All New Droid X2 Pictures Emerge


Looks like the guys over at Android Central have secured new pics of the Verizon branded Motorola Droid X2. As to be expected…. not much has changed. We see almost the same exact phone as the X1. But, like my mother always told me, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


This bad boy is rumored to come packed with an Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, Android 2.3 (though pictured with 2.2) and qHD screen. I can tell just by studying the pics that it indeed has the new version of Motoblur and a qHD screen. Yes, my eyes are THAT good.

If Motorola really hopes to to trump the newly released Thunderbolt, they better get some 4G LTE on this monster ASAP.

[Via Android Central]

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  1. I think they should make a 3G and 3G/LTE option. If they can have different iterations of the Droid 2, then why not offer a simple option for an LTE radio? If you’re living in an area that already has LTE and they are still charging the same amount for either, that will be a deal breaker for a lot of people.

    1. There will be a phone for that…the Bionic.

    2. Remember: this phone will also be cheaper than the BIONIC and Thunderbolt. This phone will be aimed at people like my father, who likes having a smartphone but doesn’t necessarily need a turbocharged monster.

  2. Need Droid 3 pics and info leaks

  3. Pass!!!

  4. I am wondering how far Motorola went this time to lock down the phone in addition to encrypted bootloaders. So in addition to having to download a bunch of files, run a terminal emulator, hope you don’t do anything that hard bricks your phone, etc. to get the DX2 rooted you will also slip into unconsciousness and feel yourself stepping through a looking glass into a “not-world”. There, you’ll meet your identical twin. The doppleganger points at you and laughs, a chattering skull-like laugh, then turns into a screeching falcon and flies off towards the blood-red sun.
    Suddenly, you’re on a viking ship, skimming across a lake of white-cold fire. You feel nothing. An emptiness, perhaps. Somewhere, a lone snow dog howls o’er the wintry plains. You try to scream, but blood pours from your mouth, coalescing into the form of a hideous infant Sanjay Jha smoking a long pipe. His rage is blinding. At last, you find yourself poised before two doors. One leads to custom ROMs, themes, and overclocking, the other to blown e-fuses and hellish misery. Choose correctly, and you’ll have a rooted DX2.

    1. holy fuck bro. insane story roflmao. I really hope its not that hard to root. I root my vibrant in about 7secs.

      1. I think its going to be harder and harder (that’s what she said) to root these next generation of phones.. =/

        1. I think they will be as well. I watched it get tougher just on the Droid 1 over time. At one point, (I think at the FRG01B build, perhaps the one before that) you could use a true one-click root – just download the program, open it, click it, and it was done. Then, on FRG22D, it wasn’t hard, but certainly required more work than just clicking once. The DX/D2s – at least the ones I rooted required downloading rageagainstthecage, busybox, etc. and using a terminal emulator to get root. Now, I have a Thunderbolt, and it took about 3,423 steps. Okay, not that bad, really, but it was the most involved rooting process I’ve had to deal with yet. I’m wondering how hard they’re going to be in six months or a year. Hopefully, most of the big companies at least refrain from using encrypted bootloaders.

        2. I don’t understand why the manufacturers see the need to lock the phones down that much. I understand about running unauthorized tethering apps and protecting against trojans…

          but it seems that the SU proccess is pretty sound, at least in concept. An app has to explicitly ask for (and receive) root access before it can modify system files. Why isn’t that good enough? It seems to me that all phones should ship rooted, with a switch to enable the SU process.

          1. Or, at the very least, the phones could ship with unlockable bootloaders. (Don’t know if I’d want the masses to have root access by default.) Like Nexus Phones. Or now Sony ones (which will be my next phone).

    2. Holy shit sevenstars, comment of the year. Sounds like the start of a nice novel. Lord of The Root Access: The Fellowship of the Root

      1. LMFAO! “Lord of The Root Access: The Fellowship of the Root” That just made my day :D

      2. ” Lord of The Root Access: The Fellowship of the Root” That’s awesome! I wish I had an animation program,and the ability to use it…and the ability to draw, for that matter…

    3. That’s the most poetic bit of trolling I’ve ever seen. Nicely done.


  5. I love my Droid X, but holding out for Galaxy S II

    1. What about the Pyramid/Evo 3D?? Not interested? Have to admit, the Galaxy S II is really hard to resist….

  6. What is the difference between this phone and the evo?

    1. This phone is dual core, higher resolution screen and more RAM. I have to say, this phone is (spec wise) better than my 1 year old Evo =/

  7. Not bad for a 3g device right now the thunderbolt is the best device on verizon. They will not let this beat out the thunderbolt or the bionic for that matter so yeah it might be dualcore but it won’t be Lte that’s for sure. If the Incredible 2 is a 3g device then so will the Droid x2

    1. LMAO! Richard you sure aren’t the smartest person that reads the articles on here are you? I think it’s hilarious that you think that the Thunderbolt will be better than the DX2. The Tegra 2 pretty much completely dominates the CPU and GPU found inside the Thunderbolt.

  8. This is a waste. I mean its what I have with one less button 1gig of ram and new blur? Who in their right mind is going to spend the money on this versus X1..

    1. Quite a few people, the tegra 2 inside completely dominates the processor in the x1.

    2. Comparing it to the Bionic, if they share everything else but the Bionic doesnt have the Diversity Antennas and the 3 mics.

      I would be leaning more to the X2 just for the possibility of better reception. Its what made me keep my X. I have a Droid 1 and the dual antennas in the X do improve reception. That says alot comparing it to the Droid 1, which has great reception.

      If the X2 isnt LTE, that makes my decision a lil harder…

  9. no FF camera, no LTE… I’ll wait to hear more about the targa

    1. Thats the truth

  10. Hmm, looks just like my DX…. weird huh??

  11. Well Moto, you have 3 months to come out with something with the big screen, 4G, and that stupid FF camera or I’ll have to switch to a company that is paying attention.

  12. This is NOT rumored to have a Dual Core processor…every other outlet has said SINGLE core processor.

    Droid Bionic FTW

    1. It is most certainly rumored to be dual core. It has been since the first leak.

  13. Ew! I hated the design of the X1 and now Motorola has gone and crapped out a clone? This phone looks dated and lame. Sales will be poor.

    I guess the Bionic is my last hope or else I’ll have to switch carriers.

  14. To compete with the Thunderbolt it would need both 4G AND a Front Facing Camera.

    The new blur is awesome. *words i thought i’d never type

  15. Still no front facing camera? How lame

  16. The phone looks almost identical to the droid x. So I am not sure what they changed other then the screen and maybe a few buttons. If it does not have duel core then no point in getting it. Just get the older version that is cheaper and be done with it or wait till the bionic comes out.

  17. “If Motorola really hopes to to trump the newly released Thunderbolt, they better get some 4G LTE on this monster ASAP.”

    I don’t agree. The DX isn’t supposed to trump the TBolt. The DX is the new middle of the road phone. The Bionic will be dual core/LTE, so it will take the DX’s place as the must-have Android phone on Verizon.

    With this phone, the D3, and the TBolt, we have a nice lineup of phones:
    BIONIC: dual core, LTE, (future) webtop, big screen
    TBolt: LTE, big screen
    DX2: Big Screen, Dual Core
    D2: Dual Core, hardware keyboard

    I like diversity. Diversity is a good thing. Having different devices at differnt price points gives consumers choices and lets some people get free or nearly free phones, while other people have the option to get the New Hotness.

  18. Considering the battery drain associated with LTE (so far), I think I might rather stick with 3G on this badboy.

  19. Sounds like an Old Spice commercial.

  20. am holding out for droid x 3

  21. I cant wait for some more leaks and info on the droid 3. that 5 row keyboard is calling my name.

  22. Wish it would have lost the lump around the camera.

    1. Thats ok. The Galaxy S 2 has its own hump now at the bottom of the phone. I wanna see how many ppl complain about the hump in that beast of a device…lol

      1. its hump serves a function. it helps you pull it out of your pocket just like the hunp on all of the pevious galaxy line the droid x’s ump is at the top which makes no sense because phones usually go in top down

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