What Does ASUS Have Up their Sleeve to Rival the Next iPad?


ASUS just showed off a whole lineup of Android tablets at CES, but chairman Jonney Shih is already touting what’s on the horizon. He apparently has the inside scoop one what will be powering the Apple iPad 2 — supposedly a dual-core ARM Cortex A9-based chip — and claims his company’s future NVIDIA Tegra 2 tablets will have the edge. In fact, Shih said, “to really compete it will take [Apple] some time” to catch up to what ASUS is bringing.

Throw Android 3.0 Honeycomb on whatever they have coming up and I’d say Shih might be talking the truth. In fact, his real competition might end up being Android tablets such as the Motorola XOOM and LG G-Slate.

[via Electronista]

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  1. Can we please rid ourselves of these terrible BlackBerry advertisements? Not referring to the ones located on the margins, but rather the ones that stretch across the entire screen! It could at least be an Android phone.

  2. LOL I thought I was the only one experiencing those friggin obnoxious ads.

  3. root your android and you wont see adds

  4. those ads are on every platform.. im using ie8 on my pc and getting the same ad. back on subject though, this tablet looks promising. lets see what they do with it between now and time of release.

  5. No ads on Chrome! :D

    And yay Asus!

  6. Ads? What ads? You must not be using Chrome with the AdBlock extension.

  7. I find that if I just refresh the page the blackberry ads go away

  8. I’m getting the xoom when it comes out……and I’m on SPRINT lol,but if this Asus is a beast I might be tempted to switch ;-)

  9. The 7″ Asus tablet is actually the highest on my list of potential tablets to buy this year. Provided it has honeycomb.

  10. interesting to see what the UI will be like. If it is too custom, I am not interested, as the more intense it is, the less likely it will get upgrades. We know Google is going to be throwing some upgrades

  11. I get the awful bb ad all across the screen on my nexus every time but never on my iPhone. At first I thought it was rNdom, I guess not?

  12. Yeah im on a Droid x and the root removes all adds. P.s rocks lol. P.p.s. asks is cool but im loving the xoom

  13. i use chrome and used ads block.

  14. Seriously Kevin, proof read your copy before you publish it. The number of errors in your articles is embarrassing.

    I had to read the start of that several times to work out what you were trying to say.

  15. If I get a 7″ tab its going to be nook. Why no mention of toshiba? That’s the one I am getting. No provider needed. Great hardware. Great size.

  16. I agree with the previous poster PROOF READ!

  17. Go asus. Get rid of the ads.

  18. Ipad 2 all day every day

  19. the ads is how they make money…get over it! You own a blog like this and see how you can make a living without them. It’s obviously a huge account. Just hit the x.

    Now…I can’t wait to see what Asus has in store!

  20. Nice article, Kevin.

  21. Who cares ASUckS Sucks. Customer service is sorry and so is the company. No wait sales calls, wait 3hrs for support calls which suck. I’d buy and IPad before a ASUckS.

  22. Slider or Transformer
    Transformer or Slider
    I don’t know which one I want……..

  23. Maybe than can do it. I think they have something.

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