couple of months you should already have it. You may find use of the image file if you are the type to install custom ROMs on your device and need a quick way to flash back to stock. For others, the system image probably won’t get much use.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. The newly anounced HTC Sensation is actuall a bigger an improved N1 w/ HTC sense. For now that will be my next device come summer. Just wish the HTC Sensation was stock Android with sense as an option for those who want it…i.e make HTC sense as a widget or app such as Spark or a home screen launcher or what ever, but leave us to enjoy the true stock experience. Thats why i totally love my N1…but for the battery life and low internal memory.

    1. Hope you don’t use a lot of apps, because the Sensation only has 1 GB internal storage and NO external storage.

      1. I believe somewhere on T-mobile’s blog they stated there was an included 8Gb microsd card. Now I am too lazy to find it so don’t hold me to this, but I am pretty sure they would not release such a device without adequate storage.

        1. I’ll admit when I’m mistaken. I Googled it earlier and the website I visited said there was no external SD card slot…

          Still, just 1 GB internal? C’mon HTC. 8 GB internal should be the standard nowadays.

      2. Brian is right. Just google the Sensation and you’ll get the truth right there…

        Given that a lot of the bigger apps allow a move to SDCard, the ‘only 1GB of RAM’ isn’t such a big deal that everyone makes it out to be.

        Maybe it’s me but I have a ‘Sexy Nexy’ (ha! love it!) with around 30 apps I use often or occasionally and the (smaller) internal memory is just about coping.

  2. Sexy Nexy :) Yup it is :)


  3. Didn’t believe Lewis not for one red second, didn’t need to look at the website to prove otherwise. Phones are still moving forward, progressing.

  4. Perhaps you meant “champing at the bit?” Common grammar mistake.

    1. As is putting punctuation inside the quotes when it isn’t part of what is being quoted. The question mark is for the whole sentence, not the quoted phrase so it should be on the outside. I’ve never understood American grammar when it comes to quotes, it isn’t logical.

  5. Can one use this image to update from 2.2.1?

    1. Presumably, yes on a N1.

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