Crazy Dancing Android Is Back, Shakes His Booty in Malaysia


Offering a more subdued taste of his performing arts, the crazy dancing Android is back. Not quite the same energy or inventiveness is shown this time, but this guy still moves his groove thing as part of a Sony Ericsson Xperia launch party in Malaysia. Stick around after the dancing for an awkward analysis of the Android’s gender.

[via Android Central]

Kevin Krause
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  1. THIS IS AWSOME!!! no matter how many times I watch it its always fun to see. I would like to see apple make a dancing bitten apple dance lol that would be fun to see.

    1. It would be fun when someone kicks it over and it can’t get up.

  2. I spy an IMPOSTER!!! To be fair they really didn’t give the dude enough space to get his groove on…. how’s a droid gonna moonwalk in such a confined space huh!?

  3. I want to see it dance to the Party Boy song from Jackass

  4. This is the last time the dancing Android is allow to be showed on the internet before it becomes played out.

  5. Can’t wait till he comes to Australia.

    It will be funny to see him drunk in a corner covered in his own vomit.

  6. And for todays philosophical thought: If a robot does the robot, is it “just dancing”?

  7. They are to close. He should be on the stage so the audience can see his footwork.

  8. I love how he just stands there so that some people think there’s a real robot inside.

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