Sprint Unveils the HTC EVO 3D and the HTC EVO View


Sprint has just formally announced the HTC EVO 3D as we expected them to. All of those leaked specs before remain true with its 4.3-inch qHD display, 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, Android 2.3 with HTC Sense 2.1, an autostereoscopic 3D-enabled display, dual cameras on the back for capturing 3D content and more. The device has a hardware switch that’ll allow you to enable and disable 3D as you please without having to stumble around multiple levels of menus.

Sprint also announced the HTC EVO View 4G, their version of the HTC Flyer launched at Mobile World Congress. It looks a bit different from HTC’s original version, of course, but it’s pretty much the same device. It has a 1.5GHz processor (single-core), Android 2.3 with a new version of Sense specifically made for tablets, a 7-inch display, etc.

The conference is still going on but I thought I’d let you folks know that the devices are here and we’ll be going after them. Look out for our hands-on video with these devices and more information in a bit. Check below for a full press release below the image in the meantime.

Sprint Introduces America’s first 4G “glasses-free” device with QHD 3D Display, HTC EVO 3D, Coming this Summer

Sprint also brings the popular and powerful HTC EVO experience to a 4G tablet,
HTC EVO View 4G, this summer, with new digital pen technology
that makes it possible to make notes on Web pages, ebooks, PDF documents and more, in an easy and natural way

ORLANDO (CTIA) – March 22, 2011 – As the first national wireless carrier to launch the groundbreaking data speeds of 4G, Sprint (NYSE: S) today announced the upcoming availability of its 21st and 22nd 4G-capable devices – HTC EVO™ 3D and HTC EVO View 4G™ on America’s Favorite 4G Network.1 HTC EVO 3D takes the mobile multimedia experience to a new level, providing the ability to capture and view in 3D and share at 4G speeds, offering consumers the ultimate glasses-free 3D experience. Sprint also announced HTC EVO View 4G, introducing a tablet to the award-winning EVO family.

Both devices will be available for Sprint customers this summer. Pricing will be shared closer to launch. Pre-registration for both devices begins today at www.sprint.com/evo3d and www.sprint.com/evoview.

Built with the Gingerbread (2.3) version of Android™, HTC EVO 3D features America’s first QHD 3D 4.3-inch display and a powerful 1.2 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon® dual-core processor. HTC EVO 3D also features dual 5 megapixel cameras, which can be used to capture both high-quality conventional and stunning 3D images and videos, opening up new frontiers for user-generated content, social networking and streaming video.

“Sprint is taking wireless innovation to the next level once again as we bring our customers the ability to experience 3D on their phone without glasses,” said Steve Elfman, president – Network Operations, Product and Wholesale, Sprint. “HTC EVO 3D makes it easy to take pictures or movies in 3D when you are on vacation, and then feel like you are there again when you view it months later. This device takes full advantage of Sprint’s powerful 4G network and offers the innovation one would expect as the next benchmark device in the prestigious EVO product line.”

As 3D has become more sought-after in both movie theaters and family rooms, the ability to enjoy 3D on a wireless phone – 3D glasses-free – will change the way customers interact with their devices. According to The NPD Group’s 3D 360° Monitor (September 2010), consumers show a high degree of interest in working with personal media in 3D (with one-third saying they would like to take photos in 3D). For details, visit http://www.3dmarkettrends.com.

The countless ways customers benefit from HTC EVO 3D’s dynamic ability to capture and playback video in 3D include:
Real estate agents can create and share 3D virtual tours of homes that let out-of-town buyers “walk through” the house and truly experience the listings before they can see them live;
Dad can feel like he is in the bleachers watching the ball leave the park for a homerun even if he’s forced skip a Little League game because he is stuck at the office;
3D mapping of terrain will help build new and exciting features for navigation, and hikers will be able to get aerial views of the topography of rivers and mountains while in the backcountry; and
Families can “relive” the excitement of their vacation and feel like they are there again.

“At HTC, we believe in offering a wide portfolio of beautifully designed, powerful and highly customizable devices for our customers, and the HTC EVO portfolio at Sprint does just that,” said Jason Mackenzie, president – HTC Americas. “As HTC continues to push the limits of innovation, we are looking forward to delivering the HTC EVO 3D and our first 4G tablet, the HTC EVO View 4G, to Sprint customers this summer.”

According to ABI Research (Dec. 20, 2010) mobile 3D devices will be driven by three key applications: creation of user-generated 3D content by integrated video and still cameras, playback of 3D content and 3D gaming. It also anticipates that mobile devices may turn out to be the most successful form factor towards bringing 3D technology into mainstream markets.

With integrated 3D HD (720p) video capture, 4G speeds, and the latest version of the acclaimed HTC Sense experience, HTC EVO 3D makes it possible to become part of the action and then easily and seamlessly post high-quality video to YouTube™ or Facebook, or share moments in real time over the Internet live, via Qik. Its integrated DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) capability makes it fast and easy to share stored music, pictures and user-generated HD video wirelessly with other DLNA-certified® home electronics, including HDTVs, monitors, digital cameras, printers and more. Using an HDMI cable (sold separately) makes it possible to also share user-created 3D video content via a 3D TV.

Additional key features of HTC EVO 3D include:

  • 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera for video chat
  • 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability, supporting up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously
  • Android Market™ for access to more than 150,000 useful applications, widgets and games available for download to customize the experience
  • Google mobile services such as Google Search™, Gmail™, Google Maps™ with Navigation, Google Calendar, Voice Actions, and YouTube™
  • Sprint’s unique implementation of Google Voice, allowing customers to keep their Sprint number and seamlessly move to Google Voice
  • Corporate e-mail (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync®), personal (POP and IMAP) e-mail and instant messaging
  • 4GB Internal memory/1GB RAM
  • microSD slot (supports up to 32GB memory card)
  • Wi-Fi – 802.11 b/g/n
  • Stereo Bluetooth®
  • Integrated GPS
  • 1730 mAh Lithium-ion battery

Blockbuster On Demand Provides Access to the Latest Movies

HTC EVO 3D will be the first 3D handset pre-loaded with the Blockbuster On Demand® mobile application that has access to one of the largest catalogs of movies, including 3D titles. This movie store in your pocket offers video optimized for viewing on HTC EVO 3D’s 4.3-inch screen.

“Consumers want to watch the latest entertainment anywhere, anytime,” said Scott Levine, vice president of Digital, Blockbuster. “Sprint and Blockbuster are taking the movie watching experience to the next level with enabling 3D on a smartphone.”

Blockbuster On Demand offers the hottest new releases on the same day they become available on Blu-ray and DVD. Customers can buy or rent digitally and download directly to their smartphone, along with select 3D movies.

If a video isn’t available digitally, Blockbuster also gives customers access to more than 100,000 movies and TV shows, as well as games, through store inventory at any of the Blockbuster stores nationwide. Also, Blockbuster® by Mail is another option for consumers. They can manage and update their mail queues from their phone, while on-the-go.

Blockbuster On Demand purchases can also be watched on other Blockbuster On Demand-compatible devices. Rentals range from $1.99 to $3.99 each, and purchases are $5.99 and up. Rentals will be available for viewing on one screen within 30 days of rental, with a 24-hour viewing period once the title is first played.

Bringing the EVO Experience to a Tablet

Sprint and HTC’s first 3G/4G Android tablet together, HTC EVO View 4G, will bring the best of the HTC EVO experience into a tablet design with a 7-inch 1024 x 600 touchscreen display with pinch-to-zoom, a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon® processor and the latest version of HTC Sense. As the perfect combination e-reader, media player and portable computing device, HTC EVO View 4G offers a premium entertainment experience with HD-quality video and a rich Web-browsing experience with the ability to browse the Web on Flash-enabled sites.

With dual cameras – a main 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with HD-capable video camcorder and a forward-facing 1.3 megapixel camera – HTC EVO View 4G unleashes the ability to create, stream over the lightning-fast 4G network, share via YouTube™ or Facebook® and watch video with the Qik mobile app.

Although the sleek, aluminum-encased tablet weighs less than a paperback book, it is a powerful productivity tool for business customers and consumers. With lightning-fast 4G connectivity and a large touchscreen display, HTC EVO View 4G makes it even easier to manage e-mail, and its front-facing camera makes the Qik video chat application an easy and appealing way to conduct business while on-the-go.

Additional key features of HTC EVO View 4G include:
3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability, supporting up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously
Google mobile services such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps with Navigation, Voice Actions, and YouTube
Corporate e-mail (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync), personal (POP and IMAP) e-mail and instant messaging
Android Market™ for access to more than 150,000 useful applications, widgets and games available for download to customize the experience
Blockbuster On Demand® to rent or purchase the hottest new releases on the same day they become available on Blu-ray and DVD
32GB internal memory, 1GB RAM
microSD slot (supports up to 32GB memory card)
Wi-Fi b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0
Integrated GPS
4000 mAh Lithium-ion battery

With HTC Scribe Technology™, HTC EVO View 4G will offer a new way to interact with a tablet. HTC Scribe Technology introduces a unique digital pen to the tablet experience and unlocks new capabilities. When combined with Evernote™, a leading notes application and service, the user will have the ability to capture and make notes on Web pages, ebooks, PDF documents and more, in an easy and natural way. Additionally, HTC Scribe enables enhanced voice-synchronized note taking using a feature called Timemark, making it possible to capture the audio of a meeting at the same time as written notes.

Also improving on the tablet experience, HTC EVO View 4G allows users to draw, take notes and highlight text on documents on the tablet with the HTC Scribe™ digital pen. Sold separately and available this summer, the enhanced functionality of the HTC Scribe brings creativity to life. For example, the user can draw a sketch or add notations and highlight paragraphs, while reading an eBook, review and comment on PDF documents and add casual comment on photos.

A Sprint developer guide for HTC EVO 3D and HTC EVO View 4G will be available on the Sprint Application Developer website at launch. The developer guide will provide details and information on how to take advantage of their unique hardware and software capabilities, including 3D, HDMI output, DLNA and HTC Scribe Technology on the Sprint Network.

As the first national wireless carrier to test, launch and market 4G technology, Sprint made history by launching 4G in Baltimore in September 2008. Sprint currently offers 4G service in 71 markets in 28 states. For more information, visit www.sprint.com/4G.

About Sprint Nextel
Sprint Nextel offers a comprehensive range of wireless and wireline communications services bringing the freedom of mobility to consumers, businesses and government users. Sprint Nextel served more than 49.9 million customers at the end of 2010 and is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including the first wireless 4G service from a national carrier in the United States; offering industry-leading mobile data services, leading prepaid brands including Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile, and Assurance Wireless; instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities; and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. Newsweek ranked Sprint No. 6 in its 2010 Green Rankings, listing it as one of the nation’s greenest companies, the highest of any telecommunications company. You can learn more and visit Sprint at www.sprint.com or www.facebook.com/sprint and www.twitter.com/sprint.

About HTC
HTC Corporation (HTC) is one of the fastest growing companies in the mobile phone industry. By putting people at the center of everything it does, HTC creates innovative devices that better serve the lives and needs of individuals. The company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under ticker 2498. For more information about HTC, please visit www.htc.com.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. First! And so glad I’ve got a good reason to ditch T-Mobile for Sprint now. THANK YOU HTC AND SPRINT!

  2. This means bolt 3d and flyer 3d on the way

  3. Ok… Now, my mouth is watering a bit. EVO 3D, here I come.

  4. OMG look at the camera. Didn’t they learn that we don’t want a protruding lense? The differences is, it’s 3 times the size this time….

  5. oooh man i was going to buy the thunderbolt i guess ill wait lol and my xoom going back!!! not for the flyer cause i cant a cheaper version!!! samsungs look good

  6. sprint teaming up with blockbuster two dodos ready 4 extinction

  7. I can’t wait until my contract is up with T-Mobile. They have really rubbed me the wrong way lately. The Vibrant debacle didn’t help either. It’s a good thing T-Mobile is selling out to AT&T because their future was not looking very bright. Customer service is not what it used to be, so there is no reason to stay with TMO anymore. That was the single reason I was with them so long. Peace out PINK! I hate that stupid color…and you put it on/in every fucking thing!

  8. This is the first phone since the TP2 sprint can justify a $250-$299 Contract price for. Reality is…every phone cant be $199…especially when this is as loaded as it is..

  9. Hope they improved the screen’s 2D capabilities. Most of these phones will spend a lot of time in 2D mode, and the EVO 4G’s screen looked like mush compared to my Epic.

  10. I was hoping they’d be nice enough to reward their current faithful EVO owners with a a word about an update to 2.3… Sadly no such luck.

  11. Richard is gonna wet his pants. Cant wait for this phone, but where is the kickstand?

  12. Looks good. Where is the kickstand?

  13. The back of the E3D is just butt ugly!!

    With that said, I want to know if the thing really have both WiMax and LTE radios. Also, where’s the beefed up kickstand I heard about?

  14. EVO 3D = phone of the year. You heard it here first. Set it in stone!

  15. @crabjoe
    Good point. That does seem to be distinctly missing the kickstand. I hope they didn’t opt to remove it. :(

  16. I’ve seen a few photos around the web. The kickstand is gone!

  17. Love the phone but where the the f is the kick stand

  18. NO KICKSTAND? What a disappointment… Htc really should have made a kickstand standard on all high end devices

  19. Agreed… I want a kickstand!!

  20. Wait, i don’t see a kick stand where the eff is the kickstand at?

  21. It’s missing the legendary kickstand. oh well, that phone will be purchased the moment of it’s release!!!

  22. Aww, no kickstand :(

  23. Only thing that makes this phone attactive, at all is that it is thinner than most htc phones. I dont see anything special….

  24. I hope a case for it comes with a kick stand dot dot dot

  25. I would much rather have a slim device like the Galaxy S II then a 3D device. but that is just me. It still has a bunch of cool specs so maybe I will be upgrading to this.

  26. Also, the back of the phone is hella ugly! WTF is the big ugly red thing?

  27. 1730 mAh Lithium-ion battery for Evo 3D? That’s unheard of for HTC, who usually skimps on the battery.

    Blockbuster On Demand? Blockbuster was so yesterday. Need Netflix!!

  28. Specs are nice. Absolutely hideous looking. Carrier blows.

  29. If there is no HDMI out I declare this phone a #FAIL

  30. @Keller,
    Never have you come off as a Verizon fanboy as much as you do right now. You state this phone has nothing special, yet it has the best specs of any phone coming out currently. Remove the shroud from your eyes man…

  31. @Nlsme

  32. @Bela Bitch please? Whats so special about it? Dual core? Atrix has been there, done that? 3D? Lg has been there, done that. Yawn

  33. Does this sense version allow the Wii mote or bf game gripper?

  34. Dam they ELIMINATED THE KICKSTAND SHIT…. OH well guess I will be purchasing a case from someone that has the kickstand included.. OTHERWISE HAPPY TO BE ON SPRINT… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlkT7gRM0xo&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  35. @Keller seriously? so what must a phone do to innovate in this market? after all all the innovations are “been there done that” to you. seriously?

    are you waiting for quad core?

    what specifically would make you not “yawn”

  36. meh, not doing anything for me.
    that phone and tablet are stupid.
    so glad im not with sprint.

  37. There you are Spanki. Satisfied?

  38. contrary to some I think it looks slick, loving the design, will miss the kickstand but still pumped for this summer.

    3d is a gimmick but oh well, I’ll turn it off.

  39. you know what suck about this? that i been waiting for this for a while, but wont be able to get due to my deployment to Afghanistan next week…F#$%K!!!!!!!!!

  40. Ahhhhh!! No Galaxy S2/Epic2 announcement????? Can you please ask Sprint/Samsung folks their plans for GS2 on Sprint??

  41. LMAO It doesnt have HDMI OUT! FAIL

  42. Fail to you. I have never used HDMI out so its moot.

  43. WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT blogging in 3d with direct upload to youtube? Evo3d does that. Can your thunderbolt or bionic do that? Naw

  44. Cry more. Just because your bitchass never uses it means its “moot”? You’re stupid af

  45. @Keller,
    So a phone needs to be the first at something to make it desirable? Yeah, that is some sound logic you have right there.

  46. and it does have a HDMI out you fanboy Keller

  47. I think Richard is in the hospital after he seen this awesome phone. He suffered from dehydration from masturbating too much. Haha Poor Richard.

  48. @Bela Never said that you stupid concubine. You said it had the best specs, I was pointing out they only on par with other phones. Try again

  49. Def does have hdmi and dlna

  50. 1.2 dual core fastest phone out now!!! i want it thank god i dint buy the thunderbolt

  51. Wha? Really? Verizon phones can’t direct upload to Youtube?


  52. @WILL Prove it. I saw full 360 pic on engadget and didnt see any. I actually hope you prove me wrong….

  53. No chance I’m moving to Sprint and a WiMax phone when they are already reportedly rolling out LTE which will make whatever they announce today obsolete in no time.

  54. @keller actually you said that it was “been there done that” and therefore laughable even though it literally has the best specs on the market right now….so yeah you are saying a phone needs to be first to be worth anything…

    anyway, I look forward to reading your illogical posts some more.

  55. @Keller,
    No sir. You clearly said the phone has nothing else attractive about it aside from it being thinner than other HTC models. So, again, it needs be the first at something to be attractive? Still don’t see your argument here, except that you enjoying trying to get a rise out of people.

  56. Why in the hell did they move the Micro USB/ Charger
    port to the side of the phone that will facing down
    when watching a movie in landscape mode?

    Further more why is there kickstand? What willuse now
    to prop the Evo up when watching videos or video chatting? I never use the phone in portrait mode to view the above.

    Besides..The kickstand is
    what made the Evo an Evo.

    For now I’am stcking with the my OG Evo until
    the next version.

  57. @bela whats funny is that I dont think it looks thinner than the other phones….

  58. No kickstand I meant.

  59. its actually thicker than original evo…. at .48 in

  60. no kickstand?? WTF?? FAIL

  61. scratch that…evo is .5

  62. @Wrc
    Richard is about as bad as they come too. He can’t really see anything BEYOND the EVO line, which is just as bad as those that can do nothing but try to trample it IMO.

  63. It does have hdmi dumb ass.
    It says the cord sold separate

  64. I’ll rspond to my beezy bela later and you too Jared. BUT I’m must say HAHAHHAHAHAHA FUCK YOU JARED you just go’s owned. You are blind and you just owned yourself

  65. evo 3d is ugly I’m waiting for the pyramid tmobiles service is way better where I live..no kick stand kind of a bummer the phones specs seem great but honestly i could care less about 3d

  66. @Keller,
    Respond whenever you want bud. I am not here to argue, just understand the logic behind your statements which, on face value, look like you are simply trying to get a rise out of people. Very much like the name calling…

  67. The microUSB doubles as the HDMI out.

  68. Keller Ur a phag .go to phagdroid.com n suck Dick over there .

  69. Why oh why is the internet full of morons like Richard and Keller? :(

  70. First off all richard, i dont know if u have even commented, but STFU. this already isnt the fastest phone. It wont be when.it comes out . It is a very top end phone, but by no.means can.it or will it top the atrix, i dont own one, just read the facts that say the atrix is better and faster. Again, i cant believe they let you let u out of the hospital, richard, chronic phone masturbater boy.

  71. @Chander The location of this port
    is just horrible

  72. When will htc get it right. Don’t make the back of the phone fugly don’t remove kickstand and make it gun metal. Best phone I just desribed

  73. I wonder how many EVO owners will upgrade. I qualify for an upgrade in June but I suspect I will pass on this one.

    Don’t get me wrong: great specs etc for this phone and I can see that some folks will want the latest and greatest, but, for me, there just isn’t enough difference to justify the expense and hassle.

    The increased screen resolution could be a big positive, as well as better battery life, but: (1) There’s really nothing that I need to do “faster” (don’t play many games) and (2) I could ignore the 3D except the phone comes with TWO camera lenses sticking out and I don’t feel the need to replace a mediocre 8 Meg camera with two mediocre 5 meg cameras.

  74. Atrix is very nice, but Evo 3D will be better. First of all its not on AT&T, and will have 4G.

  75. Here is a decent vid for those that are interested.


  76. @Chopper,
    I largely agree with you. We have not seen how (if at all) they have improved the cameras though. It is entirely possible that the 5mp cameras on the 3d take better pics overall than the 8mp camera on the 4G. I think the camera was everyone’s biggest complaint after the battery life. I don’t see HTC completely ignoring that. All that said, if you can’t make use of the extra power, better pics surely isn’t a reason alone to upgrade.

  77. @Eddie suck my dick and ill think about it

  78. Lol I’m not gonna come off as ignorant and say the specs are bad but that has to be the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen in my life. This ridiculous 3D shit better not come to Big Red

  79. They’ve got video on Engadget now. Sorry to redirect Phandroid.

  80. god, 3d is so stupid and useless.

  81. @keller Yes keller I posted incorrect information, (at least I had the balls to correct the error after some better research). You my friend obviously dont have balls to admit your being ignorant.

    Its okay, no one is laughing at me…everyone is laughing at you

  82. Def laughing at Keller

  83. In case you didn’t the dual-core Snapdragon has capability for asynchronous clocking on the two cores — a power-saving feature the tegra2 doesnt have.

    So please get lost with the atrix stuff

    Sent from my HTC Evo running CM7

  84. Lmao tell em hustla

  85. @swazedahustla
    True that. I’m waiting for the offical benchmark tests–not ones run with beta software. I was in love with the Tegra 2 until I discovered Nvidia went cheap on the HD video/graphics components. 1080p @ 30 fps, not with the Tegra 2. If the 1.2 ghz Snapdragon can keep up with the A5 as far as HD Video and graphics go, I’ll be searching for an HTC phone sporting this chipset in the near future.

  86. Sry. Not as a cool as when the first evo came out. Not as impressed as I was last year.

  87. USB works as HDMI out, just need to get a special cable as opposed to the mini HDMI the EVO uses. Other phones out there are doing the same thing.

    As for the kickstand, I want that as I find it very useful on my EVO, especially when using my BT keyboard or watching videos. however, they would need to move the USB port as right now it is on the side of the phone that would be facing down when watching a movie. I don’t understand that one as you want the device to be plugged in while doing things that require the screen to be on.

    Thunderbolt has a kickstand, but it useless in terms of outputting to HDMI or powering the device. I guess they plan for people to buy a docking station.


  88. I must say I like the new htc sense 3.0 its more customizable and the weather animations looks redic..htc will always be my #1…i just dont know about the whole 3d thing it could do well or could do horrible but we will have to see the final product because watching a couple videos it looks like there’s a few bugs to fix

  89. Can this evo be viewed in landscape??

  90. i am wondering why anyone is in need of a 2D phone??? besides that i dont think this is much better then the original Evo

  91. This will be mines. This owns the Atrix and has Sense 2.1 with the media hub/share and Gingerbread baked in. I have a feeling a lot of minds will change once we get a better look.

  92. Dear Sprint/HTC,
    Facepalm. Give me the original EVO with the new innards, no 3D, and better camera, and I will buy it. This, this is expensive toilet paper.

  93. Seriously, guys where is Richard some one should check on him. Lol

  94. so evo 3d or nexus 4g?

  95. @Clewis
    As I said before, going from 8mp to 5mp doesn’t necessarily mean a downgrade. It could very well be an improvement. Right now I think the iPhone 4 is considered to have one of the best smartphone cameras, and it is “only” 5mp. Without actually seeing some real world images, it is silly to assume these cameras are a downgrade.

    I largely agree about the 3D features, but they can easily be turned off (and in my case, assuming I get one, they most likely will be).

  96. This phone isnt all that good. I do not understand why you guys cant read the benchmarks that came out to prove that the new snapdragon IS NOT UP TO Par with the tegra, at that, its not even close. 3d on a four inch screen WOW, cant wait til this drops and people are disappointed.


  98. The Nexus 4G has a 4″ screen. I want 4.3″!

  99. I don’t understand why people can’t see that those benchmarks were against a beta and will not be the end result.

  100. I saw a pic on engadget. It looks like it has a dedicated camera button

  101. IDK what I expected, but I went from extremely excited after hearing the specs, to thinking I may end up going with the nexus S 4G. Something about the looks of the EVO 3D just make it seem cheap. You know you’ve got a problem when your phone looks cheaper than a Samsung!

  102. @ksizzle9

    Dude what gives? You making all this noise about prebeta benchmarks…..lol who sellls phones in a prebeta state? So the fact that the chipset has been shown to best tegra2 in power savings and gpu must not mean much to you. Please get a grip,

  103. Can we ban this Other keller for making the rest of us look like ass clowns.

    Looks like a fantastic phone and Ill have to take a good long look at it when it is actually released.

  104. This looks like a nice phone and I hope u sprint people enjoy it. I dunno what the fuss is about. I’m 100% satisfied with my thunderbolt. Super fast, don’t think i would ever need dual core. Great screen and real estate. Everything is perfect about the phone and LTE on Verizon is an absolute monster. Good job HTC I will be satisfied for the next year.

  105. I truly wonder how old some of you guys are who are arguring in this post lmao

    good for Sprint customer’s. Hopefully they fixed the cheapness of the Evo and there will be no more light leakage and other hardware complaints like the Evo intially had

  106. The better a new phone is the louder and more obnoxious the trolls get. Looks like the Evo 3d is going to be a big time winner.

  107. I’m with you spanki…

  108. @Carmen
    There will be issues with the first wave of phones. There always is. If it’s not a light leakage issue, it will be something else.

  109. @ksizzle9
    Those benchmark tests aren’t reliable. There are various disclaimers throughout the articles. Beta software, tests not yet optimized for a particular chipset. Just throw rocks in the air and guess where they’ll land. I will put my trust in Qualcomm. Why? The dual-core Snapdragon processor is coming after the Nvidia Tegra 2—for me this is a good thing. Remember when everyone bashed the original Snapdragon found in the N1? It was the first 1 GHz chipset in a mobile device and new chipsets didn’t make it to the market until six months later. No wonder it underperformed when compared to other 1 GHz chipsets. Tegra 2 is garbage. 66% cheaper to make than the A5 when they both share the A9 Cortex. That’s all I know.

  110. @ Bela,
    I know the megapixels don’t matter all that much. And I know the 3D can be turned off. But in my personal opinion, the back of this phone is ugly. The front looks decent, the back looks like the phone pooped and forgot to wipe. The specs inside are sexy, but I just don’t see myself using this phone for what’s it’s made to do. I wish Sprint would get the Pyramid, with a kickstand.

    Wow. Would you look at that? I (kinda) countered someone’s point without slinging mud or starting a flame war. and I’m 16.

  111. No need for the pyramid….everything in the evo 3d is far better spec wise.

  112. Everyone’s complaining about the lack of a kick-stand. It’s like complaining that your car does not have cup holders.

  113. @Clewis,
    I’ll give you that. One thing that I will never understand is why people feel their phone needs sex appeal. I don’t buy my phone to have something sexy in my hand or to my ear. I buy my phone to do the tasks I need it to do in a timely manner. Frankly, this thing does everything any other phone will do, PLUS 3d. I am the first to admit I could care less about 3d capabilities. It’s silly to toss it aside BECAUSE it does them though.

  114. 1) HTC EVO 3D will isolate twin cameras to produce the firsts 180 degree panoramic photo at 5mp resolution. (Option will be in sense UI)

    2) HTC EVO will produce the first ever 10mp photo on cell phone by using what is called paralax photo capture (each camera will capture an image and over lay it to produce 10mp photo) (Once again tap on 10mp photo)

    3) Light sampling will be independent of each CMOS sensor to produce what will be close to night vision capture (Night Owl)

    4) EVO 3D Hollywood, EVO 3D is only device on the market with next generation Qualcomm processor’s with built in DRM. EVO 3D will support all digital streaming content (Netflix, Hulu, and other independent sites with DRM subscriptions.)

    5) YouTube 3D part of the EVO 3D Hollywood pack.

    6) True 4G, EVO 3D will be the industry first (LTE+WimaX) device. Sprint has plans for all 4G devices to be backwards compatible and be able to support (Wimax+LTE) (Shift/Epic/EVO/etc.)

    7) Will be the first none Nexus device to launch with Google 2.3.3 Gingerbread.

    8) Worlds first qHD 3D display on a 4.3in screen (Pixel Density Classified)

    9) Industry first dual channel 1gig DDRRAM and with active 4gig tri-channel ROM (5gig total Ram with unlimited ROM as SDcard will act as more like a HD drive)

    10) That is just a few of the industry first that will be presented on EVO 3D launch.

  115. The htc thunderbolt is by far a “sexier” looking phone, The htc evo 3d back camera makes it look like a piece of crap xD

  116. This is our NEW ANDROID LEADER It will lead us for the rest of the year and into 2012 respectfully…Now the granddaddy of 4g and rest peacefully while the son goes out and PIMP SLAPS ALL AWAITING DEVICES.. Time for comparison video’s first Lg Optimus 3D VS Htc Evo3d, then bring on the rest… Yes even that wimpy thunderdud on verzion BRING IT ON TO…… http://ow.ly/1sdzKp

  117. Nice, but it feels kinda like upgrading that fruit phone. No major improvements. I have the OG EVO I think I’ll wait until next year’s model so I can notice a difference

  118. We get the fucking thunderbolt yet everyone else get LG Optimus X2, lg LG Optimus 3d, HTC EVO 3D ect.. I am so pissed that verizon get all of the shitty android or the hammy down version of old phones. This fucking sucks ass man.

  119. Pyramid or Gtfo

  120. Just my opinion but I think the phone is sexy… not sure why everyone is hating on it. love the textured back. just wish it had a kickstand.

  121. Pyramid dont have nothing on the evo 3d. Check da specs lol

  122. @96.Dvrcowboy

    “Nice, but it feels kinda like upgrading that fruit phone. No major improvements. I have the OG EVO I think I’ll wait until next year’s model so I can notice a difference”

    Yeah twice the ram, more than double the processing power, actual 1080p recording and playback, 3d image and video capture. (love it or hate it, but at least try it before you bash it… unless you sport an eye patch)

    You know your so right this does seem like an apple upgrade… of about 2 generations.

  123. Why do so many phandroid articles have such hard bitching??

  124. So whats that ugly phone in the picture

  125. Why is this phone so ugly? Why couldn’t they atleast made it as good looking as the thunderbolt.. Well sprint customers.. now you got back network and an ugly phone. HAVE FUN!

  126. @101 bloodkil not funny I’m blind in one eye.really. Don’t hate my opinion. Hate your parents for not loving you enough when your uncle “touched” you in those “bad” places

  127. @lol why is this phone so ugly? Cause you touch yourself at night.
    We got back network, do you have side network?

  128. it’s not fair to say this is the phone of the year. first and formost, lets wait and see how the 1.2Ghz dual core snapdragon compares to the 1Ghz dual core tegra2. having a faster clock speed doesn’t make it better. Plus the tegra2 is probably much better when it comes to gaming. also not, by the time this phone releases, we will probably be seeing other phones release with the 1.2Ghz dual core tegra2 chipsets. nvidia wants to roll out their 1.2Ghz 3d enabled chips by the end of spring/early summer. As for the Evo, i liked the Evo 4g, however it was over hyped. my galaxy s ran circles around my evo.

  129. @105.dvrcowboy

    Way to go kid style because you didnt pay attention to specs and got called on it… And I dont need to hear about you and your uncle in the night and how you lost an eye.

    *on topic
    This phone is F’ing ugly on the backside, but hopefully otterbox will make a defender case for it which would make it look more streamlined and appropriate for jobsites.

    This may not be the phone of the year but the 8660 (though I do not believe this is a confirmed chip it would seem likely with a bit of past info) combined with the a220 is quite surely a beast to contend with. Also the demos put out for this processor look pretty impressive as far as gaming goes.

  130. btw to those who are really missing an eye my previous comment was not meant to be insulting… Quite simply someone with only one eye are the only people who should be able to bitch about 3d without at least trying it.

  131. Boy oh boy this list goes on and on just like the energizer bunny…All the specific individuals always bashing something ”RELATED TO SPRINT” I come to the conclusion that jelousy rains in there world. @Wrc,@John Clavis,@Keller, Then the new jack @Bella…All i can say is “DON’T HATE PARTICIPATE” Hating Htc or Sprint for there leading devices makes no sense they make android very strong as a platform and they represent sprint well. The best HTC device will always remain on sprint for many years to come rely on that. Now that I got that out the way lets look at this completely…..Htc Evo 3d…………….Dual core 1.2GHz processor
    4.3” 3D qHD (540×960) SLCD display
    4G WiMAX technology
    Dual 5 megapixel main 3D cameras
    Android 2.3 with latest HTC Sense 3.0
    Front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera
    DLNA and HDMI (MHL) video output
    Wifi B,G,N,
    Bluetooth 3.0
    1730mAh Li-Ion battery
    Dual microphones for noise suppression
    Digital compass, G-Sensor, Light sensor, GPS/AGPS
    The list can go on and on concerning this device and truthfully there might be some other things we might not know about this device. What was seen was pre production definately not a finished product 100% so upon release we will see what else might exist as far as software applications which they are still discussing with partners. Hating 3d is a choice people will have which is just being closed minded, but hating THIS DEVICE JUST BECAUSE IT’S ON SPRINT IS SIMPLY SENSELESS. I proudly confess to being a Google Android/Htc/Sprint head that will always be because that exact combination is a winner in this industry..HATE ALL YOU WANT IT’S USELESS…To the current Evo 4g customers as well as everyone else on sprint who can appreciate this device WE SHOULD ALL BE HAPPY TO BE A PART OF A NETWORK THAT WORKS HARD TO BRING US THE BEST EVERY YEAR AND ALLOWS US TO USE OUR DEVICE AS INTENDED BY OUR FAVORITE MANUFRACTURER WITHOUT BLOCKS OF ANY KIND. In return we should gladly be ready to come out in force on that day the Htc Evo 3d is released. I will be there just as I was on June 4th 2010.

  132. I love the way Mr. Hesse Attacks the C.E.O of Ass t&t…This merger needs to be DENIED..But if not Sprint stands to gain from this because plenty of tmobile current customers will come aboard to the now network prior to the change. Sprint will be THE ONLY AFFORDABLE carrier LEFT STANDING that supports android and they also have a fine selection of devices that tmobile customers should love. Google will see to it that they support sprint in this instance much more than they ever have knowing at&t does not truthfully support the android platform….Enjoy this funny video…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVQvuueM0IA

  133. Enloy this one my sprint friends

  134. @bloodkil I never mentioned specs I’m just not that impressed with it. I lost my right eye on the job 8 years ago so I REALLY can’t use 3d. This is my OPINION of the phone respect it.

  135. @96.Dvrcowboy

    “Nice, but it feels kinda like upgrading that fruit phone. No major improvements. I have the OG EVO I think I’ll wait until next year’s model so I can notice a difference”

    That was your OPINION of the phone to which one can only infer that you were talking about the specs (that are upgraded) to which I replied and you started jumping my shit about being one eyed, because I mentioned an eye-patch… Respect the truth.

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