Vodafone Only Place Worldwide to Buy White Nexus S


The white version of the Samsung Nexus S has been making its rounds lately. Folks loved it – as did we – but we wondered where it’d be going. Earlier reports had Vodafone in Germany as the carrier of choice, and TechRadar today confirmed Vodafone would be the exclusive carrier of the variant throughout all of Europe.

We’re not sure if all of the regions will share the trait, but Germany’s version will indeed have a Super LCD display opposed to Super AMOLED, as we heard before. The device is expected to be out at the end of Q1. [via Samsung Hub]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Think calling it white is a bit of a stretch… white battery cover isn’t the whole phone heh

  2. Why are white phones the thing of lore? So difficult to produce [see iPhone] apparently, and are seemingly made of a rare white jade, or possibly unicorn horn.

  3. I don’t understand why they only make the back half white just like they did with the white Evo. People who want a white phone will just buy a case that makes it white on the front and back.

  4. I would agree with gettin a white case. If they have all of the ‘white’ Nexus S have SLCD, then I’d pass. The Super AMOLED is one of the Nexus S’ selling ponts.

  5. agentzero, kudos to you, I laughed.

    also: It’s harder to get a white case than many think, I went through 3, they all ended up being rubberized, and got dirty within one day. Need more glossy options (for the Vibrant, anyway)

  6. The buttons are also white.

  7. Can anyone explain the change of screen? Is this a positive or a negative thing?

  8. you can just buy the battery cover

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