Samsung’s Mobile Processors Gain Exynos Name, Dual-Core 4210 (Orion) to Be First


If you believe the rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S2 will feature the dual-core Orion processor, we are sad to say but it’s just not true. Well, not true at least in the sense of the name the processor will bear. The chip we expect to see in the Galaxy S2 will officially be known as the Exynos 4210, the first of a new lineup of chips that Samsung will apply the Exynos name to.

Production on the new chipset is said to begin next month, meaning we can all but expect the CPU to feature heavily in Sammy’s MWC announcements. Press release below.

Samsung Assigns New Nomenclature to Application Processor Family

SEOUL–(Korea Newswire) February 11, 2011 — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced a new brand name for its application processor family. Exynos will be applied to Samsung’s application processors, which are designed to power mobile devices such as smartphonesand tablets.

“Application processors for the mobile market are one of the flagship products in our semiconductor business,” saidSeh-Woong Jeong, executive vice president of marketing, System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics. “We are excited to introduce the brand name of Exynos for Samsung’s application processorfamily. As consumers demand more from their mobile products, Samsung’s Exynos chips will be the power inside enabling the coolest HD multi-media features with even longer battery life.”

Exynos associates Samsung’s “smart and green” strategy adopted by its semiconductor devices and solutions developed specifically to support the stringent performance and power requirements of mobile devices. Smart refers to high-performance aspect and Green represents low power features of Samsung’s application processors. Exynos originates from the Greek words smart (exypnos) and green (prasinos).

The new naming system will be first applied to the dual core processor codenamed Orion, which was announced in September 2010. Carrying the name Exynos 4210, Samsung’s powerful 1GHz dual-core application processor is scheduled for production next month.

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  1. optimized and programed for android 2.1
    Welcome to the future of samsung

  2. So how do you pronounce that?
    @1 yeah, samsung is all about 2.1 for some reason…

  3. @kappy79
    You can read it backwards, it’s easy to say: sonyxE ;)

  4. Why is samsung fucking stuck on 2.1??? 2.2 is out people get with the program.

  5. Damn even the mytouch has froyo

  6. Idiots from the US always claiming their stupidity on Samsung threads. Again and again.
    THE WORLD IS ON 2.2.1.

  7. @3 lol SonyXE…. goddamn

  8. I usually don’t get personal, but, @Darkly, what the hell are you talking about?? Why are we in the US idiots when we comment about Samsung putting out phones without the latest version of Android (the 2.2.1 that “THE WORLD IS ON” as you put it – YES, the world except for Samsung, nitwit)

  9. @xarophti

    The rest of the world is on 2.2.1.

    Its only Samsung in the US that seems stuck, which would suggest that it’s the US carriers not Samsung themselves.

    Everyone else has 2.2.1 on the Galaxy S.

    So I think Darkly may be right on this occasion, it’s only the people from the US that have the blinkers on….

    On topic – this should be an awesome bit of kit if the original single core is anything to go by. I had an SGS then changed to Desire HD, both great phones but i think the SGS had the overall edge..

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