HTC Thunderbolt Training Reportedly Began This Week; Simultaneous Voice + Data on 3G?


Reports out of Droid-Life are suggesting that store training for the HTC Thunderbolt has started this week – giving more credence to the rumored February 14th launch date we heard before. (Devices usually launch two weeks after training.) It also matches up with a source of ours who tells us that internal Verizon events to kick off 2011 have been filled with the Thunderbolt.

One tidbit to come out of the Louisville, KY event was that the Thunderbolt somehow had the ability to do simultaneous voice and data on 3G – yes, 3G. They say it’s possible due to a breakthrough they’ve made with a new radio that’s inside the Thunderbolt. I was a bit skeptical, so we’ve contacted Verizon for comment and we should be able to scoop up some more info on this before too long. What do you guys think?

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  1. This is the first I’ve heard of simultaneous 3G voice/data and I find it hard to believe it wouldn’t have been mentioned at CES.

  2. This will be Verizon’s first 3G device. All those before were 2G since they couldn’t do data+voice at the same time.

  3. I highly doubt it will be able to do voice and data over 3G. It has nothing to do with the radio as CDMA can do voice and data at the same time. The issue is the way Verizon uses CDMA.

  4. i think this was a misunderstanding. it was just rumored to have simultaneous voice data if on wifi or 4G data.

  5. Well if it is true one way or another talk about another blow to the Verizon iPhone hype.

  6. They did mention that a solution was coming, but gave no indication of when or if it was a hardware or software solution. Apparently it involves having the radio rapidly alternating between voice and data traffic. I would be surprised if it were included with the ThunderBolt at launch though. There is a snapshot of the training slide mentioning this circulating around and it has a footnote stating that it’s 4G only.

  7. I was talking to a VZ tech support rep and he said it dose voice and Data at the same time.

  8. Ironically, Apple made commercials that explained why simultaneous voice/data was such a big deal.

  9. I for one will definitely be testing this on their iphone once it comes out in their store.

  10. @Mitchell, the Thunderbolt does voice and data at the same time when on 4G.

    I doubt Verizon would introduce this functionality on an Android device when the lack of simultaneous voice and data is a huge hit against the Verizon iPhone.

    It’s a rumor, and I think probably a misunderstood one. I would just like it if I can get the Thunderbolt or Bionic with only “3G” because I probably won’t be able to afford the LTE premium.

  11. Nice! Verizon finally gets a true 3g!

  12. I can also confirm that the training has begun. I was in a VZW store yesterday with a problem with my Droid and I said I wasn’t willing to upgrade yet as I was waiting on the thunderbolt. The women had said openly that they had started training on the phone but they still did not know the release date.

  13. @the Ramen Noodle – You’re assuming LTE smartphone plans will come with a premium in the first place, which is what everyone thought was going to happen with the modem plans. In reality, the 4G data plans for modems actually went down by $10 for the same usage caps. The fact is that no one knows for sure what Verizon is going to do, when in reality, they could tier them, and keep the prices consistent with current plans (i.e. $30/5GB + $10 per GB overage). Nobody knows, so don’t automatically assume you won’t be able to afford them.

  14. very cool informed verizon rep here told me about her thunderbolt training. two details she told me were interesting. she mentioned that if you have the phone facedown you can have it automatically go to speakerphone, for when you’re in your car for example. she also said that the 30 dollar unlimited date plan would apply to 4g phones. just with added 4g goodness.

  15. gah… i’m trying to resist being a ‘day one adopter’ and this is NOT helping.

  16. Same unlimited data plan? AWESOME!

    On the simultaneous voice and data on 3G issue, look at the footnote on the training slide on the Thunderbolt:

    Verizon employees getting training on the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt

  17. CDMA IS capable of simultaneous voice and data. The process is called SVDO, which allows both 1X and 3G connections at the same time. All it takes is a specific chip inside the phone. Go to Qualcomm (CDMA chip makers) website to check it out.


  18. And here i’ve been able to do simultanious data and voice on TMo for YEARS. And now that the iPhooey is coming to VZ its all of a sudden a big deal. iPhone users are so silly!

  19. YES Voice and Data is capable on 3G!! Hence the Iphone on At&t’s 3G network. 3G and CDMA are not the same technologies. The term 3G is NOT interchangeable. The frequencies and packet sides are much different.

    It could be because someone wasn’t listening when they were told on the “4G LTE” network voice and data are possible. Again 3G is not the same as CDMA. Verizon uses CDMA, no voice and data at the same time. The only way this seems possible is maybe the 4G LTE antennas (yes antennas as in 2, Verizon requires 2 internal antennas for each phone) have been split into two seperate routes for packets from handset to base. Seems highly unlikely being this idea hasn’t been used in the past… I think its a case of mis communication and lack of attention to detail.

  20. Just to carify, 4G LTE does allow for voice and data at the same time, but CDMA currently does not, nor is rumored to be able too…

  21. No, Verizon users are.

  22. i think it is true not to long ago about two weeks ago when they advertised for the training it also said in writing it could do voice and data at the same time so im not surprised just wish this was done a lot sooner like when the og droid first debut

  23. Wow too bad all my Tmo phones have been doing it for years. What a break through VZW. Are they gonna charge extra for that too?

  24. @nexy ownr
    I had TMO. Had terrible coverage. Got Verizon. Now I have great coverage. What part of that is silly?

  25. How about some info on the LTE prices for smartphones. if it is projected to come out in under 3 weeks then you would think that some info would have been released by now.

  26. Nothing, nothing at all. Enjoy. LOL!

  27. Simultaneous voice and data is totally possibly on a CDMA network. In the following article from the Wall Street Journal from last October, Brad Shewmake, spokesman for the CDMA Development Group mentioned that a “solution that will allow CDMA networks to carry voice and data simultaneously will become commercially available in the first half of next year” (meaning the first half of 2011).


    This also might be related to the CDMA 1X Advanced standard published in August 2009 and tested November 2010 that will allow simultaneous voice and data. The last paragraph of the following press release states “A complementary device enhancement known as simultaneous 1X Voice and EV-DO Data (SVDO) will also become available during the same timeframe and will enable CDMA2000 devices to access EV-DO packet data services while in an active 1X circuit-switch voice call. For example, users will be able to send emails or access the Web while on voice calls; phones with GPS can update maps or download real-time traffic information while on voice calls, etc. This device enhancement, which enables these concurrent voice and data services, is independent of the air link standard and infrastructure.”


  28. I am more than happy to pay a few extra dollars to be able to use my phone where TMO can’t. :)

  29. Ok. So I was wrong. But I don’t think you can call it a feature if you can’t advertise it and that it won’t work everyone consistently.

  30. The people who act like not using data and voice at the same time is a huge downfall are nothing but a joke. I have used TMO, ATT, and VZW. I notice no difference(other then the way better service on VZW) whatsoever, because it is pointless and useless. If no one would have ever brought up that you can’t do it probably 3/4 the people that complain about it wouldn’t even know.

  31. @shox
    Price plan for 4g phone isn’t announced yet. That rep is either lying to you or is upper management who has the info. And if she’s part of upper management, you think she’ll tell you risking her job due to confidentiality agreement?

  32. Rev B?

  33. Talking on your phone is so 90s. They have this new thing called sms text messages and it seems that it’s becoming popular.

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