Mar 2nd, 2011

While news that Google TV didn’t make a big splash with attendees at the Game Developers Conference caused a single tear to roll down my cheek, the words of Google TV product manager at Logitech Ashish Arora wiped it right off. According to Arora, the Android Market will be coming to Google TV very soon.

Responding to a question at OTTCon on Tuesday, Arora said in regards to the Android Market on Google TV, “It will happen shortly. It’s a given that it will happen this year, 100 percent. We’re talking about a very short term.”

That, ladies and gents, is music to my ears. It would be easy to rehash the various struggles Google TV has faced in gaining some ground in the living room, but I still believe if manufacturers and Google can stick behind the platform just a bit longer it will catch on. After all, didn’t it take Android on smartphone a year or two before it really got rolling?

[via GearLive]