Mystery DROID 2 Update Floating Around?


Looks like the DROID 2 could be in for another OTA update soon, if an image sent to Droid-Life is to be believed. The line beneath the data disclaimer is weird: “Delta Package between 2.3.20 – 3.4.2-113” – just what is this? As they point out, 2.3.20 is the latest build number for the DROID 2.  It’s no small update, either, clocking in at 42 MB. We’re not sure if this is real or not, but consider us interested. What do you folks think this could be? (I know most of you are secretly hoping for Gingerbread.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Gingerbread ftw

  2. 2.3.20… is this GB? Doubtful.
    This also seems large for a minor update, 42mb.

  3. I haven’t gotten it yet here in Ohio yet..

  4. 42mb is about half the size of what it would take to be be a GB rom, so don’t hold your breath.

  5. if this come out before the droid x’s update imma be pissed

  6. I’m getting nothing on my software check, but I didn’t get it early last time either.

    Verizon’s probably doing it’s phased release thing, where they send it to a percentage of their userbase to kind of beta test it and then send it to everyone else.

  7. You know what would have been nice? If he tapped that “View Release Notes” button and sent in a screenshot of that.

  8. It’s not gingerbread people you Motorola people crack me up. HTC INCREDIBLE

  9. I have been hoping for gingerbread for my droid 2, it seems like the droid 2 was getting no love.

  10. Hey robert, what is your problem fanboy.

  11. @robert u sure u happy with that incredible instead of coming here and talking smack about the droid 2 think that ur phone is a grandpa droid 2 is still a baby by da way wat u running on ur incredible 2.2 thats cool umm i have a nexus s running 2.3.2 :D

  12. @Aquamadman HTC fanboys are starting to get really uppity huh? Let’s just remember that when it comes down to it we’re all here for android.

  13. meh… I have an Eris running Gingerbread already. Not upgrading until sometime around Q3/Q4 anyhow.

  14. I’ve heard that this is nothing more than certain system updates and a close to the rooting loophole. So be careful, you may loose the capability to root. Droidx users have been playing with a 3.4.2 leak and no one has been able to achieve root as of yet.

  15. i think its just a bugfix update…
    here in germany there are a lot of bugs already that have to fix before updating to gingerbread ;)

  16. ive been waiting for gingerbread for the Droid X forever it seems like now it was mentioned and now seems to have vanished from there minds. impatient… -_-

  17. Not real in my opinion. Look a the bottom of the pop-up. The gray at the bottom (below Download-Later-Cancel) is larger than anywhere else and it does not have a graphically rounded corner that follows the white border. This looks like photo manipulation by a well informed Android user but an amature graphic artist. The manufacturer always keeps graphic stuff like this tight. Just my opinion though.

  18. Probably not GB. But most people that even care if their phone gets updated or not are already running custom roms.i have the dx and my wife the d2 and she could care less if her phone was updated. I on the other hand would love to see GB on ANYTHING.

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