Google I/O Registration is Live, Sort Of


Rejoice! Google I/O registration is live. At least that’s what Google told me in an email they just dropped into my inbox. Unfortunately, I can’t get any further than the welcome page detailing registration rates and instructions for members of the press.

Just know that it’s up – just as promised – and that you should probably be checking in at 10 minute intervals until you can get it to work. (Space will be very limited, we hear, as the amount of interest they expect to generate far outweighs the capacity of the venue. Get on it!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just finished registering!

  2. geez, sold out already

    Thanks for your interest in Google I/O, but registration for this event is now sold out.

  3. hahaha, just kidding. thats awesome!

  4. I’m registered! :)

  5. The site must be getting slammed! Does anyone know if they will be sending out phones again? I imagine thats what a bunch of people will be hoping for. Not worth the gamble for me, I probably wont be able to attend. Good luck everyone.

  6. @Quentyn Kennemer registration is closed. did you manage to get a ticket?

  7. just keep trying. if you get 503 errors after getting through a page or two, don’t start over. just keep hitting refresh. after about 25 minutes (and a few server reboots i think) i finally got through!

  8. Thanks for your interest in Google I/O, but registration for this event is now sold out.

  9. I am having no love for Google right now. It looked like I may have gotten registered, but for one half hour I waited while it came back to say server was down. I had my hotel and airfare since they announced the days last June/July. Google should have had a better site.

    Also, early registration for previous attendees is bullshit. It isn’t fair to those of us not lucky enough to have been able to register before.

  10. If only I wasn’t in an impromptu meeting of sorts at work… I would have signed up. This sold out incredibly quick.

  11. My registration finally came through!!! I have tried repeatedly since 9am, but after filling out my registration info I came to a service unavailable page. I was extremely pi@#$d. Then, I tried again, and registration was closed and I was even more pi@#$d. However, I then went back manually to the page where I entered my address information and tried to resubmit and it went through, and an invoice dipped into my inbox.

    The question is whether it really is sold out, or if the server is only down. I really wish my colleage to go as well.

  12. lame that registration opened up at 9:30 –I had been checking on the hour…

  13. Spent an hour trying to register, filled out all my info and got 503’s continually.

    Wasted my entire lunch. Google owe’s me lunch god damnit.

  14. That sold out incredibly quick just going by the time on the clock. Imagine how quick it would’ve been if 3/4 of that time wasn’t spent with their server down and returning 503 errors.

  15. im at the final registration page but now its asking for 450 instead of 150 even though i clicked the student discount wtttfff..

  16. @bobby i believe thet are out of student tickets. $450 is still a bargain!!! much cheaper than microsoft events and adobe max

  17. Man, that was hectic. I managed to register, but spent 45 minutes clicking refresh in the process. I do know one person who registered without any delays or error messages: I think he may have some sort of super power.

  18. Can someone bring me a souvenier gift from google io? I wish I can go. =(

  19. Jealous of anyone who got all the way through. I’m still holding out hope though. I tried registering online… got halfway through. Tried again registering through my phone…and the data I entered online showed up, then I saw this tweet:
    “If you got halfway through the registration for #googleio you may still be in the system.”

  20. I somehow managed to register without a hitch, within minutes of registration actually opening (which was around 12:10 EST). Must be my lucky day. Google really should’ve opened for active developers first (they did last year).

  21. I very excitedly rushed to buy tickets (at 1:40) to find it’s all sold out. It sold out in a single hour…how am I supposed to get in???!!!! I’ll try again next year I guess…

  22. I love that countdown clock. You can move the items above to affect the balls direction. I know, that’s what she said.

  23. Yeah I’m pretty pissed about this. I was waiting at home for registration to open and finally gave up and left for work at 9:10. While walking I kept checking their Twitter, and it opened up. So I tried registering from my Android phone, and their site was very much not mobile friendly. By the time I could get all my information entered, the site was 503ing for all requests. So I got to work as quickly as I could, and the site was still 503ing so I kept reloading as fast as possible and then finally got a halfway-rendering page which wouldn’t let me continue because half of the option boxes were MISSING, and then I reloaded until those showed up and then got the “sold out” message.

    The really aggravating thing is that a lot of my coworkers got the pre-registration by merit of having gone in previous years, and those coworkers aren’t even working on our Android products, while I’m actually working on some device-level stuff (as an ISV). There is going to be some badge-sharing going on. I’ll be really annoyed if this year’s hardware giveaway is something amazing though, especially since my coworkers-who-don’t-need-to-go already have gotten lots of stuff from prior years that they never even use.

    Google could have handled this a lot better. For example, they could have had pre-registration invite codes where people could specify what sort of work they’re doing so that Google could prioritize and do a staged registration based on things.

    Only doing a single priority registration period based solely on whether someone has already gone to the conference before is a pretty stupid way to do it, and not even load-testing their registration site (despite knowing that it would be a mad rush to get things quickly, especially since they went out of their way to drum up a panic) is just dumb.

  24. im pissed class didnt get out in time for me to do this in my netbook and the page kept crashing on ym nexus :/ guess theres always next year

  25. Google could have make this a bigger conference. I heard even Cyanogenmod missed out on the registration. One has to wonder why he didn’t go the previous year.

  26. Well, I guess I got far enough through the registration. Was able to complete registration by going back and finding the page in my history.

  27. WTF
    I was in 2010, and I got no pre-registration emails or anything

    god damnit

  28. Got my confirmation number =)

  29. @Josh we secured a press spot well ahead of time. ;)

  30. Got my registration and confirmation!

  31. @Quentyn very cool! got mine during pre reg. Hope to see you guys there!

  32. @fluffy. I agree with you completely. Although I actually did manage you register by clicking like a monkey on the refresh button, I was in the same position as you. I am both a device developer as well as app developer, and the only reason I didn’t attend last year was because it sold out before I could register, which why I was camping out in front of my computer.
    When pre-registration started, I actually emailed them, and explained my situation (same as yours), showed them some proof of my work (like Android Market account and apps etc), and asked to invite me to pre-reg. Their answer was simply “public registration start feb 7”, nothing more, nothing less.

  33. And in an interesting change of fortune for me, it turns out that my half-finished via-the-phone registration was still valid, so even an hour after the registrations were officially “sold out” I still managed to register! I am quite happy about this. Still unhappy about the circumstances that led to it going this way, though. Seriously, Google, don’t you know how to make a basic website scale by now?

  34. Didn’t get a spot but no worries, there will be lots of people trying to sell their tickets between now and May. Life has a way of screwing up the best laid plans

  35. @fluffy that’s great news. Somehow that makes me feel really happy, although I don’t even know who you are. Anyway, congrats!

  36. If you made it to any of the Registration pages but got an error. Try it again you can still get through. Go to your browser history and find the page!

  37. @fluffy, my in progress registration eventually worked. I agree that Google should have the know-how on how to create a workable web site. But since my registration eventually worked, I love Google again.

  38. I expect better from Google. They can host the worlds most popular search engine and yet not keep a site up without crashes and 503 errors? DURING REGISTRATION TIME? C’mon Google, step up a bit for your fans…

  39. Google didn’t host this. How did no one pick up on this? is hosted by Google. (where the registration takes place) is hosted by the event company Google hired to take the registrations and help plan the event. They, not Google, were unable to take our flood of requests. This reflects poorly upon Google by perhaps not informing them they will need more servers, but it wasn’t Google’s servers that failed.

    Do some research people.

  40. Google Rules

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