Dell Streak 7 Has Hidden Phone Functionality


The folks at Streak Smart have uncovered some underlying phone functionality in the Dell Streak 7, but it isn’t pretty. The dial pad doesn’t show up in landscape mode, and calls made will make phones on the other end ring but won’t actually allow you to speak to or hear the person you’ve called.

Jenn from Streak Smart has a demonstration of this erroneous behavior in the video you see above. She describes it as being a “big problem”, but considering the functionality isn’t meant to be there, I can’t say I agree.

They’ve taken to their community of hackers to help get the functionality fully working. You can follow their developments here. It’s not uncommon to see full-blown phone functonality uncovered on a tablet as the same happened shortly after the Samsung Galaxy Tab was release.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Could probably pull some files from the mini 5 to get it to work. I won’t be doing it since I don’t plan on getting a 7. GL Hackers.

  2. Will be nice to see if the dev community can get that function to work and look good at the same time

  3. Im suprised nobody found this sooner considering the Streak was sold as a smartphone first. The phone features were removed after users complaing about the massive size of it.

  4. ….bluetooth headset??
    that would be nice

  5. If they get it working with working bluetooth, i just might buy it. Idc if it would make for a huge phone. That would be freakin sweet to have a tablet/phone with some honeycomb

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