Android Market Listed in the Android Market, Paradox Ensues


Take a minute to mosey on over to the Androidify page at the Android Market website. Peak under at the “More from Developer” heading. Notice anything strange? A link to an Android Market page for the Android Market. Alas, clicking that link brings us to a “Not Found” page. We won’t be downloading the Android Market from the Android Market anytime soon.

So what gives with this strange paradox? Is the ability to install the Android Market on other platforms coming soon? Doubtful, since you’d need the Android Market to download the Android Market. It just doesn’t make sense!

Chances are the Market APK is simply listed among the rest of Google’s apps on their servers and this information has been fed directly into the webstore’s database. A little glitch that should ultimately mean nothing…right?

[Thanks, Lukas!]

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  1. D’oh.

  2. It’s a market within a market then within a market, haven’t you seen that movie Inception? same thing! duh…

  3. Blackberry Apps World has it’s Apps World listed in its itself as well.

  4. Yo dawg, I heard you like apps, so I put the market in the market so you can download apps while you download apps.

  5. Could this mean Archos and other tablets will be downloading Android market to download Android Market?

    What happens when you Purchase Android Market from the Android market anyway?

  6. Googling Google could kill the internet.

  7. It could be simply a way to provide a visual representation of updates to the market.

    You receive an update notification via Market that market is to be updated you click update and it downloads and installs the update…I actually like the idea.

  8. Not so crazy.. If I deleted Market from my phone and went to the website, I should be able to send it back .. maybe ?

  9. I’m more concerned that seemingly the package name for the Market is “finsky” o_0

  10. It sounds like Goldman S. Market within the Market which created the recession. You think this is another bubble waiting to pop. LOL.

  11. There are actually 2 theories that have been voiced:

    1. It’s tablet-specific, with a different UI.
    2. It’s for updates, so that you can actually see when a new upgrade is available and do it on demand, which actually makes a lot of sense.

    My money is on 2.

  12. @ TatiG I have it on good authority if you type Google into Google, you can break the Internet. So please, no one try it, even for a joke. And the internet normally resides in Big Ben.
    But I actually think Jared is right and agree it would be a good idea.

  13. Or it could be their way of updating the market app without pushing a whole new android version through all of the carriers.

  14. An Android Market three levels deep requires a powerful sedative :-)

  15. People starting the Xoom for the first time are prompted with an update for the Market application. That’s it.

  16. It is for app update to the Android market app. I got the xoom yesterday. Using it right now :-D when I got home and set everything up I had an update notification for the market app. I am sure its no coincidence that I didn’t get the same update notification on my OG DROID.

  17. there’s a lot of smartphones that wasn’t shipped with market app by carriers, may be this is for them

  18. It’s all part of Google’s decoupling their native apps from Android OS. This should help to speed up the process by which OEMs craft their OS updates – something I’m sure everyone here would applaud.

  19. It’s all part of Google’s ongoing effort to decouple native (“Google Experience”) apps from Android OS, per se. Check around and you’ll find that Android Market is the last remaining GX app not available for separate download.

    The hope is that this will speed up the process for OEMs crafting their OS updates – something everyone here would applaud. Plus, it takes Google out of the finger-pointing loop – something the Googlers would applaud.

  20. Best. Phandroid. Story. Title. Ever.

  21. @Jeff J & @TatiG – You won’t bring down the internet if you google google. I’ve done it, and I was only transported to this weird alternate reality where everything was color code #A4C639.

  22. Actually, on the Xoom, I received 2 market updates yesterday through the market app in the market…

    It is live…

  23. @16 I think you are correct. I got the market update on my xoom as soon as I fired up market for the first time.

  24. It’s like this one time that I found a Starbucks inside of a Starbucks.

  25. A paradox? We’re going to need the Doctor for this one…

  26. What about upgrades?

    You could download an android market update with android market. That at least seems plausible right?

  27. No you don’t need the Android Market to download it, remember there’s a web-based Android Market which allows you to wirelessly download apps to your phone? Send the Market to your Blackberry phone

  28. If I remember right, I spotted this a few days ago on market.android.com, and when I clicked the link, it loaded a largely blank app description page and I got rick-rolled by an embedded video

  29. i saw this on the market website a couple of days ago. it said under the version requirement that it was for 3.0 and higher. so basically when honeycomb tablets come out they can download the market app to update the market rather than it silently being updated? who know what’s going to happen with this one.

  30. Bah, BlueDan got there before me :/

  31. @Terrence

    No. You need a Google account attached to your Android phone to download an app, and it downloads directly to your phone. If you don’t have an Android phone, you can’t download apps.

  32. According to DroidReign this app is especially for Honeycomb =]

  33. funny story: i accidentalness deleted the market on my phone because i used “launcher pro”

    ofcourse because i was on att backflip i cannot [easily] load non-market apps on the phone (so i could not re-load the market .app)

    i ended up having to factory resset the phone….

  34. I blame Xzibit.

  35. Richard Yarrell did it. When he was sweeping the floors, he knocked something over with his broom because he was making burnt offering to his EVO with the other hand.

  36. It’s Google. What else do you expect?

  37. @snapper:

  38. Hopefully it is a sign of Google putting more of the OS into the market to make updates easier.

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