[Update: WalMart, Too] Samsung Galaxy S 4G Shipping Feb. 23 From Wirefly, Presales Start Today


Wirefly has published their presale plans for T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S 4G, an HSPA+ enabled follow-up  to the Samsung Vibrant. You can get the phone a bit cheaper than you would get it from T-Mobile, and it should be on your doorstep sometime next week. Click on through to Wirefly to check it out.

[Update] And now Wal-Mart is starting to get their devices in, though they aren’t allowed to put it up for sale until February 23rd – just like Wirefly. Awesome. Let us know if any of you are planning to grab this up. [TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Bought and paid for baby!

  2. The attrix is launching early..Now this simple statement of this phone preorders and launch date…hhhmmm…why can’t it be like this for Tbolt?????????sorry for posting this here,,but I’m jealous…this is getting downright silly.lol…

  3. I want to know what’s up with the infuse? Nothing new?

  4. And yet still no word on the thunderbolt……

  5. Just left Verizon and i was told they’re having issues with LTE and the Bolt. Launching next month, not sure if it’s true or not.

  6. Vzw having issues with lte and their first lte phone.

    Maybe the other carriers are smart for holding off on their lte migration

  7. I wonder how the thunderbolt comments started on a samsung article? Lol.

  8. yeah i work for walmart wireless. i already bought mine as soon as we got it in stock! love it! :-) only issue i had was that the preloaded movie Inception wouldn’t play but i exchanged it and got a new one. :-)

  9. Lmao at hum smash
    I want the Samsung galaxy s2

  10. I don’t get why samsung and tmobile are releasing this phone.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 is gonna be out in a couple of months and it has the compatilabilty of 4g(most likely tmobile would be also one of the carriers to get one).

    This phone is just the same as the old one just with the “4g” in it.

  11. Why is tmobile and samsung releasing this phone? Plain and simple; because they can and because it will sell.

    Not everyone wants to wait or cares about getting the next great phone. They just want a phone, or their contract is up and they need a new phone.

    Its only us tecophobes who are obsessed with having the latest and greatess.

  12. Nexus S is still better.

    If you disagree you are wrong.

  13. Why would anybody take this over a Nexus S or myTouch 4G?

  14. Nice upgrade

  15. @ lee. Walmart 10% discount. That’s what’s up!

  16. No, I’ve still got a year or so left on my Droid 1 contract.


  17. I’m surprised that even 2 people on here bought this phone. If you care enough about technology to read Android news sites like this, then I’d think you would know not to trust Samsung with a phone by now. Maybe they’re new to the Android scene, or just don’t care that this phone will never be officially updated past Froyo.

  18. If only it was stock Android instead of crapwiz ui.

  19. The Galaxy S class will barely see Android 2.2. The S2’s will probably never get an upgrade past 2.3.

    Meanwhile HTC is still upgrading N1’s and Desires that are over a year old. Samsung just wants your money.

  20. @James No, Google takes care of N1’s (which is still on Froyo) software updates, both Desire and Galaxy S are on Froyo, too.

  21. I saw it presale on Wirefly but I cannot find the Tmobile 3,000 min family plan special on there.

  22. Me too! Bring on the Samsung InFuse…that is going to be my phone for sure!!!!

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