Froyo for Your Fish: Vertex Cerebra Android-Powered Aquarium Controller


What do you get when you cross a mildly-powered Android tablet and your fish tank? The Vertex Cerebra Aquarium controller power by Android 2.2 Froyo. This 800MHz CPU, 512MB RAM carrying controller is housed in an Aluminum body and buddies up with your fish tank’s sensors to take reading of PH and oxygen levels and make adjustments on the fly. It’s an entire system that aims to revolutionize aquarium care.

We have been excited to see more products like this employing Android, and have been promised everything from toasters to refrigerators, though few marketable options have surfaced. The Vertex Cerebra isn’t for the amateur fish enthusiast, and is headed for a beta test this march. As you might guess, no word on pricing or availability.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. http://www.vertexaquaristik.com/Cerebra%20Aquarium%20Management%20System.pdf

    According to the website, they are planning on having an initial product launch of June 2011.

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