Pre-Order the Samsung Galaxy S II From Play for £650; Releasing March 31st?


Play.com has published their pre-order plans for the Samsung Galaxy S II. You can pay £650 pounds to pre-order it right now. They say to expect it release on the 31st of March, but considering that’s the very last day of that month, it could very well be a placeholder for a different date in the same month. (This is a common practice for retailers who don’t yet know the exact shipping date.) Take a look at our hands-on time with it from Mobile World Congress, and a full list of its specs can be had at Play’s site. [GSMArena]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. coming to the US in….

  2. I would buy this if it came out for Verizon.

  3. FYI – $865.33 based on removing the VAT and current exchange rate.

  4. @Dave – This is confirmed coming to T-Mobile USA (date not set)

  5. Eh yo, ya’ll get yo ice cream before it melts…aiite. Peace out, Sammy.

  6. Confirmed coming to T-Mobile USA?? where?

  7. If this is coming to T-mobile I will be switching from Verizon, of course I will buy the phone off contract. But If the Galaxy S came to all the major carriers, I have to believe this will eventually hit them all as well.

  8. Samsung has been making Android phones with excellent specs but please do some research before you buy one!
    If you search many forums you will find a consistent gripe with Samsung over the past year.
    Primarily with issues of shoddily performing GPS in Galaxy-class phones, no fixes & fixes that don’t work, and super slow updates (to tempt customers to buy new phones). For example, just *now* Samsung is finally giving Galaxy phone (Captivate, Vibrant, Epic, etc) owners Froyo (Android 2.2) which has been available on many other phones since last Summer.
    You can read more here:
    PLEASE do not buy Samsung phones.

  9. When can we expect this is the us?

  10. @PimpStrong – T-Mobile USA tweet’d it. They have the Galaxy S2. http://www.gizmocrunch.com/android/5425-t-mobile-samsung-galaxy-s2-release-date

  11. @dave agreed, though it wouldn’t surprise me if tmo got a couple months head start

  12. Tmobile please as I said before bring this phone to your arsenal and you will keep me as customer for 75+ more years.

    Thank you.

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