Internal Document Shows T-Mobile G2x Coming April 15th


Some new evidence has surfaced saying that the T-Mobile G2x – their version of the Tegra 2-enabled Optimus 2X – will be launched April 15th. Earlier rumors pegged it for an April 20th launch date, but the only T-Mobile device confirmed to be launching that day is the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G. We also heard murmurs of LG’s tablet – the T-Mobile G-Slate – being released that very same date, but that is still very much up in the air. The 15th is just over a week away so we’ll see soon enough if this document isn’t telling any fibs. [via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sign me up!

  2. I dont understand why anybody would ever sign up for Tmobile service. Sure its cheaper than Sprint and Verizon, but no much cheaper than Sprint. And their service sucks, when you have coverage. Their coverage is so spotty even in Metro city such as Denver, CO. No reason to ever get Tmobile over sprint is my point I guess. They are getting bought out by the only other shitty carrier.

    1. Because not everyone has the same opinion as you. BAM.

    2. lmao the same reason sign up for Sprint, Verizon or anyone else. Because they WANT too lol

      it’s cool that you like sprint(obviously) but it’s not very hard to understand. The people who sign up and stick with tmobile obviously like their company.
      Simple as that. Myself, I am leaving…Not for coverage. But for the xperia play. I travel across the country and i rarely have any issues and what issues i have is quickly rectified by their wifi calling

    3. Youre speaking for yourself right? In Los Angeles, T-mo has perfect reception. I never dropped a call and the 4g is always 6mpbs. I would never leave to Sprint or Verizon

      1. Agreed

        1. Yup. Outstanding Seattle area service, and even at 7000′ in the Olympic Mtns. (which was weird) Anyway, been with them for years and if they didn’t work, I’d have switched long ago.

      2. I also get amazing service here in Las Vegas and get and keep reception when driving to visit family in Salt Lake.

  3. Tmo G2x or Pyramid?? or wait longer for SGSII??

  4. pyramid, some reviews criticize that the lg 2x is whack on software. HTC sense never lets us down.

    1. The LG Optimus 2x ran a custom android skin and the tmobile G2x runs stock android, so it shouldn’t have the same issues.

    2. Not disagreeing (I recall the AnandTech review noting the software problems), but how many of those issues were related to LG custom stuff and not Android itself? If the problems were all from LG’s skin, I would think the G2X would avoid them.

      I’ll be super-excited if the G2X does launch next week, but I’m still going to hold off until more concrete details on the Pyramid become available. If the Pyramid were Tegra2 (and definitely on T-Mo’s network) I’d be completely sold on it, as-is I’m torn between the two.

    3. what are the chance the pyramid comes out next week

  5. This might be the first phone i actually get on launch day. I just hope it gets cm7.

  6. The pyramid isn’t even called the pyramid anymore, and it is about to launch in europe with no plans know of a US launch yet. check out tmonews for the story. So even if it does come it’s a long ways away. CM7 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either. Those guys still don’t give a crap about WIFI, Bluetooth, or GPS.

    1. CM7 on my mt4g is just about flawless. Those guys are great.

      1. Guess you don’t follow the forums?

  7. rocket? 42 mbits/sec on 5/4?

  8. First day buyer here. It’s a perfect upgrade from my current Nexus One.
    Also, @leaponover I am running CM7 RC4 on the N1, and GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth all work just fine. What hardware are you using?

    1. I agree. I’m a Nexus One owner and it’s finally looking like there’s a worthy upgrade in town. I tried the G2 and sent it back with what must have been a look of discouragement on my face. I’m feeling more confident in this device, especially being stock.

  9. I’m buying this phone with my EIP on day 1. HTC can go to hell with their shoddy build quality. Now I’m not saying LG’s build quality is amazing, but I’m all for finding out.

  10. I doubt T Mobile drops this phone on 4/15/ As of today there hasn’t been any marketing. Also HTC press conference in London is 4/12 to probably announce the phone so I doubt the phone comes out 3 days after it is announced.

    1. HTC announce an LG phone?

      1. think she might be confused with the pyramid

  11. I’ve already got one : )

  12. hells yah! and they’re supposed to be launching a $60 unlimited plan soon! this is awesome =D

  13. Well as a tmo customer for 2 1/2 years and a g1/ nexus 1 owner this phone looks to be promising. I understand you may be waiting on another phone hoping its for tmo, but in all honesty the only reason I would not buy this phone is if there was one exactly like it but with more ram. But that’s wishful thinking and I’m not waiting anymore…lol

  14. I just got off the phone with a rep at a Tmo store and a rep in the Tmo cancellation department (negotiating early upgrade) and both of them quoted 4/13 (Wednesday) as the G2x release date. The Tmo rep in customer support said she saw it earlier in the day in the computer system but it suddenly changed to “TBD” when she looked again. Cross your fingers.

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