Feb 14th, 2011

Samsung isn’t calling it the Galaxy Tab II, but you could definitely think of it that way. While they are introducing it as a complimentary product to the 7-inch Galaxy Tab currently available, the Tab 10.1’s upgraded hardware and Android 3.0 Honeycomb software make it easily the more appealing of the two. Thankfully, Samsung left Google’s awesomely designed Honeycomb interface untouched. No TouchWiz is in sight. On one hand, this means a great tablet experience. On the other, it means this tablet feels almost no different than the Motorola XOOM with it’s dual-core processor, rear and front cameras, and similar stylings.

While the build quality of the tablet is typically Samsung (read: cheap and plastic-y), it runs quick and offers a great experience. We won’t rehash the aspects of Honeycomb that we loved (especially the tabbed browsing experience), but the version we checked out still had its fair share of bugs. Pricing will be key on whether this is a hit because it is competing on hardware alone, something that doesn’t do a great job of differentiating itself.

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