Huawei Ideos S7 Slim Won’t Hold a Candle to Honeycomb Tablets [MWC][Hands-On]


Just when the Android tablet fire starts burning hot, along comes something like the Huawei Ideos S7 Slim tablet to throw water on the flames. It just wouldn’t be a mobile conference without a sea of low-quality, shoddy Android slates, and the S7 doesn’t disappoint in that area.

Alright, alright. Maybe I am being harsh, but after seeing superior products like the LG Optimus Pad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the Motorola XOOM it’s kind of unfair to stick the Ideos S7 in front of me and expect praise and roses. What you see is what you get: a 7-inch Android 2.1 tablet with a questionable custom UI and specs you might not even waste the breath on. Sure, Huawei will win some battles in the trenches when it comes to price point, we’ll give them that. This is a much better experience than most other tablets of its class.

But we would have been more interested to see the beefed up (though smaller in screen size) S7 Pro with Android 2.3 in working condition. Or maybe the prototype Honeycomb tablet the company has little more than the shell of on display. They say it will be dual-core, but we won’t see it until early 2012 at that. Until then we live with the Ideos S7 Slim.

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  1. $299?

  2. This is a poorly done article. The tablet is $300 and you are comparing it to Honeycomb tablets that start at $500 tablet?

    This tablet is at least equivalent to the Nexus One in terms of specs, but the price point is much lower.

    The video and Engadget pictures clearly show Android 2.2.

    You also failed to mention that this tablet may have phone call functionality, not just weak 3G.

    Huawei is bad at marketing, but I thought you guys knew better than this.

  3. At the price of $300, there no way this thing will compare to XOOM or any other high end device, but we get it, it is not as impress as those 3.0, the price is unbeatable in term of quality.

  4. This review is very poorly executed.

  5. The question is: Can this device upgrade to Android 2.3?

  6. Probably not. 3.0 is the real question.

    The point is, this will be one of the better choices of Android tablets at 7″

  7. Kevin, You fail at writing article…. what a crap article.
    this table is good compared to it price. It has 3g,wifi, dual camera and capacitive touch. which is good deal for its price.

  8. i would still prefer a nook color over this any day

  9. More CCC*

    Cheap China Crap

  10. Very harsh article. I think they should take your toys away from you because you are becoming elitist and detached from the majority of Android users. This is a sub $300 device with a lot of good features. A very snobbish article that is very light on for substance and not informative at all.

  11. More cheap China crap winning over the world in every corner. For the money it even makes phone calls when its needed to…its the sht!!!

  12. The Huawei S7 is already available state-side, but its the “old” model. And at Best Buy, no less.

    So despite there being a “glut” of Android tablets on the market, try actually buying one at retail in most markets. You’ll either get a (much more expensive) Galaxy Tab, or an S7.

    For $299, its a pretty decent device, and a nice introduction to the platform for the general consumer. Especially since there isn’t much else for them to choose from, mind you.

  13. Look, I was wandering around the Shenzhen markets just yesterday. I now know what CCC looks like, and its price point is $80. This is not CCC. I am looking to upgrade my G1, and will definitely consider this Huawei, as I have one of their modems. What is wrong with Android 2.2 ? it does everything i want in my pocket right now… In a year or so, maybe not, but I want a bigger screen right now. For about $90 :)

  14. To see how to get a good Honeycomb tablet for less than $300:

  15. Does anyone know when the S7 Slim *Pro* will be available for purchase in the United States? Is there any retailer who is selling it as a back-order?


  16. I own one and love it! I am using it at school where I am using it as a book reader and for internet surfing. I am looking forward to the rom hacks this tablet will get that will greatly improve the S7’s usability. I have a 16 gig sd card and have planty of romm for music and videos along with my reading materials. Sorry you are so short sighted there that the ultimate usability of this tbalet escapes you

  17. prejudiced son of a …go live with your ipad, you have to money to throw at apple anyhow

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