Download This Honeycomb Theme For Google Chrome [HONEYCHROME]


Yes, I just used the word Honeychrome. It’s an awesome way to describe a new theme that designer Roman Nurik has made – the same guy that did the Android theme you guys all love and use for Chrome. If you’re digging blue instead and are excited for what Honeycomb will bring very soon, then be sure to download it. Just click this link within your Chrome browser to get started. [via Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I like the nickname you gave it.

  2. I saw it yesterday and I kinda like it but it need more detail added. LOL everyone that was in chat on the Radioandroid.net podcast kept saying there was no such Google Chrome theme.

  3. Which it was this simple to get honeycomb on my Archos 101.

  4. this is nice man. i really liked the android one you guys linked to a few days ago and this is just as nice.

  5. Not bad… I can dig it for a while.. (don’t typically like any sort of graphic in my tab bar up top, but i can make an exception on this one. Love the blue/black color scheme..

  6. I don’t like. Dark blue is to jaring. I liked the predecessor though.

  7. Wow, this is actually awesome. I needed a new theme, too. The blue color scheme looks awesome.

  8. It matches Phandroid.com ;)

  9. like that easy to install link!
    now thats the future!
    i need my archos 70 to get honeycomb that easy :)

  10. HoneyChrome :)
    But the theme is cool. Also, somewhat it resembles Phandroid.


  11. Nice looking theme!

  12. Thanks for posting this. Great theme!

  13. love it thanks!

  14. Awesome!
    Though i prefer the original android theme :)

  15. I wish they would make this theme for Gmail. There is a Android theme there but I would rather have this color instead of Green.

  16. Great Theme I knew Something was different on Chris Yerga’s chrome browser.

  17. Honeychrome ftw!!! its different than by Black Android but i’m sure i could get used to the lighter color ^^

  18. Best theme I have ever used for sure

  19. Awesome. Needed a change and glad I could use another one by the same guy.

  20. Cool looking theme, but where is the robobee? It needs the new mascot

  21. Great theme!!

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