Europe to Get LG Optimus 2X in March


You have heard of the phone’s dual-core power. You have seen our review. But where, oh where, is the LG Optimus 2X? The answer to that question just came in the form of a press release stating that the 2X will launch in “key European markets this month.” In case the 28 days thing throws you off as much as it does me, check your calendar. It’s already March.

No word on which “key markets” they plan to target, but we could make some guesses. It will land with Android 2.2 with a planned upgrade to Android 2.3 in the pipeline. We have a good feeling about this handset coming to the good ol’ US of A, as well, but don’t hold us to that.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. Blah, bad phone.
    Pure scam.

  2. LG announced on their Cebit press conference a launch in Germany for next week.

  3. :) Cool!!

  4. Its comming to Denmark one of these days, many shops and carriers already have it on their website for preorder with delivery in startmarch, so it shuld be just around the corner now ;-)

  5. expansys europe will have it by mid-march :-)

  6. T-mobile netherlands expects it next week.(and they claim to have some exclusive deal here)

  7. So does this do anything to the possible US release date?, we should hear SOME type of info on that whithin the next couple of weeks right?

  8. I really hope this phone comes to tmobile in the states, I don’t want to wait until the htc pyramid finally comes out at the end of the year to get a new phone.

  9. I recently spoke to tmobile and the rep. Basically said he knows when the lg optimus is being released here in the u.s. But he is not at liberty to discuss that with me so it seems it might be fairly soon lets cross our fingers!

  10. I’m holding you to it….

  11. That is a nice looking phone.

  12. Hope it is released soon here in the states, as I hate to see phones talked about in the media forever and by the time it is finally released in the US market the phone has become irrelevant…i.e. Sony Experia 10

  13. 2X rules. just got mine this morning in amsterdam. vodaphone for free with a 2 year contract (30 euro per month)

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