Mar 8th, 2011

When Nokia chose Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 as the platform for their smartphones moving forward, many cringed and wondered why the company wouldn’t go with Android, an operating system that has proven its worth in the market. Aside from CEO Stephen Elop’s claim that he did not want Nokia’s new handsets to get lost on shelves already featuring so many Android devices, a new report is suggesting Microsoft slipped the mobile manufacturer $1 billion to sweeten the pot.

The $1 billion is part of a 5-year deal with MS, insuring their operating system is the first choice for Nokia for the foreseeable future. Consumers and ranting bloggers aren’t the only ones a bit thrown off by Nokia’s choice, either. As reported yesterday, Intel’s CEO expressed that he felt Android was the better choice.

With this new information, it seems unlikely Nokia might change their tune any time soon. We best move along and not think of the partnership that could have been.

[via BusinessWeek]

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