Confirmed: Verizon’s Samsung 4G LTE Android Will Be DROID-Branded [Samsung DROID Charge]


Verizon and Samsung still have yet to offiically announce this device with a name, but our earlier beliefs of it being DROID-branded seems to be true if this new promotional image is anything to go by. The name itself still hasn’t been confirmed, but Samsung DROID Charge has been thrown around for quite a while now and we won’t be surprised if and when that turns out to be it. Now we just need them to officially announce those details and a release date for the device. [via PocketNow]

PS: No, this is not the first n0n-Motorola DROID device with a Samsung Eye as others are suggesting. Verizon used an eye for the HTC DROID Incredible both in their marketing campaign and on the device itself. (The eye bootup animation was added in a later software upgrade.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Not great marketing by Samsung with respect to the name. Charge vs Thunderbolt. I hope it has the matte finish shown in that picture.

    1. Hopefully it doesn’t have to “charge” as much as the thunderbolt does. :p

  2. Meh, S2 please

    1. I doubt the S2 will come to Verizon. I don’t think an LTE radio will fit in that form factor.

      1. Really? All the more reason that I hope TMo doesn’t get bought by ATT. I want the GS2, but not on AT&T.

    2. It looks like a verizon version of the epic with lte and without a keyboard. I like my epic so… thumbs up as long as it has exynos

  3. It would be great if it had NFC. Then you could just charge everything to your phone :)

  4. Another Verizon dud…If it’s not dualcore then they better leave this device at the STARTING GATE….It will not compete against the top tier devices htc evo 3d, lg optimus 3d, samsung galaxy 2, motorola atrix 4g, and so on..Htc Evo 3d will rule android

    1. yeah because dual cores will suck down battery. Evo 3d is nice but i can almost guarantee within the next few months something nicer will be out I mean the LG’s are already going to give it a run for its money. But you wont admit that because you are a sprint fanboy.

    2. How can the evo rule android when the network that phone is on sucks? Drop calls and true 4g, they share verizon towers. A working phone is only as good as its working network.

  5. anyone know where you can get that background of the red eye? I would love to have that for my tb

  6. Nothing beats this my friends….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXpHtqqtd6A

  7. I really wish this thing didn’t have physical buttons at the bottom. That among other things on the inside…

  8. The Droid Eris wasn’t Motorola either, and that was basically there from the beginning.

  9. It’s ugly, end of story.

  10. @anon 7 I could be wrong but has this been confirmed to only have a single core processor? As far as I know the specs are still aren’t known.

    I agree about the physical buttons though, softkeys are the way to go.

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