HTC Wildfire, Magic (myTouch 3G), and G1 Latest to Receive Honeycomb Ports [Video]


Honeycomb is beginning to reach back into the archives with a couple of new ports for older devices. By older, we mean two of the original Gs to hit the scene, the T-Mobile G1 and the myTouch 3G. This further spits in the face of the notion that Honeycomb requires a set of minimum specifications, though we are certain the G1s hardware isn’t recommended. Joining the myTouch and G1 is the HTC Wildfire, which also received a Honeycomb port.

Now, it should go without saying that these ports are more proof of concept than the sort of thing you want to install on your device. As previously mentioned, the specs of these handsets aren’t the most apt for running Honeycomb, and even if they were the ports are rather non-functional. Pretty impressive, nonetheless.

[XDA via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Thats crazy.

  2. Allthese ports giving ppl false hope of getting these update….. all non functional lmao! Wow

  3. @sceptic – you are so sceptical!!!


  4. Has honeycomb been offically announced/released yet?

  5. I believe the word we are looking for is “Lagmaster”

  6. That is pretty amazing, even if it is laggy as heck right now. The tablet version of Android on the original Android smartphone is a cool accomplishment.

    How about the Sprint HTC Hero? That should easier anyway as it has more RAM and internal space.

  7. this actually makes me miss my g1. lagging is the hardware and usually gets worked out in a matter of weeks…I didn’t think I’d like the way this worked on a phone, but now I’m pretty intrigued.

  8. I can’t imagine what it would be like to run Honeycomb on one of these phones. I have a myTouch 3G running the official T-Mo Froyo and it’s painful. I honestly don’t enjoy using my phone for anything anymore. It takes too long to so simple tasks.

  9. Seriously!!!! How is the mt3g gonna run honeycomb when it can’t even handle gingerbread?

  10. Oops! Said that wrong. Mt3g can’t run Froyo, hows it gonna run honeycomb. And what happen to gingerbread?

  11. @11 strinct you aren’t very smart if you don’t think it can run Froyo. My old MyTouch 3G has had the official update to 2.2 since October. Which is Froyo.

  12. That’s Yoshi and his team at XDA. They already have gingerbread working on the g1 and magic. I have been running yoshi. Ginger on my phone for weeks. Currently on RC 5.2 and it runs WAY BETTER than the official 2.2.1 from T-Mobile. Team Yoshi FTW.

  13. B2L. On my mt3g 3.5 froyo ran very very very very slow. It is a known issue with the 3.5. And I’m talking ota update. I did an exchange, got the optimus G or whatever, sold it, and got a defy. Way better phone imo! HTC has failed me twice now. MT3G and then the wifes slide.

  14. My Touch 1.2 running gingerbread great. Yoshi 5.2 with lots more to come. Gingerbread keyboard and lots of goodies. OC in the rom. Runs smooth with no issues at all. WE have the oldest phones running the newest OS. Oh boy some of the big name phones getting Gingerbread 2nd quarter. Been there done that. Hopefully they will run better than TMO ota for MyTouch. Hoepfully they will run AT LEAST as good as Yoshi. Doubt it but there is hope, Yoshi rocks.

  15. @cyberstoic – been running Yoshi Gingerbread since 1.0 and loaded rc5.2 last night. Absolutely better than t-mo’s froyo 2.2.1 Even as a release candidate it is FASTER than the official froyo. I can’t wait to see what they do with honeycomb!

  16. I am running Ginger Yoshi RC5.2 and there is no lag on my G1. They only started the port because everyone said it can’t be done and they are out to prove people wrong. The Gingerbread on the G1 and mytouch 3g are running perfectly.

  17. I can contest also that im running GingerBread 2.3.2 on the MyTouch3.5mm and it runs flawlessly on it. No lag and just works plain and simple. Yoshi RC5.2 w/ CMparts, skys the limit.


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