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Why did this come out in the middle of Mobile World Congress, one of the busiest conferences of the year? How will I get any work done? I digress. Words With Friends from Zynga (the makers of several highly popular Facebook games including Farmville) is now available for Android. It is a Scrabble clone that is sure to waste away many hours for language enthusiasts.

I have been waiting for this game almost since the first day I bought an Android phone, so forgive me if I keep this short. I have to save all the good words for besting my friends,

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  2. Why the hell can I only get a free version? I’d much rather pay and be rid of these endless ads!

  3. Now we need a comparative review with Wordfeud.

    I give my vote to the first who brings a French version…

  4. this app doesn’t work for me QQ

  5. A few at work have it for iOS so can I play against them or is it only within the same platform?

  6. Yes it’s cross-platform iphone/ipad/ipodtouch/android
    It’s ok for now. It’s buggy as heck:
    1. If you tap on a game while it’s still loading info (animation on top left), it will Force Close
    2. Randomly, it will end a game and you will lose.
    3. Randomly, after you make a move, you’ll have duplicate games of the same board.

    Other than the sound effects, prettiness, animations, I still prefer WordFeud for it’s fast and clean UI, no stupid shack to shuffle (pressing a button is easier than shaking the stupid phone), and better dictionary.
    Words With Friends doesn’t recognize ‘slut’ as a word. wtf.

  7. It works across platforms. When I loaded it yesterday it picked up my games that I was playing on the IPad automatically. I can play on either and it updates both.

  8. Force closes a lot on the Droid Incredible.

  9. Does it cost?

  10. Its free and clearly free only with reason. Its so buggy I think they are right to not ask for a penny. Been waiting on this for ages. Hopefully the updates come FAST! Right now I’d equate the buggy program to a beta … or less. BUT I am glad its available!

  11. I tried Words with Friends, but I like WordFeud better. Wordfeud just has a cleaner interface. WwF’s color scheme is way to busy.

  12. a market link would have made this a lot easier man……

  13. I just don’t understand why we need this app or why it’s so highly anticipated when we already have WordFeud. Same game, already love it, no need to switch.

  14. I think one huge advantage of Wordfeud is that it gives notifications. Words with Friends, in my short experience so far, does not seem to do that??

  15. Pretty sure it’s highly anticipated for the fact that we will be able to play cross platform with our friends.

  16. Don’t bother until the bug fix. Unplayable as is. Word Feud dev says he is working on an IOS version. Sadly, I think he is doomed even though he has the better product.

  17. Works surprisingly well on my Moment… No! Really!

  18. You can already play cross platform with WordWise, and it works great…

  19. @pault

    most people i know, including my wife have the iphone, ipad or both and play words with friends and i want to play with them. But what i want to know is why is the android version of iphone os games always lacking in features looks user experience or just plain buggy? It annoys me to no end. There are far too many apps that do not work correctly or smoothly from one android phone to another whether they are on the same os level or not. I really think the software and hardware differences matter more than what most people will admit. This crap needs to be fixed. the weather channel app has much more features and looks better than the android one, why is this? the list is long and it is getting longer.

  20. WordFeud has been on the market for a long time. It is also scrabble clone. I’ve been playing it for a long time. .. you can find it here.

  21. Wordfued 4 life!!!

  22. My vote goes to WordFeud. Cleaner app, notifications, shuffle button… WwF seems to be eating the battery at an enormous rate on my Captivate also…

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