Upcoming Canadian Nexus S Hints at AT&T Variant


The Nexus S will be coming to Canada on Bell, Telus, and Rogers. While that is good news for our Canadian friends, it also hints at something rather interesting. To operate on any of those networks the Nexus S would need support for 850/1900 MHz radio waves. The current version of the Nexus S doesn’t. That Nexus S goes by the model number i19020. In the US on T-Mobile it goes by the model number i9020T.

If we turn back to a Bluetooth SIG filing, we find that the phone is referenced by the model number i9020A. A certain AT&T uses 850/1900MHz bands. Are you following the bread crumbs. It seems this Canadian variant very well could be headed for AT&T in the States as well. At the very least the Nexus S will be available in a flavor that could be purchased unlocked at full price and used on the American airwaves of AT&T.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I’m gonna go ahead and say no. This is the company that’s still blocking non-market apps.

  2. I’d hope and love to see it go to sprint and Verizon. Although I am not one of their customers, a consumer should be able to buy a phone of their choice without the carriers hands in the middle. Everyone can say what they want about T-Mobile, but at least they don’t f over their customers as bad as the big 3.

  3. I currently have the AT&T version of the Nexus One. Because I don’t use it much in NY or San Francisco, the coverage is pretty good for me. I dislike Verizon so I want to stay with AT&T. The Nexus S coming to them would make that a lot easier.

  4. Alex, the original nexus was available for ATT so your point about them blocking non market apps is moot. That obviously doesn’t apply to the nexus because google controls the software.

  5. Yay, but i don’t use AT&T neither do i live in the US.
    but ive imported a nexus s ^^

  6. Come to sprint please, my epic would be for sale, for sure!

  7. @Hampteezy Mine too!

  8. I would be all over this I loved my Nexus S just hated the EDGE

  9. Possible release on AT&T means possible release on telstra :D
    Normal nexus s is useless for telstra because they are wall to wall 850mhz and a 2100mhz network that they are getting rid of just as soon as they can push customers onto new 850 mhz handsets.
    Now we aussies just have to hope Vodafone AU doesn’t get an exclusivity deal. And that telstra will alow one phone to go by without their bloat

  10. The Nexus S lacks a MicroSD card slot for expanding the memory. This immediately removes it from any consideration I’d give it. This is 2011 and we’re talking Android here. No expandable memory is a lame game that Apple plays. Hell, I even had expandable MicroSD memory 6 years ago on my trusty Motorola V635.

  11. First off the way the Nexus S does memory storage I had 14GB of the 16 on board with a crap load of apps on it. This phone was great and the pure google optimized for the hardware was blazing fast and smooth as butter. Plus the direct from Google downloads and direct to google reports are much better than bliatware and UI news from others

  12. Bring on the Nexus L. Featuring LTE, made by LG? ;)

  13. They should make nexus panda. I love panda

  14. Nexus Panda, sounds good, to \china too I guess

  15. Blame canada… blame canada…

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