Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi Available Today


Samsung said it’d be here yesterday, and sure enough the Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi (7-inch) is up for sale at several retailers, including Circuit City. As promised before, it’s $350 – a sharp difference from the $600 it debuted at. Even for that cheap a price, though, we can’t say we’re terribly excited for this knowing some tasty Honeycomb options are right around the corner. Head on over to Circuit City now if you’re interested. [Thanks for the reminder David!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. David for president

  2. what can you do with honeycomb that you cant do with a 2.2 android tablet? it has the android market on it.

  3. If they had released this side-by-side with the 3G version, I might have bought it, but alas, they wanted to force people into contracts. Too little, too late: not getting my money.

    1. lol….you would not have bought at any time at any price. Who are you trying to fool?! You just want to get your whine on anyway anyhow!

  4. The user experience is much nicer on HoneyComb. Email is the one that stands out in my memory the most.

  5. Little to late my Nook Color is running 2.3.3 anyway. For only $230… ill stick with this instead of the Tab. Can’t wait til the NC gets a Stanley Honeycomb build.

    1. Where did you get your image file? Is it stable? I’m just rooted my NC using the 2.1 build over at NookDev. I heard 2.2/3 are not ready for primetime.

      1. If you swing over to XDA for the Nook Color you’ll see a thread for “phiremod v 5.3. Thats the build I’m on right now and its been great ever since. I wrote the image to my SD and the ROM itself is installed on the Nook’s internal memory. Plus I have it overclocked and it flies. Give it a shot

        1. Thanx for the info guys. I just did it on a whim. Didn’t want to fork out $$$ until the tab market settles out. So far I’m happy with what I got. I get people doing double-takes on my custom Zeam launcher. They’re like “isn’t that a NC? HA HA!

      2. Root your nook, download Rom Manager, install clockwork mod, go to XDA get the latest Clockwork Mod in a .zip file,
        Boot to recovery, flash that .zip so you’ll have latest clockwork mod (rom manager can’t update the kernel)
        Then wipe everything through recovery, and flash the Phiremod v5.3 I’m using that as well.

        1. Can you give me or point me in the right direction of a more thorough explanation of the process?

          1. Hmm not sure how to reply to this but if you need more help, check my openid profile page to contact me

  6. honeycomb is just wayyy better. no other way to describe it.

  7. I have 2 tabs. And my wife and I love them. The are rooted, and Gingerbread will be on it in the next few months. Can’t complain with my purchases at all.

  8. the best selling ipad is the wifi only version, samsung should have taken note of that long ago…if there was any way to put honeycomb on the galaxy tab I would consider it

    1. There will be honeycomb on galaxy tab. Just as soon as Google releases the source code.

  9. Considering, it is WIFI only and shipping with Android 2.2, I would but it at half the asking price. Too little, too late. The marketing strategy for Samsung to release the WIFI only version so far off the release of the original is a disaster waiting to happen. The marketing team at Samsung should seriously reconsider their career choices, or the senior management should terminate their employment.

  10. I am going to wait until the 10 inch Galaxy Tab comes out. Assuming this will cause the 7 inch price to go down :)

  11. I actually bought a 3G for $350 with a leather case used. It’s perfect. My wife has the NC with an SD card root (so no voided warrenty). She likes it, but I gotta say this device is WAY better – yes I would say worth the $100. Remember you are getting the GPS, forward & rear cameras, SD slot, Bluetooth, I way nicer screen & Heptic Feedback (which alot of people don’t mention and I love!). So yeah I would say if you want one this is a fair price.

  12. Ordered 1 today will be here tomorrow. Can’t wait to play around with it. Of course I’m returning my htc inspire which is why I bought the tab. hopefully Samsung will be releasing the sgs2 soon for my phone fix.

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