HTC Desire S Ups the Ante, First Look at MWC [Video]


It’s no wonder HTC is plastering the Desire name on just about anything that comes close to fitting the bill. The original was wildly successful throughout Europe and the Desire HD and Desire Z further brought honor to the name. But the true successor to the one that started all was announced today, and though it doesn’t improve by leaps and bounds its changes are all the better.

It keeps the 3.7-inch display and 1GHz Snapdragon with additional RAM. The Desire S gets 768MB. The phone has Android Gingerbread, but an HTC Sense UI leaves little noticeable change from previous devices using the UI. You get just about the same experience with some additional tweaks.

There is no complaining on the performance of the device, but would have liked to seen the second edition of such a tent-pole handset given phone of the year honors get specced out in the same fashion as other recently announced handsets from LG and Samsung. A dual-core processor would have been lovely, especially considering this handset should be running the optimized Android 2.4 build of Gingerbread (the one we tested had 2.3.3).

Sitting next to the new Incredible S, we’d probably take the latter for its larger screen size, but the Desire S will not doubt be another favorite. They both should land during Q2 of this year.

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  1. what’s MWC ? what does that stand for?

  2. underwhelming…. Does HTC have a crapload of last gen Snapdragon processors they’re trying to unload in the 1st half of 2011.

  3. Mobile World Congress.

  4. MWC = Mobile World Congress (event in Barcelona this week)

  5. Does it have the same connectors in the same locations as the N1? It sure seems to be the same dimensions and it’d be a plus to share accessories.

    Dual-core or even 1.2 GHz would have been nicer but an N1 with more RAM, Gingerbread and a front camera is still very good.

  6. I have a desire and the only thing I have against it is the lack of on-board memory forcing me to manage my quantity of apps and where they are carefully.

    So long as this handset is released with appropriate pricing compared to the dual core alternatives out there then I think it will be a successful phone.

  7. @2 It has the current generation of Snapdragon processors. Same one as myTouch 4G, Desire HD, Inspire, Thunderbolt, SE Xperia Arc/Neo/Play.

    It is more power efficient, better GPU, more overclock friendly than the previous generation of Snapdragon processors.

  8. Unless these have Dual Core processors they and 1 GB of ram they are BARELY an upgrade.

    Especially when phones like the Atrix will sell for the same amount as these with a subsidized price….Who would buy this over a phone with almost twice the raw power?

    I am personally looking forward to the Samsung S2 64 GB of memory beats the Atrix out even

  9. My Desire can get bogged down CPU-wise sometimes, mostly due to GReader which eats whatever it sees on syncing, but no RAM issues. This is a shame. I hope there’s a Pyramid equivalent coming to the UK.

    And as for the RAM, I hope it’s not 768Mb like the guy in the video says. That would be…underwhelming.

  10. Can’t wait until this will be ported to the original Desire =)

  11. Thats too bad, a great brand but no real innovations. Sure android is upped but that should be a given since its available. under the hood its just the same :(

  12. Where is the qHD display? I was really hoping HTC would launch a new flaggship smartphone. This is just disapointing. An insult to the first Desire…

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