Mar 22nd, 2011

When AT&T officially announced their acquisition of T-Mobile USA (pending regulation approval), I had a couple immediate thoughts: (1) This was bad news for consumers, (2) This was good news for Deutsch Telekom, (3) Verizon would try to buy Sprint, (4) Depending on the last item, none of it may actually get approved.

It looks like I may have been wrong as Verizon Wireless CEO Daniel Mead claimed they don’t care about size and instead are only interested in being the most profitable carrier. Not only did he claim a buyout of Sprint would distract them from this goal but he also had some pretty pointed words about Sprint in general:

“We’re not interested in Sprint. We don’t need them,” said Mead, speaking to Reuters ahead of the CTIA Wireless Conference.

Don’t write off a Verizon purchase of Sprint quite yet – it’s all about semantics. Verizon Wireless doesn’t need Sprint, I agree, but if the AT&T and T-Mobile deal goes through, Sprint could very well need Verizon. If Sprint were to struggle and come at a bargain, that lack of interest could be renewed and not “needing” them would change from a pride-filled dismissal to a profitable endeavor.

[Via Reuters]

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