Samsung 4G LTE Stealth Hits FCC, When Will it Land at Verizon?


This year at CES Samsung unveiled what was then being called their 4G LTE Smartphone. Since then, it has been pieced together from the SCH-I510 model number and a tip from a Verizon insider that the phone will most likely launch as the Samsung Stealth. That same tip also suggested the handset would launch during Q2, equating to a late spring or early summer release. A new FCC filing for the phone at least confirms we will see it then, if not sooner.

As you can see from the listing details above, this handset is most definitely a CDMA phone with LTE radio. Sounds like Verizon to us, no? The phone piqued our interest when we got our first hands-on look at it, but with few details revealed and several other great LTE devices coming to Verizon, we admit this one slips from our mind at times. Good to see it back in the news.

[FCC via WirelessGoodness]

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  1. danm sprint where are you?

  2. “danm sprint where are you?” Kansas City. They also have the old Nextel headquarters in Reston, VA… why are you so curious? ;-)

  3. Samsung needs to release the galaxy s2 on verizon not this ugly single.core pos.

  4. Meh, well on the bright side this phone will see speeds higher than sprint so, we will dominate once again.

  5. Gingerbread is not even optimized fir dual core yet, so why are you bashing on single core running gingerbread espercially samsung cpu?

  6. @Prince, because he’s an idiot.

    Having only one core does not make any phone a pos. Do your research about what your bashing and then you can talk.

  7. @ dave. You failed pork shit! Lol.

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