Motorola Atrix 4G Available Today for as Low as $129.99


Consider this our official welcome the Motorola Atrix 4G on its launch day. If you didn’t pre-order the dual-core smartphone, you now have several options for purchasing the device. Direct from AT&T will cost you $199.99 on a two-year contract, while Amazon and RadioShack are offering it for $149.99. The best price comes out of WalMart, who is carrying the phone for $129.99 if you get it before Thursday.

If you opt for the laptop dock/phone combo that will cost you $499.99 in most places, though RadioShack is offering it for $329.99 with the purchase of the handset. If you get it later on down the road it will cost $499.99 without the phone, too. So get it now or wait it out for a price drop on the accessory.

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  1. now if only the xoom was subsidized $571

  2. Congrats AT&T users.

  3. Old trick never gets old. Set the “rumor” price higher than actual retail price so people can expect more then sell the product at lower price on release date and here come the suckers.

  4. These deep discounts are a result of ATT forcing the manufacturers from selling the phones through anyone other than att sometime soon correct?

  5. yea and best buys price…$599! for just the phone btw. what the hell is that about?!

  6. I got the atrix yesterday….the user interface and screen is not that great. I had a samsung captivate before and its much better than the atrix…

    Except for a few applications and games that really use the dual core processor, everything else is better in HTC inspire or samsung captivate

  7. I prefer the Thunderbolt and I am patiently waiting.

  8. I’ll pass on this round of “quasi” 4g phones that wont work on LTE when ATT roles it out in 6 months. Ridiculous planning on ATTs part.

  9. Well, I got mine yesterday and I am an Iphone convert and all I can say is it blows my iphone away hands down. I am still very new to android so I have allot to tinker with, but my first impression is excellent.

  10. WalMart’s $129.99 price is only for new contracts. It’s $149.99 for upgrades.

  11. Too bad there is not one post anywhere on the Internet showing ATT 4G faster than 3G… If not slower!

  12. The Atrix won’t work on AT&T’s new LTE network? Really?!?!? No thanks! I just with the Thunderbolt would hurry up and come out!

  13. Hmmm my Acer Liquid on ATT H+ used to get 2.2-2.8mbps…

    I ran a speed test on my Atrix today and got 3.1mbps in the bay area, CA.

    Not too much faster, but nonetheless… that is faster. I’m a happy camper :)

  14. Time to celebrate and get my ATRIX!

  15. @ AlexN – I’m also coming from a Craptivate and I’ll tell you right now the Samsung Craptivate is the worst phone I’ve ever owned. The Atrix destroys the Craptivate in every way possible that’s why I doubt you own an Atrix. The Craptivate has a slow file system, GPS will never work on that pos and Samsung support is the worst in the industry. Good luck getting Froyo on that pos.

    The Thunderbolt is just an expensive Evo 4G. HTC is losing their touch with nothing new to offer in 2011. Why anyone would pay $250 for last years tech is beyond me.

    People really want to hate the Atrix because they’re jealous they can’t have one.

  16. No doubt the Motorola Atrix 4g is much better than any iphone ever made… Any android device… BITCH SLAPS… Iphone every day of the week.

  17. I just went to Walmart on my lunch and the store I went to didn’t plan to have the atrix anytime soon. Better go online if you want to get it from them.

  18. Yeah…like it bitch slapped the iPhone at Mobile World Congress last week….oh my bad….the iPhone BITCH SLAPPED every android/iPhone wannabe there when it walked away with the Best Mobile Device Award….

  19. The device is only as great as the network it is running on…too bad this phone isn’t running on Verizon’s awesome network coverage and its 4G LTE network. I’m pretty sure (we) Verizon will get a similar treat in a few months time frame. AT&T is just the guinea pig ;)

  20. We still don’t have a phone on Verizon with 4G.. and I suspect things are going to be the same with them.. only certain cities will be 4G ready at launch. There is nothing wrong with AT&T’s LTE strategy. They are offering HSPA+ now as they continue to build their LTE, which will take awhile.. and then when they are ready, you will be able to buy phones with LTE, that will have HSPA+ for those times when the LTE drops.. With Verizon when their LTE drops you will have 3G.. It’s not a bad selling point. As AT&T has upgraded most of their towers to HSPA+ already, it is a bit disappointing that not more of their towers are online with it.. but supposedly in the next few weeks things will be better.. Besides by the time AT&T is ready to use LTE, the Atrix 2 will be out.

  21. I really love the hardware, and Moto Blur isn’t as horrible as I expected. However, falsely advertising fast 4G speeds is pretty low. In my tests yesterday I was getting better speeds on an HTC Aria in Denver, CO.


  22. Who cares about the iPhone except for bored housewives who play farmville all day? They have no need for a tegra 2. Atrix will be able to play games like this

  23. I think we are honestly to the point now, where when you buy a phone it was easily be outdated in less than 6 months. So I think its an outdated argument to have who’s phone is better. Soon as you open your mouth and say yours is better another has arrived.

  24. This is my first Android coming from iPhone 3G. It’s so much better in every way; I could care less about blur, or if it will be the fastest, thinnest, brightest, highest-res, whatever in two months. It smokes, and I love it. It can only get better from here.

    Still hate ATT. Pretty sure they would charge me per word if they could find a way.

  25. @Iking… Your so DRUNK with this iphone CRAP it so funny we laugh at you… Where’s your buddy Eillen she usually craps in with her typical iphone JUNK.. Surprised she has not rung in yet… Shit on best mobile award cause we all know that was all HOGWASH and you know too… How’s that ANTENNA PROBLEM HOLDING UP LATELY… Did you JAILBREAK that garbage yet… I hope so that is the only way you can do ANYTHING WORTH WHILE WITH ANY IPHONE… Apple sucks just like Verizon and At&t as well as you

  26. @C MAC what are you talkin about the Atrix is gonna run on ATT LTE network when it comes out they said so its the Inspire that only runs on H+ come now

  27. Verizon customers are just jealous again you guys and you pathetic phones lol lol lol!

  28. how fo you spell moron in apple talk…IKING..BRAINDEAD FROM THE START..how did they win when not even won the best manufacturer of the year…hmmmm.braindead as you i gather.

  29. @ Blain… Verizon only has the best phones idiot you dont know what your talking about. att blows garbage network dropped calls horrible internet verizon destroys all idiot.

  30. I just got mine 1 hour ago at radioshark and the phone have a line in the screen like sothing bad is going on with the graphics and now I turn it on and no thing in the screen is showing you only see the backlight of the phone I try removing battery and more and no luck I try again and it worked but same thing on the screen and then I shut it down and again no video on the phone help please.

  31. $119.00 at Costco for new lines and qualified upgrades. However, no docks. If you don’t want the laptop dock, head to Costco if you have one in your area.

  32. got mine, great phone!

  33. I’m having a very hard time finding hours of video play back. I only see video playback mentioned when it is docked on that laptop. The closest info I found was att who said it can playback two movies, no actual hours of playback was given. Aren’t movies 1.5 hours each? If so the single core iPhone 4 for example plays back 10 hours of video, over three times the dual core Atrix. Could it be that the dual core is not being taken advantage of? Why is motorola not telling us video playback time?

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