Google Releases Experimental Version of Translate for Japanese Language in Light of National Disaster


Everyone’s been coming together to help the folks out in Japan after a national disaster destroyed homes, shut down businesses, rendered public transportation options inoperable and made way for another big nuclear scare. Google’s the latest to show their colors by releasing an experimental version of Google translate that’ll translate 50 languages to Japanese and vice-versa. (Speech-to-speech translation can only currently be carried out using Japanese, English, and Spanish.) Click here to download the APK file or scan the QR code at this page. (You’ll need to enable unknown sources in Settings > Application Settings. Sorry, AT&T users.) [via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. thats good, i hope this is helpful.
    and may GOD be with those in japan.

  2. @Dork

    Where was GOD when the plate tectonics slid past each other under the ocean floor and created one of the biggest earthquakes ever, triggering a subsequent tsunami, causing massive destruction and death?

    Or where is GOD right now as starving innocent children die all over the globe despite their incessant prayers?

    Or where was GOD when Elisabeth Fritzl was imprisoned by her father in a dungeon-like basement, raped, and tortured for 24 years? Imagine how she must’ve prayed.

    Dork, this isn’t a religious topic. So please be civil and keep religion out of this. Thank you.

  3. Not to be a sour puss, but the Japanese may have shot themselves in the foot here. These translation apps from google are data based, not built into the mobile. And all the Japanese carriers have made it practically impossible for anyone not living in Japan to get a simple prepaid mobile, never mind prepaid data. On a recent trip to Okinawa, I was able to use my prepaid only because my wife is Japanese, so I have a home address there. Tried looking into getting some sort of access to data. Just forget it. Can’t buy a mifi or any mobile without a 2 year contract, no exceptions. So, not sure how well this app will work for mobiles in Japan, except for the Japanese. Anyone that knows more about it than I do, please educate me.

  4. oh kelvin, get over yourself. even if you are not religious you should be able see the good in that statement.

    now stop being a clown.

    i pray for the best for those affected by this earthquake.

  5. @pieter

    No I’m sorry, I don’t see the good in that statement. I see it as more of an insult to the Japanese people.

  6. @kelvin
    that’s too bad then.
    personally, if something devastating happens to me, i would like to know that i have the love and best wishes from everybody around me (regardless of how they express it).

  7. @ Pieter

    And personally if something devastating happened to me, I wouldn’t want someone wishing something that is meaningless (mind you that Japan is perhaps the most godless nations in the world) and is somewhat insulting considering the thing you just wished could have prevented the whole catastrophe in the first place without even trying.

    But that’s fine if you want that. Beliefs differ, opinions differ, and perspectives differ. I’m just asking for people to stop bringing up religion in discussions that have no relevance to the matter.

  8. @kelvin you want people to keep god out of these conversations, please keep your atheist views out of these conversations also. Because only a atheist would comment the way you did.

  9. @kelvin or maybe a member of the illuminati

  10. @Paul

    No these are not atheist views. They are simply the views of someone who thinks logically and rationally and are free for anyone to adopt regardless of background.

    And I’d be HAPPY to keep these views out of tech blogs and start talking about cool cell phones and apps as long as others do the same. I definitely wouldn’t have interjected with these comments if the subject wasn’t brought up :P

  11. Kelvin you are an idiot. Refrain from talking, u better off.

  12. Dia – is this the Dia from NY? Small world!

  13. @Kelvin
    Shut up already.

    So does this app actually translate Japanese well? I’ve never seen an automatic translation to or from Japanese that didn’t word-salad the grammar.

  14. ok first of all its not “religious” views. religion is more like “baptist, catholic, etc”. I wasnt trying to make this an argument over peoples faith. if i would have said “im hoping for the best for japan”, i think the turnout of this whole conversation would have been different but because i put GOD in it. ITS WRONG? sorry. Android FTW!

  15. and @fish it does! i use this app all the time simply for fun. haha.

  16. oh yeah i take that sorry back. hahaha. not sorry for what i believe in.

  17. @dork

    Confirmed. It’s not 100%, but it’s by FAR the best automated translator I’ve ever seen. The translations it comes up with are awkward and robotic, but grammatically sound and capable of conveying the intended meaning about 80% of the time.

    Babelfish does that about 2% of the time.

  18. @Kelvin, quit being the dork. He is free to express his faith.

  19. @kelvin you’re such a dumb piece of shit man… simple as that. And being that you are NOT the one who says what can be said here.. why on earth would anyone listen to your little sorry ass comment “Dork, this isn’t a religious topic. So please be civil and keep religion out of this. Thank you.” … I would simply say “I’ll talk about religion here as much as I please.. if you don’t like it, fuck your self”.. simple as that. Kelvin…. what a dumb ass name too….

  20. This app is pretty cool, I think and hope more like this come out for other languages and maybe even get perfected to the point of actual 100% correct translation.. which I think would be hard to do, no??

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