Official Gingerbread 2.3.2 ROM Leaks for the Samsung Galaxy S


Motorola’s Sanjay Jha might be gloating about Motorola’s desire to be among the first to offer Gingerbread upgrades and HTC may be dolling out timetables for the update coming to their handsets, but who would have thought that Samsung — the same Samsung that is still in the process of getting Android 2.2 Froyo on many of the Galaxy S handsets — would be the first to show us a leaked build of their official Android 2.3.2 ROM. That is what a thread over at XDA is reporting, anyway.

Along with a link to the ROM and its origina over at a Polish Android forum, the original poster Lorbas is claiming they have confirmation that this leak is the official working build of Gingerbread that will eventually grace the Galaxy S line of phones. We’ve been here before, and there is no telling when Samsung will actually get around to rolling this update out to current S handsets. Fingers crossed they have shaped up their act since Froyo, but we aren’t holding our breath.

[via XDA | Thanks, Andre Luz!]

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  1. Samsung <3

  2. Oh, hello there.

  3. sweet….downloading as we speak :)

    the rom is I9000XXJV1 and its 240 mb…flash it with odin :)

    Good lord…never expected samsung to release it quickly..

    Eat this Motorola and HTC !!!!

  4. abiut to flash it well see how it works

  5. Oh let the games begin!

  6. Seriously. I don’t care about the US, Samsung is the best when it comes to high-end phone software support.

  7. We Poles, are so cool!

  8. YAY!!!

  9. and now vibrants can run i9000 roms! i am on my way over there now to check this out!

  10. Cool to see Sammy stepping it up a bit w/ a leaked ROM, but Moto also had a leak a while back of the Droid X running their test build of Gingerbread. Can’t be too long now. Hopefully this means all three major manufacturers, along with LG and Sony will continue to push to get these updates out to all of us soon!

  11. Samsung did have a head start over all of the other manufactures b/c of the Nexus S

  12. Is not all that surprising. Isn’t this the “Google experience” phone? Doesn’t Google get a hand in its updates?

  13. Samsung is good when it comes to releasing builds. The official build is the one that takes long

  14. will it fix the lag problem…..that is the real question….nice phone. …screwed by the lag

  15. Wow, did not think Samsung had it in them! Great to see that they gave up two major updates to the Galaxy S.

  16. @lost: no, that’s the Nexus S.. the news is about the Galaxy S. Not the same. (Although similar.)

  17. If in a few months’ time Samsung/AT&T update my Captivate from 2.1 to 2.2 to 2.3, I’ll certainly be sticking with their products and services in the future.

  18. So far this seems like a good change for samsung :)

  19. How about G-bread for Galaxy tab.

  20. it looks like it may be a Dev build. there may be some issues with it including a locked bootloader, so don’t flash it unless you are certain you want to live with i forever. :-)

  21. Go Team Whiskey!

  22. @joedon3: xda members are reporting that download mode works fine after flashing it.

  23. @Almos. I just read that on my thread. :-P Thanks!

  24. Can I just go ahead and install it on my vibrant 2.2 froyo? Can somebody show me step by step how to install a .zip file?

  25. @Prince: do not install it! It’s for the international I9000, AND it’s beta. Market not working for example.

  26. Thanks very much Almos….

  27. This shows you its carriers not Samsung. US carriers happen to all be done at once.

  28. Can’t wait till Team Whiskey does something with this

  29. nice!, with this ROM this phone will be awesome!

  30. @UniqueNate is right on. If there was any question to wether the update delays were/are the fault of sammy or the carriers, here’s your answer.

  31. @tQ745,
    Respectfully, I will have to disagree with you. Samsung has historically been almost dead last on all carriers to receive an update. If what you are saying is true, all of the carriers are banding against Samsung to release the official updates as late as possible, and I just don’t see this being the case.

    All that said, it is nice that the Samsung folks are being taken care of for once!

  32. It’s great to see samsung finally stepping it up. I do agree they had a headscarf on GB since the nexus s is the almost identical hardware sans the shitty RFS filesystem. I also know that the galaxy s phones are touchwiz and the nexus s isn’t but a good start none the less. Just sad to say that it’s highly likely that none of the major us carriers will ever see this on their galaxy Phones. Which are the exact same phones but can’t seem to get the updates.

  33. will it work on an Epic 4G?

  34. Lol US Galaxy S owners.

  35. My HTC Dinc has been running 2.3 for over a month now thanks to r2 and Team WeDoDroid.

  36. Welcome to Gingerbread, it’s a wonderful, wonderful place to be.

  37. Nexus One and Nexus S laughs at you all


    Just clear the installed updates of market in settings, you will be able to connect to the android market.

  39. So will this work on my T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G?

  40. Why is it hard to believe? Do you still have your head up your ass? Is this the time where all the samsung haters will shut up now? I hope so because you people are annoying.

  41. lol

    + 1 2FR35H

    Read bela’s post. Again an moron who obviously thinks U.S is the centre of the world. Stop posting on every freaking Samsung related article, cus you’re giving more and more negativity towards america with your idiocy.

    Samsung please please don’t go through the trouble in releasing 2.3 for U.S People like him don’t deserve it!

  42. lol and yet here on this site we have moaners crying that Samsung are late with updates. lmao

    I’d laugh if U.S don’t get this. So we can read more moaning and crying on here.

  43. Please, froyo on my captivate is so nice. Gingerbread would complete me.

  44. Got Froyo running on my Epic and it’s almost flawless. I go a day+ without having to charge,GPS works, and a noticeable increase in performance speed, all these with the phone still in default setting. I can’t wait to see what 2.3 has in store for the Epic. It might even quench my thirst of trying to get a new phone(Galaxy S2) at least until my 2year contract expires. Can someone pls specify what major changes 2.3 update has to offer. A new UI experience?

  45. I personally don’t see Gingerbread offering up as many or as useful features as froyo, so I’m not overly excited about this. While it’s great the SGS is acknowleding its release, just give me my damn froyo already and be done with it!

  46. And before anyone tells me to root my phone, let me say no thanks. I shouldn’t have to in order to enjoy 2.2. And if anyone who follows the mulitple android sites will tell you, every make and model phone that is rooted has it’s own bugs and issues. If they didn’t the latest OS would be pushed out OTA already. I’m not going to waste my time updating my phone every other day because these hacker/developers forgot to add a feature here or there before releasing it to the general public, claiming it’s a “clean root”. I call BS.

  47. Funny how you folks keep talking about ROM, ROM is where you change the ROM chip OS, not where you download an update from the web. Downloading means every time you get a virus, malware, etc., when you do a factory reset, your back to 2.1. Whereas if you change the actual ROM chip, next time you do a factory reset, your still at 2.3, with 4G ROM’s available for tablets we really ought to have something like libre office onboard.
    Stu in Oz, long live the second tech boom/smartphone-tablet revolution, but the cancer of the speculators, have already moved in to gamble away all the potential, just like enron. After all your desktop hasn’t advanced at any thing like the rate it did in the 90’s. I’m just upgrading and after 7 years, speed is only 2 times as fast, transistors have only doubled, giving me only 4 times as much power. Okay the software and 64 bit architecture gives me a little more power. At least smartphones/tablets mean a dramatic improvement, in the amount of power consumed, to things you can actually do.

  48. I have 2.5. That’s what’s up!

  49. @Stuart, if you knew what you were talking about, you’d know there are two different meanings when it comes to the word ROM. Do your research before critizing others!

  50. Just tried this rom. Blazing fast + loving the new animations!!! Looking forward to the official release! Well done

  51. I want buying this phone it is fantastic please tell me about this

  52. All you assholes telling US SGS owners to quit crying need to look at the big picture:
    Froyo = not released STILL
    2.3 ROM leak = exactly that…a leak by some Polish Forum
    There is nothing saying that this leak is for sure by Samsung. It’s just a damn rumor which will most likely be dispelled by this very same Phandroid site as soon as they realize they got it wrong and gave bad info. So fuck you, I still don’t have Froyo when I should, and I’m not going to root. And for fuck sake quit blaming the carriers for this. You can’t sit there and tell me straight faced that all four major carriers are fucking over their customers AND Samsung by delaying a fucking 2.2 update. That’s just fucking stupid. There is OBVIOUSLY something going on with the software that SAMSUNG didn’t anticipate, or they are purposely being lazy. Either way it shows incompetency or lack of giving a shit about the US consumer.

  53. lol @ contraus

    Froyo not released? I had Froyo using Kies in October. Nothing going on with software Samsung didn’t anticipate.

    Samsung beta build have been leaking regularly since may 2010. Yeh they are fake…


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